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2023MA37      Phys.Lett. B 844, 138067 (2023)

N.Marchini, A.Nannini, M.Rocchini, T.R.Rodriguez, M.Ottanelli, N.Gelli, A.Perego, G.Benzoni, N.Blasi, G.Bocchi, D.Brugnara, A.Buccola, G.Carozzi, A.Goasduff, E.T.Gregor, P.R.John, M.Komorowska, D.Mengoni, F.Recchia, S.Riccetto, D.Rosso, A.Saltarelli, M.Siciliano, J.J.Valiente-Dobon, I.Zanon

Emergence of triaxiality in 74Se from electric monopole transition strengths

RADIOACTIVITY 74Br(β+) [from 60Ni(16O, np), E=45 MeV]; measured decay products, Eβ, Iβ; deduced conversion electrons, K-internal conversion coefficients, monopole transition strength, triaxiality and a complex shape-coexistence and mixing scenario. Comparison with theoretical calculations, BRICC. The Tandem-XTU accelerator at the INFN Legnaro National Laboratory (LNL).

doi: 10.1016/j.physletb.2023.138067
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2023ME07      Eur.Phys.J. A 59, 117 (2023)

D.Mengoni, D.Beaumel, W.N.Catford, M.Assie, D.Brugnara, F.Galtarossa, A.Gottardo, I.Zanon, M.Zielinska

Advances in nuclear structure via charged particle reactions with AGATA

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 2H(132Sn, p), E=10 MeV/nucleon; calculated σ(θ) for the low-lying states considering GRIT at SPES. Comparison with available data.

doi: 10.1140/epja/s10050-023-01026-3
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2023PA30      Phys.Lett. B 845, 138148 (2023)

G.Pasqualato, A.Gottardo, D.Mengoni, A.Goasduff, J.J.Valiente-Dobon, F.Nowacki, S.Peru, N.Pillet, G.de Angelis, S.D.Bakes, T.Bayram, D.Bazzacco, G.Benzoni, D.Brugnara, M.Cicerchia, P.Colovic, M.L.Cortes, A.Gadea, F.Galtarossa, M.Gorska, A.Gozzelino, E.Gregor, N.Hubbard, A.Illana, M.Jurado, S.M.Lenzi, G.Mantovani, T.Marchi, R.Menegazzo, A.Montaner-Piza, D.R.Napoli, F.Recchia, M.Siciliano, D.Testov, S.Szilner, I.Zanon

An alternative viewpoint on the nuclear structure towards 100Sn: Lifetime measurements in 105Sn

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 58Ni(50Cr, X)105Sn, E=180 MeV; measured reaction products, Eγ, Iγ; deduced γ-ray energies, lifetimes, B(E2), B(M1). Comparison with QRPA and LSSM calculations. Recoil Distance Doppler Shift technique, the XTU-Tandem accelerator, the INFN Legnaro National Laboratories (Italy).

doi: 10.1016/j.physletb.2023.138148
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2023PE10      Eur.Phys.J. A 59, 114 (2023), Erratum Eur.Phys.J. A 59, 143 (2023)

R.M.Perez-Vidal, F.Galtarossa, T.Mijatovic, S.Szilner, I.Zanon, D.Brugnara, J.Pellumaj, M.Ciemala, J.J.Valiente-Dobon, L.Corradi, E.Clement, S.Leoni, B.Fornal, M.Siciliano, A.Gadea

Nuclear structure advancements with multi-nucleon transfer reactions

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 93Nb(34S, 35Cl)92Zr, E not given; calculated γ-rays from MNT reaction using Geant4 simulations for reversed plunger measurement.

doi: 10.1140/epja/s10050-023-01027-2
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2023ST06      Phys.Rev. C 108, 014602 (2023)

