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2023JA13      Astrophys.J. 955, 51 (2023)

R.Jain, E.F.Brown, H.Schatz, A.V.Afanasjev, M.Beard, L.R.Gasques, S.S.Gupta, G.W.Hitt, W.R.Hix, R.Lau, P.Moller, W.J.Ong, M.Wiescher, Y.Xu

Impact of Pycnonuclear Fusion Uncertainties on the Cooling of Accreting Neutron Star Crusts

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 40Mg(40Mg, X)80Cr, 44Mg(40Mg, X)84Cr, 44Mg(44Mg, X)88Cr, 44Mg(38Ne, X)82Ti, 40Mg(38Ne, X)78Ti, 32Ne(32Ne, X)64Ca, 32Ne(30Ne, X)62Ca, 30Ne(30Ne, X)60Ca, 40Mg(24O, X), E not given; calculated abundances, pycnonuclear fusion rates using the reaction network with the thermal evolution code dStar. 56Fe; deduced impact of uncertainties on the depth at which nuclear heat is deposited although the total heating remains constant.

doi: 10.3847/1538-4357/acebc4
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2022SC17      J.Phys.(London) G49, 110502 (2022)

H.Schatz, A.D.Becerril Reyes, A.Best, E.F.Brown, K.Chatziioannou, K.A.Chipps, C.M.Deibel, R.Ezzeddine, D.K.Galloway, C.J.Hansen, F.Herwig, A.P.Ji, M.Lugaro, Z.Meisel, D.Norman, J.S.Read, L.F.Roberts, A.Spyrou, I.Tews, F.X.Timmes, C.Travaglio, N.Vassh, C.Abia, P.Adsley, S.Agarwal, M.Aliotta, W.Aoki, A.Arcones, A.Aryan, A.Bandyopadhyay, A.Banu, D.W.Bardayan, J.Barnes, A.Bauswein, T.C.Beers, J.Bishop, T.Boztepe, B.Cote, M.E.Caplan, A.E.Champagne, J.A.Clark, M.Couder, A.Couture, S.E.de Mink, S.Debnath, R.J.deBoer, J.den Hartogh, P.Denissenkov, V.Dexheimer, I.Dillmann, J.E.Escher, M.A.Famiano, R.Farmer, R.Fisher, C.Frohlich, A.Frebel, C.Fryer, G.Fuller, A.K.Ganguly, S.Ghosh, B.K.Gibson, T.Gorda, K.N.Gourgouliatos, V.Graber, M.Gupta, W.C.Haxton, A.Heger, W.R.Hix, W.C.G.Ho, E.M.Holmbeck, A.A.Hood, S.Huth, G.Imbriani, R.G.Izzard, R.Jain, H.Jayatissa, Z.Johnston, T.Kajino, A.Kankainen, G.G.Kiss, A.Kwiatkowski, M.La Cognata, A.M.Laird, L.Lamia, P.Landry, E.Laplace, K.D.Launey, D.Leahy, G.Leckenby, A.Lennarz, B.Longfellow, A.E.Lovell, W.G.Lynch, S.M.Lyons, K.Maeda, E.Masha, C.Matei, J.Merc, B.Messer, F.Montes, A.Mukherjee, M.R.Mumpower, D.Neto, B.Nevins, W.G.Newton, L.Q.Nguyen, K.Nishikawa, N.Nishimura, F.M.Nunes, E.O'Connor, B.W.O'Shea, W.-J.Ong, S.D.Pain, M.A.Pajkos, M.Pignatari, R.G.Pizzone, V.M.Placco, T.Plewa, B.Pritychenko, A.Psaltis, D.Puentes, Y.-Z.Qian, D.Radice, D.Rapagnani, B.M.Rebeiro, R.Reifarth, A.L.Richard, N.Rijal, I.U.Roederer, J.S.Rojo, J.S K, Y.Saito, A.Schwenk, M.L.Sergi, R.S.Sidhu, A.Simon, T.Sivarani, A.Skuladottir, M.S.Smith, A.Spiridon, T.M.Sprouse, S.Starrfield, A.W.Steiner, F.Strieder, I.Sultana, R.Surman, T.Szucs, A.Tawfik, F.Thielemann, L.Trache, R.Trappitsch, M.B.Tsang, A.Tumino, S.Upadhyayula, J.O.Valle Martinez, M.Van der Swaelmen, C.Viscasillas Vazquez, A.Watts, B.Wehmeyer, M.Wiescher, C.Wrede, J.Yoon, R.G.T.Zegers, M.A.Zermane, M.Zingale, the Horizon 2020 Collaborations

