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2023IM03      Phys.Rev. C 108, 034605 (2023)

S.Imajo, H.Akatsuka, K.Hatanaka, T.Higuchi, G.Ichikawa, S.Kawasaki, M.Kitaguchi, R.Mammei, R.Matsumiya, K.Mishima, R.Picker, W.Schreyer, H.M.Shimizu

Diffuse scattering model of ultracold neutrons on wavy surfaces

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.108.034605
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2013MA47      Hyperfine Interactions 220, 89 (2013)

K.Matsuta, Y.Masuda, K.Hatanaka, S.C.Jeong, S.Kawasaki, R.Matsumiya, M.Mihara, Y.Watanabe, D.Nishimura, Y.Morita, K.Asahi, T.Adachi, J.Martin, A.Konaka, A.Miller, C.Bidinosti, T.Dawson, L.Lee, C.Davis, D.Ramsay, W.van Oers, E.Korkmaz, L.Buchman

Creation of polarized ultracold neutrons and observation of Ramsey resonance for electric dipole moment measurement

NUCLEAR REACTIONS Pb(p, X)n, E=400 MeV; measured reaction products, En, In, Ramsey resonance spectra; deduced ultra cold neutron yield, spin polarization. Comparison with available data.

doi: 10.1007/s10751-013-0855-0
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2011MI18      Phys.Rev. C 84, 055501 (2011)

K.Minamisono, T.Nagatomo, K.Matsuta, C.D.P.Levy, Y.Tagishi, M.Ogura, M.Yamaguchi, H.Ota, J.A.Behr, K.P.Jackson, A.Ozawa, M.Fukuda, T.Sumikama, H.Fujiwara, T.Iwakoshi, R.Matsumiya, M.Mihara, A.Chiba, Y.Hashizume, T.Yasuno, T.Minamisono

Low-energy test of second-class current in β decays of spin-aligned 20F and 20Na

RADIOACTIVITY 20F(β-)[from 19F(polarized 2H, p), E=6 MeV]; 20Na(β+)[from Si(p, X), E=500 MeV]; measured Eβ, β(θ), βγ(θ) from nuclear spin-polarized nuclei using β-NMR technique; deduced alignment correlation terms, G-parity-violating, second-class current (SCC) induced tensor term, weak-magnetism term in the framework of the conserved vector current hypothesis. Experiments at UTTAC and TRIUMF facilities.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.84.055501
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2010FU07      Nucl.Phys. A834, 461c (2010)

M.Fukuda, D.Nishimura, M.Takechi, M.Mihara, K.Matsuta, R.Matsumiya, T.Kuboki, K.Namihira, I.Hachiuma, T.Yamaguchi, T.Suzuki, Y.Okuma, M.Nagashima, T.Ohtsubo, Y.Shimbara, T.Izumikawa, K.Tanaka, T.Suda, S.Momota, T.Minamisono, W.Xu, G.W.Fan, S.Fukuda, S.Sato, M.Kanazawa, A.Kitagawa

Directional correlation of nuclear-collision probability for aligned beams of deformed nucleus

NUCLEAR REACTIONS C(10B, X), E not given; measured σ with aligned beam; deduced momentum distribution, relative reaction probability.

doi: 10.1016/j.nuclphysa.2010.01.064
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2010MA44      Nucl.Phys. A834, 424c (2010)

K.Matsuta, M.Mihara, M.Fukuda, D.Nishimura, R.Matsumiya, T.Nagatomo, T.Ohtsubo, T.Izumikawa, S.Momota, D.M.Zhou, D.Q.Yuan, Y.N.Zheng, Y.Zuo, P.Fan, S.Y.Zhu, A.Kitagawa, M.Kanazawa, M.Torikoshi, S.Sato, K.Minamisono, T.Sumikama, M.Ogura, M.Tanigaki, A.Ozawa, T.Yamaguchi, T.Suzuki, K.Tanaka, M.Takechi, T.Minamisono, Y.Nojiri, P.Levy, T.J.M.Symons, J.R.Alonso, G.F.Krebs

Nuclear structure and fundamental symmetry studied through nuclear moments

RADIOACTIVITY 28P(β+); measured μ; deduced spin components. 13B(β-); measured Eβ, Iβ(θ) from aligned 13B; deduced alignment correlation coefficient, G-parity tensor coupling constant. Discussed 9C-9Li mirror pair μ and spin expectation value.