A.M.Stefanini, G.Montagnoli, M.Del Fabbro, D.Brugnara, G.Colucci, L.Corradi, J.Diklic, E.Fioretto, F.Galtarossa, A.Goasduff, M.Mazzocco, J.Pellumaj, E.Pilotto, L.Zago, I.Zanon

Sub-barrier fusion in 12C + 26, 24Mg: Hindrance and oscillations

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 12C(26Mg, X), E=25-50 MeV; measured reaction products, fusion-evaporation residues; deduced evaporation residues s(θ), fusion σ(E), S-factor, logarithmic derivatives. Comparison to experimental results obtained with the same setup for 12C+24Mg reaction (2022MO25). Systematics of threshold energies for hindrance in light systems 12C+12C, 12C+16O, 16+16O, 12C+30Si, 24Mg+30Si, 28Si+30Si, 16O+76Ge, 27Al+45Sc. Comparison to coupled-channels calculations performed with CCFULL. XTU Tandem accelerator of the INFN-Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro (LNL).

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.108.014602
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2023ZA06      Phys.Rev.Lett. 131, 262501 (2023)

I.Zanon, E.Clement, A.Goasduff, J.Menendez, T.Miyagi, M.Assie, M.Ciemala, F.Flavigny, A.Lemasson, A.Matta, D.Ramos, M.Rejmund, L.Achouri, D.Ackermann, D.Barrientos, D.Beaumel, G.Benzoni, A.J.Boston, H.C.Boston, S.Bottoni, A.Bracco, D.Brugnara, G.de France, N.de Sereville, F.Delaunay, P.Desesquelles, F.Didierjean, C.Domingo-Prato, J.Dudouet, J.Eberth, D.Fernandez, C.Fougeres, A.Gadea, F.Galtarossa, V.Girard-Alcindor, V.Gonzales, A.Gottardo, F.Hammache, L.J.Harkness-Brennan, H.Hess, D.S.Judson, A.Jungclaus, A.Kaskas, Y.H.Kim, A.Kusoglu, M.Labiche, S.Leblond, C.Lenain, S.M.Lenzi, S.Leoni, H.Li, J.Ljungvall, J.Lois-Fuentes, A.Lopez-Martens, A.Maj, R.Menegazzo, D.Mengoni, C.Michelagnoli, B.Million, D.R.Napoli, J.Nyberg, G.Pasqualato, Zs.Podolyak, A.Pullia, B.Quintana, F.Recchia, D.Regueira-Castro, P.Reiter, K.Rezynkina, J.S.Rojo, M.D.Salsac, E.Sanchis, M.Senyigit, M.Siciliano, D.Sohler, O.Stezowski, Ch.Theisen, A.Utepov, J.J.Valiente-Dobon, D.Verney, M.Zielinska

High-Precision Spectroscopy of 20O Benchmarking Ab Initio Calculations in Light Nuclei

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 2H(19O, p)20O, E=8 MeV/nucleon; measured reaction products, Eγ, Iγ; deduced γ-ray energies, level T1/2, B(E2), B(M1). Comparison with theoretical USDB shell-model calculations and VS-IMSRG results obtained with three different Hamiltonians. Doppler shift attenuation method, the SPIRAL1 accelerator complex in GANIL.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.131.262501
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2022DE11      Nuovo Cim. C 45, 105 (2022)

M.Del Fabbro, A.M.Stefanini, G.Montagnoli, G.Colucci, P.Colovic, L.Corradi, E.Fioretto, F.Galtarossa, A.Goasduff, J.Grebosz, M.Heine, G.Jaworski, M.Mazzocco, T.Mijatovic, S.Szilner, M.Bajzek, D.Brugnara, M.Siciliano, I.Zanon

Fusion hindrance and Pauli blocking in 58Ni + 64Ni

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 64Ni(58Ni, X), E=167-201 MeV; measured reaction products; deduced fusion excitation σ. Comparison with coupled-channel calculations, CCDFULL code.

doi: 10.1393/ncc/i2022-22105-9
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2022MO25      J.Phys.(London) G49, 095101 (2022)

