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2023MU01      Phys.Rev. C 107, L011602 (2023)

D.Mucher, A.Spyrou, M.Wiedeking, M.Guttormsen, A.C.Larsen, F.Zeiser, C.Harris, A.L.Richard, M.K.Smith, A.Gorgen, S.N.Liddick, S.Siem, H.C.Berg, J.A.Clark, P.A.DeYoung, A.C.Dombos, B.Greaves, L.Hicks, R.Kelmar, S.Lyons, J.Owens-Fryar, A.Palmisano, D.Santiago-Gonzalez, G.Savard, W.W.von Seeger

Extracting model-independent nuclear level densities away from stability

RADIOACTIVITY 76Ga(β-); analyzed experimental total absorption spectrum (TAS) data in 2016Do05: Phys. Rev. C 93, 064317. 76Ge; deduced γ-strength function (γSF), nuclear level density (NLD). Comparison to other experimental data and to γ-strength function in 74Ge. 88Br(β-); measured Eγ, Iγ, TAS spectrum using Summing NaI (SuN) detector at Argonne CARIBU facility. 88Kr; deduced γ-strength function (γSF), nuclear level density (NLD). Compared with other experimental data γ-strength functions for 86Kr and 87Kr. NLD results are compared to calculations done with 3 semi-microscopic models - HFB+Skyrme, HFB+Skyrme combinatorial, temperature-dependent HFB+Gogny. Combination of "shape" method with β-Oslo technique which allows extraction of NLD in model independent way.

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 87Kr(n, γ), E<1 MeV; calculated σ(E) using newly obtained NLD. Values are given relative to calculated ones using current RIPL-3 recommended level densities.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.107.L011602
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2023TS04      Phys.Rev. C 107, 035808 (2023)

A.Tsantiri, A.Palmisano-Kyle, A.Spyrou, P.Mohr, H.C.Berg, P.A.DeYoung, A.C.Dombos, P.Gastis, E.C.Good, C.M.Harris, S.N.Liddick, S.M.Lyons, O.Olivas-Gomez, G.Owens-Fryar, J.Pereira, A.L.Richard, A.Simon, M.K.Smith, R.G.T.Zegers

Cross-section measurement of the 82Kr(p, γ)83Rb reaction in inverse kinematics

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 1H(82Kr, γ)83Rb, E=3.1, 3.4, 3.7 MeV/nucleon; measured Eγ, Iγ, γ-sum, total absorption spectra; deduced σ(E), astrophysical S-factor. Comparison to NON-SMOKER and TALYS statistical model calculations. Hydrogen gas cell surrounded by the Summing NaI(Tl) (SuN) detector at ReA reaccelerator facility (NSCL).

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.107.035808
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2022PA20      Phys.Rev. C 105, 065804 (2022)

A.Palmisano-Kyle, A.Spyrou, P.A.DeYoung, A.Dombos, P.Gastis, O.Olivas-Gomez, C.Harris, S.Liddick, S.M.Lyons, J.Pereira, A.L.Richard, A.Simon, M.K.Smith, A.Tsantiri, R.Zegers

Constraining the astrophysical p process: Cross section measurement of the 84Kr(p, γ)85Rb reaction in inverse kinematics

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 1H(84Kr, γ), E=2.8, 3.1, 3.4, 3.7 MeV/nucleon; measured Eγ, Ιγ, total absorption; deduced σ(E). Discussed the astrophysical impact, in particular on the 78Kr p-nuclei path. Comparison to NON-SMOKER and TALYS calculations and previous experimental data. Summing NaI(Tl) (SuN) detector and hydrogen-filled gas-cell target at Michigan State University ReAccelerator (ReA) facility (NSCL).

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.105.065804
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 datasetC2773.

2020OL07      Phys.Rev. C 102, 055806 (2020)

O.Olivas-Gomez, A.Simon, O.Gorton, J.E.Escher, E.Churchman, P.Millican, R.Kelmar, C.S.Reingold, A.M.Clark, N.Cooper, C.Harris, S.L.Henderson, S.E.Kelly, F.Naqvi, A.Palmisano, D.Robertson, E.Stech, A.Spyrou, W.P.Tan

Measurements of proton capture in the A = 100-100 mass region: Constraints on the 111In(γ, p)/(γ, n) branching point relevant to the γ process

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 102Pd(p, γ)103Ag, E=4-8 MeV; 108Cd(p, γ)109In, E=3.5=7 MeV; 110Cd(p, γ)111In, E=3-6 MeV; measured Eγ, Iγ, summed γ spectra using a high efficiency total absorption spectrometer and γ-summing technique at the 10-MV FN Tandem Van de Graaff accelerator of the University of Notre Dame; deduced capture σ(E) for the ground states, total σ(E), constrain Hauser-Feshbach parameters used in TALYS 1.9. Comparison with theoretical predictions from the NON-SMOKER code, and with Hauser-Feshbach statistical calculations. Recommended (γ, p) and (γ, n) stellar photodissociation decay rates for 103Ag, 109In and 111In for T=1-10 GK. Relevance to γ process is an explosive astrophysical scenario.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.102.055806
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 datasetC2602.

