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1999AN43      Phys.Lett. 463B, 339 (1999)

P.L.Anthony, R.G.Arnold, T.Averett, H.R.Band, M.C.Berisso, H.Borel, P.E.Bosted, S.L.Bultmann, M.Buenerd, T.Chupp, S.Churchwell, G.R.Court, D.Crabb, D.Day, P.Decowski, P.DePietro, R.Erbacher, R.Erickson, A.Feltham, H.Fonvieille, E.Frlez, R.Gearhart, V.Ghazikhanian, J.Gomez, K.A.Griffioen, C.Harris, M.A.Houlden, E.W.Hughes, C.E.Hyde-Wright, G.Igo, S.Incerti, J.Jensen, J.R.Johnson, P.M.King, Yu.G.Kolomensky, S.E.Kuhn, R.Lindgren, R.M.Lombard-Nelsen, J.Marroncle, J.McCarthy, P.McKee, W.Meyer, G.Mitchell, J.Mitchell, M.Olson, S.Penttila, G.Peterson, G.G.Petratos, R.Pitthan, D.Pocanic, R.Prepost, C.Prescott, L.M.Qin, B.A.Raue, D.Reyna, L.S.Rochester, S.Rock, O.A.Rondon-Aramayo, F.Sabatie, I.Sick, T.Smith, L.Sorrell, F.Staley, S.St.Lorant, L.M.Stuart, Z.Szalata, Y.Terrien, A.Tobias, L.Todor, T.Toole, S.Trentalange, D.Walz, R.C.Welsh, F.R.Wesselmann, T.R.Wright, C.C.Young, M.Zeier, H.Zhu, B.Zihlmann

Measurement of the Deuteron Spin Structure Function g1d(x) for 1 (GeV/c)2 < Q2 < 40 (GeV/c)2

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 2H, 6Li(polarized e, e'X), E=48.3 GeV; measured electrons σ(θ), longitudinal asymmetries. 2H deduced spin structure function.

doi: 10.1016/S0370-2693(99)00940-5
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1986TH01      Phys.Rev. C33, 1679 (1986)

J.Thomas, Y.T.Chen, S.Hinds, D.Meredith, M.Olson

Sub-Barrier Fusion of the Oxygen Isotopes: A more complete picture

NUCLEAR REACTIONS, ICPND 16,17,18O(16O, X), E=14-25 MeV; measured Eγ, Iγ, fusion σ(E). Different model analyses.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.33.1679
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1985TH03      Phys.Rev. C31, 1980 (1985)

J.Thomas, Y.T.Chen, S.Hinds, K.Langanke, D.Meredith, M.Olson, C.A.Barnes

Sub-Barrier Fusion of 16O with 16,18O

NUCLEAR REACTIONS, ICPND 16O(16O, X), (18O, X), (18O, 18O'), E=13.5-25 MeV; measured γ yields; deduced fusion, inelastic σ(E), thickness function energy dependence.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.31.1980
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1984OL05      Phys.Rev. C30, 1375 (1984)

M.D.Olson, R.W.Kavanagh

7Li(α, n) Cross Section from Threshold to 5.67 MeV

NUCLEAR REACTIONS, ICPND 7Li(α, n), E=4.38-4.67 MeV; measured σ(E); deduced inverse reaction σ(E). 11B resonances deduced parameters.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.30.1375
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