doi: 10.1016/j.nuclphysa.2010.01.055
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2010MI13      Nucl.Phys. A834, 75c (2010)

M.Mihara, K.Matsuta, J.Komurasaki, H.Hirano, D.Nishimura, S.Momota, T.Ohtsubo, T.Izumikawa, Y.Shimbara, T.Kubo, D.Kameda, D.Zhou, Y.Zheng, D.Yuan, S.Zhu, A.Kitagawa, M.Kanazawa, M.Torikoshi, S.Sato, T.Nagatomo, R.Matsumiya, D.Ishikawa, M.Fukuda, T.Minamisono, Y.Nojiri, J.R.Alonso, G.F.Crebs, T.J.M.Symons

Electromagnetic moments of 22F

RADIOACTIVITY 22F(β-) [from 9Be(22Ne, X), E=100 MeV/nucleon]; measured polarized 22F β-NMR, NQR spectra, momentum distribution; deduced electric quadrupole moment, μ.

doi: 10.1016/j.nuclphysa.2010.01.022
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2010MI19      Nucl.Phys. A834, 777c (2010)

M.Mihara, K.Matsuta, D.Nishimura, H.Hirano, J.Komurasaki, S.Takahashi, T.Nagatomo, R.Matsumiya, M.Ogura, H.Akai, S.Momota, T.Ohtsubo, T.Izumikawa, D.Zhou, Y.Zheng, D.Yuan, P.Fan, Y.Zuo, S.Zhu, A.Kitagawa, M.Kanazawa, M.Torikoshi, S.Sato, M.Fukuda, D.Ishikawa, T.Minamisono, R.Watanabe, T.Kubo, Y.Nojiri, T.Sumikama, J.R.Alonso, G.F.Crebs, T.J.M.Symons

Nuclear spin-lattice relaxation of light impurities in platinum studied by using polarized unstable nuclear beams

NUCLEAR REACTIONS Pt(25Al, 25Al'), (28P, 28P'), E not given; measured particle polarization from thick target, time- and temperature-dependence; deduced Knight shifts. Polarized beams. Comparison with calculations.

doi: 10.1016/j.nuclphysa.2010.01.144
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2010NI17      Nucl.Phys. A834, 470c (2010)

D.Nishimura, M.Fukuda, M.Takechi, M.Mihara, D.Ishikawa, J.Komurasaki, K.Matsuta, R.Matsumiya, T.Kuboki, M.Yoshitake, T.Suzuki, T.Yamaguchi, S.Nakajima, K.Saito, M.Miura, I.Hachiuma, K.Namihira, T.Ohtsubo, Y.Shimbara, R.Watanabe, Y.Ohkuma, T.Izumikawa, K.Tanaka, T.Suda, A.Ozawa, Y.Yasuda, T.Moriguchi, S.Momota, S.Fukuda, S.Sato, M.Kanazawa, A.Kitagawa

Distinction between Proton-Neutron Density Distribution of Halo Nuclei at the Nuclear Surface via Reaction Cross Sections

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 1H, C(8B, X), (11Be, X), E≈50-120 MeV/nucleon; measured total σ; calculated σ using Glauber theory assuming halo nuclei. Secondary radioactive beams. Transmission method.

doi: 10.1016/j.nuclphysa.2010.01.067
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 datasetE2710.

2009TA15      Phys.Rev. C 79, 061601 (2009)

M.Takechi, M.Fukuda, M.Mihara, K.Tanaka, T.Chinda, T.Matsumasa, M.Nishimoto, R.Matsumiya, Y.Nakashima, H.Matsubara, K.Matsuta, T.Minamisono, T.Ohtsubo, T.Izumikawa, S.Momota, T.Suzuki, T.Yamaguchi, R.Koyama, W.Shinozaki, M.Takahashi, A.Takizawa, T.Matsuyama, S.Nakajima, K.Kobayashi, M.Hosoi, T.Suda, M.Sasaki, S.Sato, M.Kanazawa, A.Kitagawa

Reaction cross sections at intermediate energies and Fermi-motion effect

NUCLEAR REACTIONS Be, C, Al(12C, X), Be(11Be, X), E=30-400 MeV/nucleon; measured σ. Be, C, Al(8B, X); E=40-800 MeV/nucleon; analyzed σ. Comparison of measured and literature σ with Glauber-type calculations using modified optical limit (MOL) and MOL with Fermi-motion (MOL-FM).