Horizons: nuclear astrophysics in the 2020s and beyond

doi: https://dx.doi.org/10.1088/1361-6471/ac8890
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2020ON01      Phys.Rev.Lett. 125, 262701 (2020)

W.-J.Ong, E.F.Brown, J.Browne, S.Ahn, K.Childers, B.P.Crider, A.C.Dombos, S.S.Gupta, G.W.Hitt, C.Langer, R.Lewis, S.N.Liddick, S.Lyons, Z.Meisel, P.Moller, F.Montes, F.Naqvi, J.Pereira, C.Prokop, D.Richman, H.Schatz, K.Schmidt, A.Spyrou

β Decay of 61V and its Role in Cooling Accreted Neutron Star Crusts

RADIOACTIVITY 61V(β-), (β-n) [from 9Be(82Se, X), E=140 MeV/nucleon]; measured decay products, Eγ, Iγ, En, In; deduced branching for β-delayed neutron emission, β-feeding intensities, B(GT) strengths, log ft.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.125.262701
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Data from this article have been entered in the XUNDL database. For more information, click here.

2018BR08      Phys.Rev.Lett. 120, 182701 (2018)

E.F.Brown, A.Cumming, F.J.Fattoyev, C.J.Horowitz, D.Page, S.Reddy

Rapid Neutrino Cooling in the Neutron Star MXB 1659-29

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.120.182701
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2018FA08      Phys.Rev. C 98, 025801 (2018)

F.J.Fattoyev, E.F.Brown, A.Cumming, A.Deibel, C.J.Horowitz, B.-A.Li, Z.Lin

Deep crustal heating by neutrinos from the surface of accreting neutron stars

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 1H, Fe(p, π+), Fe(α, π+), E=290-550 MeV/nucleon; calculated multiplicity of pion production as a function of beam energy, total energy per accreted nucleon deposited by neutrinos in the inner crust for a neutron star using the four equations of state, total energy deposited by neutrinos into the inner crust; investigated a new mechanism of deep crustal heating of neutron stars in mass-transferring binaries by neutrinos from decay of charged pions produced at the surface of the neutron stars through p+p, p+Fe and α+Fe collisions.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.98.025801
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2018LA06      Astrophys.J. 859, 62 (2018)

R.Lau, M.Beard, S.S.Gupta, H.Schatz, A.V.Afanasjev, E.F.Brown, A.Deibel, L.R.Gasques, G.W.Hitt, W.R.Hix, L.Keek, P.Moller, P.S.Shternin, A.W.Steiner, M.Wiescher, Y.Xu

Nuclear Reactions in the Crusts of Accreting Neutron Stars

doi: 10.3847/1538-4357/aabfe0
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2017AR04      Prog.Part.Nucl.Phys. 94, 1 (2017)

A.Arcones, D.W.Bardayan, T.C.Beers, L.A.Bernstein, J.C.Blackmon, B.Messer, B.A.Brown, E.F.Brown, C.R.Brune, A.E.Champagne, A.Chieffi, A.J.Couture, P.Danielewicz, R.Diehl, M.El Eid, J.E.Escher, B.D.Fields, C.Frohlich, F.Herwig, W.R.Hix, C.Iliadis, W.G.Lynch, G.C.McLaughlin, B.S.Meyer, A.Mezzacappa, F.Nunes, B.W.O'Shea, M.Prakash, B.Pritychenko, S.Reddy, E.Rehm, G.Rogachev, R.E.Rutledge, H.Schatz, M.S.Smith, I.H.Stairs, A.W.Steiner, T.E.Strohmayer, F.X.Timmes, D.M.Townsley, M.Wiescher, R.G.T.Zegers, M.Zingale

White paper on nuclear astrophysics and low energy nuclear physics Part 1: Nuclear astrophysics

doi: 10.1016/j.ppnp.2016.12.003
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2017CU02      Phys.Rev. C 95, 025806 (2017)

A.Cumming, E.F.Brown, F.J.Fattoyev, C.J.Horowitz, D.Page, S.Reddy

Lower limit on the heat capacity of the neutron star core

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.95.025806
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2016ST08      Eur.Phys.J. A 52, 18 (2016)

A.W.Steiner, J.M.Lattimer, E.F.Brown

Neutron star radii, universal relations, and the role of prior distributions

doi: 10.1140/epja/i2016-16018-1
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2014DE28      Phys.Rev. C 90, 025802 (2014)