G.Montagnoli, A.M.Stefanini, C.L.Jiang, K.Hagino, F.Niola, D.Brugnara, P.Colovic, G.Colucci, L.Corradi, R.Depalo, E.Fioretto, A.Goasduff, G.Pasqualato, F.Scarlassara, S.Szilner, I.Zanon

Fusion of 12C + 24Mg at extreme sub-barrier energies

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 12C(24Mg, X), E=25.5-48 MeV; measured reaction products, TOF; deduced evaporation residue σ(θ), fusion σ. Comparison with calculations. The XTU Tandem Van de Graaff accelerator at Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro (LNL) of INFN.

doi: 10.1088/1361-6471/ac7edd
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2021AS10      Nucl.Instrum.Methods Phys.Res. A1014, 165743 (2021)

M.Assie, E.Clement, A.Lemasson, D.Ramos, A.Raggio, I.Zanon, F.Galtarossa, C.Lenain, J.Casal, F.Flavigny, A.Matta, D.Mengoni, D.Beaumel, Y.Blumenfeld, R.Borcea, D.Brugnara, W.Catford, F.de Oliveira, F.Delaunay, N.De Sereville, F.Didierjean, C.Aa.Diget, J.Dudouet, B.Fernandez-Dominguez, C.Fougeres, G.Fremont, V.Girard Alcindor, A.Giret, A.Goasduff, A.Gottardo, J.Goupil, F.Hammache, P.R.John, A.Korichi, L.Lalanne, S.Leblond, A.Lefevre, F.Legruel, L.Menager, B.Million, C.Nicolle, F.Noury, E.Rauly, K.Rezynkina, E.Rindel, J.S.Rojo, M.Siciliano, M.Stanoiu, I.Stefan, L.Vatrinet

The MUGAST-AGATA-VAMOS campaign: Set-up and performances

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 2H(16O, p), E=6 MeV/nucleon; 2H(19O, p), E not given; 7Li(15O, t), E not given; measured reaction products, Eγ, Iγ, γ-γ-γ-coin. 17,20O, 19Ne; deduced γ-ray energies, σ(θ) for the 1/2+ state in 17O. Correction from Doppler effect, VAMOS spectrometer, SPIRAL1 facility.

doi: 10.1016/j.nima.2021.165743
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2021GO15      Phys.Rev. C 103, L041302 (2021)

G.Gosta, A.Mentana, F.Camera, A.Bracco, S.Ceruti, G.Benzoni, N.Blasi, S.Brambilla, S.Capra, F.C.L.Crespi, A.Giaz, S.Leoni, B.Million, S.Riboldi, C.Porzio, S.Ziliani, O.Wieland, A.Nannini, M.Rocchini, N.Marchini, M.Ciemala, M.Kmiecik, A.Maj, B.Wasilewska, M.Zieblinski, D.Filipescu, J.Kaur, N.Marginean, S.Pascu, T.Glodariu, D.Ghita, V.Zamfir, J.J.Valiente-Dobon, G.de Angelis, F.Galtarossa, A.Goasduff, T.Bayram, A.Gadea, A.Montaner, I.Zanon, D.Brugnara, A.Gozzelino, G.Pasqualato, R.Menegazzo, A.Gottardo, G.Jaworski, S.Lenzi, D.Napoli, D.Testov, M.Siciliano, T.Marchi, D.Mengoni, D.Bazzacco, A.Boso, P.R.John, F.Recchia, R.Raabe, O.Poleshchuk, J.Yang

Probing isospin mixing with the giant dipole resonance in the 60Zn compound nucleus

