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2021FE09      Phys.Rev. C 104, 054316 (2021)

A.Fernandez, A.Jungclaus, P.Golubev, D.Rudolph, L.G.Sarmiento, A.Gargano, H.Naidja, A.Astier, E.Dupont, A.Gadea, E.Nacher, A.Perea, K.Wimmer, E.Clement, G.Fremont, J.Goupil, C.Houarner, B.Jacquot, A.Korichi, A.Lemasson, H.J.Li, J.Ljungvall, L.Menager, R.M.Perez-Vidal, C.M.Petrache, D.Ralet, J.A.Ropert, F.Saillant, A.Saamark-Roth, G.S.Simpson, C.Spitaels, M.Zielinska, S.Ansari, J.Dudouet, A.Illana, M.Jurado, D.Kocheva, N.Lalovic, Ch.Lorenz, B.Quintana, G.Rainovski, N.Redon, G.Tocabens, D.Barrientos, G.Benzoni, B.Birkenbach, A.J.Boston, H.C.Boston, A.Bracco, M.Ciemala, J.Collado, D.M.Cullen, C.Domingo-Pardo, J.Eberth, V.Gonzalez, L.J.Harkness-Brennan, H.Hess, D.S.Judson, W.Korten, S.Leoni, A.Maj, R.Menegazzo, D.Mengoni, C.Michelagnoli, B.Million, D.R.Napoli, J.Nyberg, Zs.Podolyak, A.Pullia, P.Reiter, E.Sanchis, O.Stezowski, Ch.Theisen, J.J.Valiente-Dobon

Reinterpretation of excited states in 212Po: Shell-model multiplets rather than α-cluster states

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 12C(208Pb, 212Po)8Be, E=1187 MeV; measured Eγ, Iγ, (particle)γ-coin, (particle)γγ-coin, γγ(linear polarization) using 35 36-fold segmented AGATA crystals arranged in 12 triple clusters for γ detection and double-sided silicon strip detector (DSSSD) for particle detection. 212Po; deduced levels, J, π, multipolarities, configurations, exclusive reaction cross sections. Comparisons with shell-model calculations, with structure of 148Gd, and with earlier experimental results. Discussed previous interpretation as α-cluster states.

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 212Po; calculated levels, J, π, configurations, γ-ray branching ratios, B(M1), B(E2), wave-function decomposition for the yrast and yrare states using shell model with KHPE and H208 interactions. Comparison with experimental data.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.104.054316
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