A.T.Deibel, A.W.Steiner, E.F.Brown

Magnetar giant flare oscillations and the nuclear symmetry energy

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.90.025802
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2014SC01      Nature(London) 505, 62 (2014)

H.Schatz, S.Gupta, P.Moller, M.Beard, E.F.Brown, A.T.Deibel, L.R.Gasques, W.R.Hix, L.Keek, R.Lau, A.W.Steiner, M.Wiescher

Strong neutrino cooling by cycles of electron capture and β- decay in neutron star crusts

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 105Zr; calculated single-particle energy levels, J, π, hexadecapole deformation parameters.

doi: 10.1038/nature12757
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2011ES06      Phys.Rev.Lett. 107, 172503 (2011)

A.Estrade, M.Matos, H.Schatz, A.M.Amthor, D.Bazin, M.Beard, A.Becerril, E.F.Brown, R.Cyburt, T.Elliot, A.Gade, D.Galaviz, S.George, S.S.Gupta, W.R.Hix, R.Lau, G.Lorusso, P.Moller, J.Pereira, M.Portillo, A.M.Rogers, D.Shapira, E.Smith, A.Stolz, M.Wallace, M.Wiescher

Time-of-Flight Mass Measurements for Nuclear Processes in Neutron Star Crusts

ATOMIC MASSES 53,54,55Sc, 57Ti, 60,61V, 63Cr, 65,66Mn, 67,68Fe, 68,69,70,71Co, 74Ni; measured time of flight; deduced masses. Stellar nucleosynthesis implications.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.107.172503
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2009CO07      Astrophys.J. 702, 660 (2009)

R.L.Cooper, Andrew W.Steiner, E.F.Brown

Possible Resonances in the 12C + 12C Fusion Rate and Superburst Ignition

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 12C(12C, X), E<3 MeV; analyzed reaction σ at astrophysical energies; deduced resonance near the Gamow peak energy.

doi: 10.1088/0004-637X/702/1/660
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2008ZE01      Phys.Rev. C 77, 024307 (2008)

R.G.T.Zegers, E.F.Brown, H.Akimune, Sam M.Austin, A.M.van den Berg, B.A.Brown, D.A.Chamulak, Y.Fujita, M.Fujiwara, S.Gales, M.N.Harakeh, H.Hashimoto, R.Hayami, G.W.Hitt, M.Itoh, T.Kawabata, K.Kawase, M.Kinoshita, K.Nakanishi, S.Nakayama, S.Okumura, Y.Shimbara, M.Uchida, H.Ueno, T.Yamagata, M.Yosoi

Gamow-Teller strength for the analog transitions to the first T = 1/2, Jπ = 3/2- states in 13C and 13N and the implications for type Ia supernovae

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 13C(3He, t), E=420 MeV; measured charged particles, σ(θ); deduced B(GT), levels, J, π. 13C(p, n); deduced electron capture rates in stellar environments as a function of temperature.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.77.024307
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 datasetE2097. Data from this article have been entered in the XUNDL database. For more information, click here.

2007GA43      Phys.Rev. C 76, 035802 (2007)

L.R.Gasques, E.F.Brown, A.Chieffi, C.L.Jiang, M.Limongi, C.Rolfs, M.Wiescher, D.G.Yakovlev

Implications of low-energy fusion hindrance on stellar burning and nucleosynthesis

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 12C, 16O(16O, X), E < 12 MeV; 16O(16O, X), E < 15 MeV; analyzed fusion cross sections. Deduced S-factors at astrophysical energies.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.76.035802
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2007GU14      Astrophys.J. 662, 1188 (2007)

S.Gupta, E.F.Brown, H.Schatz, P.Moller, K.-L.Kratz

Heating in the accreted neutron star ocean: Implications for superburst ignition

doi: 10.1086/517869
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2005BR33      Nucl.Phys. A758, 451c (2005)

E.F.Brown, A.C.Calder, T.Plewa, P.M.Ricker, K.Robinson, J.B.Gallagher

Type Ia Supernovae: Simulations and Nucleosynthesis

doi: 10.1016/j.nuclphysa.2005.05.083
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2005FI06      Nucl.Phys. A752, 604c (2005)

J.L.Fisker, E.F.Brown, M.Liebendorfer, F.-K.Thielemann, M.Wiescher

The reactions and ashes of thermonuclear explosions on neutron stars

doi: 10.1016/j.nuclphysa.2005.02.063
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