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 32Si(28Si, X)60Zn*, E=86, 110 MeV; 32Si(30Si, X)62Zn*, E=75, 98 MeV; measured high-energy Eγ, Iγ using GALILEO array of 25 HPGe detectors and ten LaBr3(Ce) scintillators at the Tandem accelerator facility of INFN-Legnaro. 60,62Zn; deduced GDR parameters, Coulomb spreading widths, isospin mixing parameter at zero temperature and the isospin-symmetry-breaking correction for beta decay by analyzing experimental γ-spectra with statistical model calculations using a version of CASCADE code that included isospin formalism. Comparison of Coulomb spreading widths with the values for other mass regions deduced from GDR γ-decay measurements in other compound-nucleus reactions.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.103.L041302
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2021GO23      Nucl.Instrum.Methods Phys.Res. A1015, 165753 (2021)

A.Goasduff, D.Mengoni, F.Recchia, J.J.Valiente-Dobon, R.Menegazzo, G.Benzoni, D.Barrientos, M.Bellato, N.Bez, M.Biasotto, N.Blasi, C.Boiano, A.Boso, S.Bottoni, A.Bracco, S.Brambilla, D.Brugnara, F.Camera, S.Capra, A.Capsoni, P.Cocconi, S.Coelli, M.L.Cortes, F.C.L.Crespi, G.de Angelis, F.J.Egea, C.Fanin, S.Fantinel, A.Gadea, E.R.Gamba, A.Gambalonga, C.Gesmundo, G.Gosta, A.Gottardo, A.Gozzelino, E.T.Gregor, M.Gulmini, J.Ha, K.Hadynska-Klek, A.Illana, R.Isocrate, G.Jaworski, P.R.John, S.M.Lenzi, S.Leoni, S.Lunardi, M.Magalini, N.Marchini, B.Million, V.Modamio, A.Nannini, D.R.Napoli, G.Pasqualato, J.Pellumaj, R.M.Perez-Vidal, S.Pigliapoco, M.Polettini, C.Porzio, A.Pullia, L.Ramina, G.Rampazzo, M.Rampazzo, M.Rebeschini, K.Rezynkina, M.Rocchini, M.Romanato, D.Rosso, A.Saltarelli, M.Scarcioffolo, M.Siciliano, D.A.Testov, D.Tomasella, F.Tomasi, N.Toniolo, C.A.Ur, S.Ventura, F.Veronese, E.Viscione, V.Volpe, O.Wieland, I.Zanon, S.Ziliani, G.Zhang, D.Bazzacco

The GALILEO γ-ray array at the Legnaro National Laboratories

doi: 10.1016/j.nima.2021.165753
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2021JI11      Phys.Rev. C 104, 024302 (2021)

S.Y.Jin, S.T.Wang, J.Lee, A.Corsi, K.Wimmer, F.Browne, S.Chen, M.L.Cortes, P.Doornenbal, T.Koiwai, C.X.Yuan, A.Algora, D.Brugnara, J.Cederkall, J.Gerl, M.Gorska, G.Hafner, K.Kokubun, P.Koseoglou, S.Kubono, P.Li, P.Liang, J.Liu, Z.Liu, T.Lokotko, J.Park, H.Sakurai, L.G.Sarmiento, Z.Y.Sun, R.Taniuchi, W.Xian, I.Zanon

Spectroscopy of 98Cd by two-nucleon removal from 100In

NUCLEAR REACTIONS C(100In, 98Cd), E AP 175 MeV/nucleon, [secondary 100In beam from 9Be(124Xe, X), E=345 MeV/nucleon, followed by separation of fragments using BigRIPS fragment separator at RIBF-RIKEN facility]; measured reaction residues using the ZeroDegree spectrometer, Eγ, Iγ, γγ-coin using DALI2+ array of 226 NaI(Tl) detectors, and CH2 and carbon targets. 98Cd; deduced levels, J, π, yrast cascade, configurations. Comparison with shell-model calculations.Systematics of 5- levels in 90Zr, 92Mo, 94Ru, 96Pd, 98Cd.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.104.024302
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2020LI12      Phys.Rev. C 101, 044313 (2020)

