Authors: J.H. Kelley, G.C. Sheu |  Citation: ENSDF |  Cutoff date: 20-June-2019 

 Full ENSDF file | Adopted Levels (PDF version) 

S(n)= 22420 keV 50S(p)= 2741 keV 11Q(α)= -8934 keV 21
Reference: 2017Wa10

  A  2H(20Mg,d)  B  3He(20Ne,20Mg)
  C  9Be(22Mg,20MgG)  D  9Be(24Mg,20Mg)
  E  9Be(28Si,20Mg)  F  12C(20Mg,20Mg)
  G  20Ne(3He,3n)  H  24Mg(α,8He)
  I  27Al(20Ne,20Mg)  J  SI(p,20Mg)
  K  NI(20Ne,20Mg)  L  NI(24Mg,20Mg)
  M  NI(36Ar,20Mg)  N  208Pb(20Mg,20Mg’)

General Comments:

The β+ decay of 20Mg populates 20Na*(984) for 69.7 % 12 of the decays (1995Pi03). The remaining 30.3% of decays populate 20Na levels that proton decay to states in 19Ne.

The α=20 t=2 mass multiplet is analyzed via the IMME in (1974Ce05, 1974Ro17, 1976Mi01, 1976Tr03, 1979Mo02, 1981Ay01, 1984An18, 2007Ga38, 2012Fo13, 2014Ga20)

For theoretical analysis of the level properties see:

Shell Model: 1980Wi18, 1987Po01, 1990Br26, 1997Ot01, 1999Si13, 2012Po15, 2014To04, 2014Yu02, 2015La10, 2016Ba59. 2017Dr03;

Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov: 1996Gr21, 1997Te19, 2000St04, 2001La06, 2008Sc02, 2012Li11, 2014Ga13;

Cluster model: 1996Ch04, 1998De43, 1999Sh32, 2002Gu10, 2005Ma98, 2006Ma17, 2007Ma54;

Mean Field: 1996Re03, 1996Re10, 1997Ot01, 1997Pa38, 1998La02, 2003Bh06, 2003Jh01, 2005Ch71, 2006Sa29, 2008Sc02, 2011Ro50;

Other: 1978Gu10, 1984Ha14, 2001Pi11, 2002Mi14, 2002Ro32, 2002Sc48, 2006Zh19, 2007Wa30, 2010Zh45, 2011Eb04, 2011Gu03, 2011Ya01, 2013Bh09, 2013Eb02, 2013Ho01, 2013Sc14, 2015Si12, 2015Wu07, 2016Fo20, 2016Ja03, 2016Ro17, 2018Fo04.

XREFJπ(level) T1/2(level)E(γ)
     0ABCDEFGHIJKLMN 0+ 90.4 ms 7 
% β+p = 30.3 12
  1598 10 A C          N 2+     1598 10 
     3.70E3 20 A              (2+,4+) 0.47 MeV 6    
     5.37E3 2 A                  

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Additional Level Data and Comments:

     00+ 90.4 ms 7 
% β+p = 30.3 12
T1/2=90.0 ms 6 (2017Su05) from 9Be(28Si,20Mg).
E(level): T1/2=90.0 ms 6 (2017Su05) from 9Be(28Si,20Mg).

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