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.79.061601
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 datasetC1719.

2009ZH52      Chin.Phys.C 33, Supplement 1, 215 (2009)

Y.-N.Zheng, D.-M.Zhou, K.Matsuta, M.Mihara, M.Fukuda, D.Nishimura, J.Komurasaki, D.Ishikawa, R.Matsumiya, T.Nagatomo, T.Izumikawa, S.Takahashi, H.Hirano, T.Ohtsubo, S.Momota, Y.Nojiri, A.Kitagawa, M.Kanazawa, M.Torikoshi, S.Sato, T.Minamisono, J.R.Alonso, G.F.Krebs, T.J.M.Symons, D.-Q.Yuan, Y.Zuo, P.Fan, T.Suzuki, X.-Z.Zhang, S.-Y.Zhu

Nuclear structure of proton-rich unstable nucleus 28P studied by g-factor measurement

RADIOACTIVITY 28P(β+) [from Be(28Si, X)28P, E=100 MeV/nucleon]; measured decay products, β-NMR spectra; deduced g factors, magnetic moment.

doi: 10.1088/1674-1137/33/S1/069
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2007MA94      Hyperfine Interactions 180, 65 (2007)

K.Matsuta, M.Mihara, T.Nagatomo, R.Matsumiya, S.Momota, T.Ohtsubo, T.Izumikawa, H.Hirano, S.Takahashi, D.Nishimura, J.Komurasaki, A.Kitagawa, M.Kanazawa, M.Torikoshi, S.Sato, M.Fukuda, T.Minamisono, T.Sumikama, K.Tanaka, M.Takechi, D.Ishikawa, S.A.Pahlovy, M.Nagao, Y.Nojiri, J.R.Alonso, G.F.Krebs, T.J.M.Symons

Hyperfine interaction of 25Al in α-Al2O3 and its quadrupole moment

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 25Al(β+); measured electric quadrupole moment using the β-NQR method.

doi: 10.1007/s10751-008-9686-9
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2007MI49      Hyperfine Interactions 178, 73 (2007)

M.Mihara, K.Matsuta, S.Kumashiro, M.Fukuda, S.Kosakai, Y.Umemoto, M.Yoshikawa, R.Matsumiya, D.Nishimura, J.Komurasaki, D.Ishikawa, M.Ogura, H.Akai, T.Minamisono

Temperature dependence of Knight shifts for 12B in Pt

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 12B(β-); measured β-assymetry for spin polarized nuclei implanted in Pt foil using the β-NMR method.

doi: 10.1007/s10751-008-9660-6
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2007MI50      Hyperfine Interactions 178, 83 (2007)

M.Mihara, K.Matsuta, D.Nishimura, T.Nagatomo, R.Matsumiya, S.Momota, T.Ohtsubo, T.Izumikawa, D.M.Zhou, Y.N.Zheng, M.Ogura, H.Akai, J.Komurasaki, M.Fukuda, D.Ishikawa, Y.Nojiri, H.Hirano, S.Takahashi, R.Watanabe, T.Kubo, S.Y.Zhu, A.Kitagawa, M.Kanazawa, S.Sato, M.Torikoshi, T.Sumikama, T.Minamisono, J.R.Alonso, G.F.Krebs, T.J.M.Symons

Spin-lattice relaxation of 25Al and 28P in Pt

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 25Al, 28P(β+); measured spin lattice relaxation times for spin polarized nuclei implanted in a Pt foil using the β-NMR method.

doi: 10.1007/s10751-008-9662-4
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2007NA39      Hyperfine Interactions 180, 75 (2007)

T.Nagatomo, K.Matsuta, K.Minamisono, T.Sumikama, M.Mihara, A.Ozawa, Y.Tagishi, M.Ogura, R.Matsumiya, M.Fukuda, M.Yamaguchi, T.Yasuno, H.Ohta, Y.Hashizume, H.Fujiwara, A.Chiba, T.Minamisono

β-Ray angular distribution from purely nuclear spin aligned 20F

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 20F(β-); measured β angular distribution from nuclear spin aligned nuclei.