C.B.Li, G.L.Zhang, C.X.Yuan, G.X.Zhang, S.P.Hu, W.W.Qu, Y.Zheng, H.Q.Zhang, D.Mengoni, D.Testov, J.J.Valiente-Dobon, H.B.Sun, N.Wang, X.G.Wu, G.S.Li, M.Mazzocco, A.Gozzelino, C.Parascandolo, D.Pierroutsakou, M.La Commara, F.Recchia, A.I.Sison, S.Bakes, I.Zanon, S.Aydin, D.Bazzacco

New level scheme and shell model description of 212Rn

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 209Bi(6Li, 3n)212Rn, E=28, 30, 34 MeV; measured Eγ, Iγ, γγ-coin, γγ(θ)(DCO) using GALILEO array at the Tandem-XTU accelerator of Legnaro National Laboratory. 212Rn; deduced levels, J, π, multipolarities, B(E2), B(E3), configurations. Comparison with large-scale shell-model calculations with multiparticle configurations. Systematics of low-, and medium-spin levels in N=126 isotones: 210Po, 212Rn, 214Ra and 216Th. Systematics of 3- to 0+ and 15/2- to 9/2+ excitation energies in N=126 and 127 isotones of Z=82-91.

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 212Rn; calculated levels, J, π, amplitudes of shell-model multiparticle configurations for different levels, B(M1), B(E2), B(E3) using large-scale shell-model calculations with multiparticle configurations. Comparison with experimental data.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.101.044313
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2020MO18      Phys.Rev. C 101, 044608 (2020)

G.Montagnoli, A.M.Stefanini, C.L.Jiang, G.Colucci, S.Bottoni, D.Brugnara, P.Colovic, L.Corradi, E.Fioretto, F.Galtarossa, A.Goasduff, O.S.Khwairakpam, M.Heine, G.Jaworski, M.Mazzocco, T.Mijatovic, M.Siciliano, F.Scarlassara, S.Szilner, T.Van Patten, I.Zanon

Fusion of 12C + 24Mg far below the barrier: Evidence for the hindrance effect

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 12C(24Mg, X), E=26-52 MeV; measured evaporation residues (ERs), fusion σ(E) using E-ΔE and time-of-flight telescope for detection of ERs at LNL-Legnaro; deduced S factor, influence of inelastic channels on fusion, hindrance effect with energy threshold. Comparison with coupled channels calculations using the CCFULL code and Woods Saxon (WS) internuclear potential, and with systematics of energy threshold of hindrance for other medium-light systems: 12C+12C, 12C+16O, 16O+16O, 12C+30Si, 24Mg+30Si, 28Si+30Si, 16O+76Ge, and 27Al+45Sc. Discussed astrophysical significance of reactions in the carbon and oxygen burning stages of heavy stars.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.101.044608
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2020SI13      Phys.Rev. C 102, 014318 (2020)

M.Siciliano, I.Zanon, A.Goasduff, P.R.John, T.R.Rodriguez, S.Peru, I.Deloncle, J.Libert, M.Zielinska, D.Ashad, D.Bazzacco, G.Benzoni, B.Birkenbach, A.Boso, T.Braunroth, M.Cicerchia, N.Cieplicka-Orynczak, G.Colucci, F.Davide, G.de Angelis, B.de Canditiis, A.Gadea, L.P.Gaffney, F.Galtarossa, A.Gozzelino, K.Hadynska-Klek, G.Jaworski, P.Koseoglou, S.M.Lenzi, B.Melon, R.Menegazzo, D.Mengoni, A.Nannini, D.R.Napoli, J.Pakarinen, D.Quero, P.Rath, F.Recchia, M.Rocchini, D.Testov, J.J.Valiente-Dobon, A.Vogt, J.Wiederhold, W.Witt

Shape coexistence in neutron-deficient 188Hg investigated via lifetime measurements

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 158Gd(34S, 4n), E=165 MeV; 160Gd(34S, 6n), E=185 MeV; measured Eγ, Iγ, γγ-coin, level half-lives by recoil-distance Doppler-shift (RDDS) method using the GALILEO γ-ray spectrometer, Neutron Wall array, and GALILEO plunger device at the INFN-LNL facility. 188Hg; deduced levels, J, π, B(E2), transition quadrupole moments, β2, shape coexistence, and deformations for normal and intruder configurations. Comparison with two-band mixing model with beyond-mean-field approaches, and with previous experimental results for level lifetimes. Systematics of levels in yrast bands in N=96-114 even-even mercury isotopes, and those of mean-square charge radii for N=96-114 even-even Hg, Pb and Po isotopes.

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 180,182,184,186,188Hg; calculated levels, J, π, rotational bands built on the first two 0+ states using the two-band mixing model, potential energy surfaces (PES) in (β2, γ) plane, single-proton and neutron energies as function of the deformation β2. Two state-of-the-art beyond mean-field calculations using the symmetry-conserving configuration-mixing (SCCM) approach for axial shapes and the five-dimensional collective Hamiltonian (5DCH).

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.102.014318
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2019JA10      Acta Phys.Pol. B50, 585 (2019)

G.Jaworski, A.Goasduff, F.J.Egea Canet, V.Modamio, T.Huyuk, A.Triossi, M.Jastrzab, P.-A.Soderstrom, S.M.Carturan, A.Di Nitto, G.de Angelis, G.De France, N.Erduran, A.Gadea, M.Moszynski, J.Nyberg, M.Palacz, J.Valiente, R.Wadsworth, R.Aliaga, C.Aufranc, M.Bezard, G.Beaulieu, P.Bednarczyk, E.Bisiato, A.Boujrad, I.Burrows, E.Clement, P.Cocconi, G.Colucci, D.Conventi, M.Cordwell, S.Coudert, J.M.Deltoro, L.Ducroux, T.Dupasquier, S.Erturk, X.Fabian, V.Gonzalez, A.Gottardo, A.Grant, K.Hadynska-Klek, A.Illana, M.L.Jurado-Gomez, M.Kogimtzis, I.Lazarus, L.Legeard, J.Ljungvall, A.Maj, G.Pasqualato, R.M.Perez-Vidal, A.Raggio, D.Ralet, N.Redon, F.Saillant, E.Sanchis, B.Saygi, M.Scarcioffolo, M.Siciliano, O.Stezowski, D.Testov, M.Tripon, I.Zanon

The New Neutron Multiplicity Filter NEDA and Its First Physics Campaign with AGATA

doi: 10.5506/aphyspolb.50.585
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2019ST11      Phys.Rev. C 100, 044619 (2019)

A.M.Stefanini, G.Montagnoli, M.Del Fabbro, G.Colucci, P.Colovic, L.Corradi, E.Fioretto, F.Galtarossa, A.Goasduff, J.Grebosz, M.Heine, G.Jaworski, M.Mazzocco, T.Mijatovic, S.Szilner, M.Bajzek, D.Brugnara, M.Siciliano, I.Zanon

Fusion hindrance and Pauli blocking in 58Ni 64Ni

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 64Ni(58Ni, X), E(cm)=86.92, 87.44, 87.97, 88.50, 89.02, 89.76, 90.75, 92.28, 94.59, 99.26, 104.31 MeV; measured evaporation residues using two microchannel-plate detectors, a transverse-field ionization chamber (IC), and a thick Si detector at the XTU Tandem Accelerator of INFN-LNL, Legnaro; deduced fusion σ(E) around or below Coulomb barrier, S-factors. Comparison with coupled channels calculations using CCFULL code, and with data for 64Ni+64Ni and 40Ca+96Zr systems. Discussed impact of inelastic and transfer channels on fusion, and conclude that no hindrance effect observed, effectively counterbalancing the Pauli repulsion.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.100.044619
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