doi: 10.1007/s10751-008-9688-7
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2007NI14      Hyperfine Interactions 180, 71 (2007)

D.Nishimura, J.Komurasaki, K.Matsuta, M.Mihara, R.Matsumiya, S.Momota, T.Ohtsubo, T.Izumikawa, H.Hirano, A.Kitagawa, M.Kanazawa, M.Torikoshi, S.Sato, M.Fukuda, D.Ishikawa, T.Minamisono, R.Watanabe, T.Kubo, Y.Nojiri, J.R.Alonso, G.F.Krebs, T.J.M.Symons

Magnetic moment of short lived β-emitter 24mAl

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 24Al(β+); measured magnetic moment using the β-NMR method.

doi: 10.1007/s10751-008-9687-8
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2007OH11      Hyperfine Interactions 180, 85 (2007)

T.Ohtsubo, H.Hirano, S.Takahashi, K.Matsuta, M.Mihara, M.Fukuda, T.Nagatomo, T.Izumikawa, S.Momota, D.Nishimura, J.Komurasaki, D.Ishikawa, D.M.Zhou, Y.N.Zheng, S.Y.Zhu, A.Kitagawa, M.Kanazawa, M.Torikoshi, S.Sato, T.Minamisono, Y.Nojiri, R.Matsumiya, T.Sumikama, K.Tanaka, K.Yamada, A.Ozawa, T.Suzuki, T.Yamaguchi, S.Nakajima, K.Yoshida, Y.Nakashima, H.Fujiwara, S.Kumashiro, M.Ota, D.Shinojima, H.Tanaka, T.Yasuno, K.Muranaka, T.Maemura, A.Chiba, S.A.Pahlovy, M.Nagao, R.Watanabe, T.Kubo, I.Tanihata, M.Takechi, K.Minamisono, J.R.Alonso, G.F.Krebs, T.J.M.Symons

Polarization of 23Ne, 24m, 25Al and 28P produced through single nucleon pickup and charge-exchange reactions at 100 A MeV

NUCLEAR REACTIONS Be(22Ne, 23Ne), (24Mg, 24Al), (24Mg, 25Al), (28Si, 28P), E=100 MeV/nucleon; 23Ne, 24,25Al, 28P; measured polarization using the β-NMR technique.

doi: 10.1007/s10751-008-9690-0
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2007ZH54      Hyperfine Interactions 180, 37 (2007)

D.Zhou, Y.Zheng, K.Matsuta, M.Mihara, M.Fukuda, D.Nishimura, J.Komurasaki, D.Ishikawa, R.Matsumiya, T.Nagatomo, T.Izumikawa, S.Takahashi, H.Hirano, T.Ohtsubo, S.Momota, Y.Nojiri, A.Kitagawa, M.Kanazawa, M.Torikoshi, S.Sato, T.Minamisono, J.R.Alonso, G.F.Krebs, T.J.M.Symons, D.Yuan, Y.Zuo, P.Fan, T.Suzuki, X.Zhang, S.Zhu

Magnetic moment of proton halo nucleus 28P

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 28P(β+); measured ground state magnetic moment using the β-NMR method.

doi: 10.1007/s10751-008-9625-9
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2006OZ04      Phys.Rev. C 74, 021301 (2006)

A.Ozawa, K.Matsuta, T.Nagatomo, M.Mihara, K.Yamada, T.Yamaguchi, T.Ohtsubo, S.Momota, T.Izumikawa, T.Sumikama, Y.Nakashima, H.Fujiwara, S.Kumashiro, R.Matsumiya, M.Ota, D.Shinojima, H.Tanaka, T.Yasuno, S.Nakajima, T.Suzuki, K.Yoshida, K.Muranaka, T.Maemura, A.Chiba, Y.Utsuno, M.Fukuda, K.Tanaka, I.Tanihata, Y.Nojiri, T.Minamisono, J.R.Alonso, G.F.Krebs, T.J.M.Symons

Measurement of the spin and magnetic moment of 23Al

RADIOACTIVITY 23Al(β+), (EC) [from 9Be(28Si, X)]; measured β-asymmetry, β-NMR spectrum from polarized source. 23Al deduced ground-state μ, J, π.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.74.021301
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