2001BE46      Phys.Rev. A64, 032506 (2001)

P.Beiersdorfer, S.B.Utter, K.L.Wong, J.R.C.Lopez-Urrutia, J.A.Britten, H.Chen, C.L.Harris, R.S.Thoe, D.B.Thorn, E.Trabert, M.G.H.Gustavsson, C.Forssen, A.-M.Martensson-Pendrill

Hyperfine Structure of Hydrogenlike Thallium Isotopes

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 203,205Tl; measured hfs in hydrogen-like ions; deduced μ, radii.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevA.64.032506
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2001ZH20      Phys.Rev.Lett. 87, 081801 (2001)

H.Zhu, A.Ahmidouch, H.Anklin, H.Arenhovel, C.Armstrong, C.Bernet, W.Boeglin, H.Breuer, P.Brindza, D.Brown, S.Bultmann, R.Carlini, N.Chant, A.Cowley, D.Crabb, S.Danagoulian, D.B.Day, T.Eden, R.Ent, Y.Farah, R.Fatemi, K.Garrow, C.Harris, M.Hauger, A.Honegger, J.Jourdan, M.Kaufmann, M.Khandaker, G.Kubon, J.Lichtenstadt, R.Lindgren, R.Lourie, A.Lung, D.Mack, S.Malik, P.Markowitz, K.McFarlane, P.McKee, D.McNulty, G.Milanovich, J.Mitchell, H.Mkrtchyan, M.Muhlbauer, T.Petitjean, Y.Prok, D.Rohe, E.Rollinde, O.A.Rondon, P.Roos, R.Sawafta, I.Sick, C.Smith, T.Southern, M.Steinacher, S.Stepanyan, V.Tadevosyan, R.Tieulent, A.Tobias, W.Vulcan, G.Warren, H.Wohrle, S.Wood, C.Yan, M.Zeier, J.Zhao, B.Zihlmann

Measurement of the Electric Form Factor of the Neutron Through d(pol)(e(pol), e'n)p at Q2 = 0.5 (GeV/c)2

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 2H(polarized e, e'n), E=2.725 GeV; measured electron and neutron spectra, angular distributions, asymmetries. 1n deduced electric form factor. Solid polarized target.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.87.081801
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1999AN43      Phys.Lett. 463B, 339 (1999)

P.L.Anthony, R.G.Arnold, T.Averett, H.R.Band, M.C.Berisso, H.Borel, P.E.Bosted, S.L.Bultmann, M.Buenerd, T.Chupp, S.Churchwell, G.R.Court, D.Crabb, D.Day, P.Decowski, P.DePietro, R.Erbacher, R.Erickson, A.Feltham, H.Fonvieille, E.Frlez, R.Gearhart, V.Ghazikhanian, J.Gomez, K.A.Griffioen, C.Harris, M.A.Houlden, E.W.Hughes, C.E.Hyde-Wright, G.Igo, S.Incerti, J.Jensen, J.R.Johnson, P.M.King, Yu.G.Kolomensky, S.E.Kuhn, R.Lindgren, R.M.Lombard-Nelsen, J.Marroncle, J.McCarthy, P.McKee, W.Meyer, G.Mitchell, J.Mitchell, M.Olson, S.Penttila, G.Peterson, G.G.Petratos, R.Pitthan, D.Pocanic, R.Prepost, C.Prescott, L.M.Qin, B.A.Raue, D.Reyna, L.S.Rochester, S.Rock, O.A.Rondon-Aramayo, F.Sabatie, I.Sick, T.Smith, L.Sorrell, F.Staley, S.St.Lorant, L.M.Stuart, Z.Szalata, Y.Terrien, A.Tobias, L.Todor, T.Toole, S.Trentalange, D.Walz, R.C.Welsh, F.R.Wesselmann, T.R.Wright, C.C.Young, M.Zeier, H.Zhu, B.Zihlmann

Measurement of the Deuteron Spin Structure Function g1d(x) for 1 (GeV/c)2 < Q2 < 40 (GeV/c)2

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 2H, 6Li(polarized e, e'X), E=48.3 GeV; measured electrons σ(θ), longitudinal asymmetries. 2H deduced spin structure function.

doi: 10.1016/S0370-2693(99)00940-5
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1999BU09      Nucl.Instrum.Methods Phys.Res. A425, 23 (1999)

S.Bultmann, D.G.Crabb, D.B.Day, R.D.Fatemi, B.Gardner, C.M.Harris, J.R.Johnson, J.S.McCarthy, P.M.McKee, W.Meyer, S.I.Penttila, E.Ponikvar, A.Rijllart, O.A.Rondon, S.St.Lorant, W.A.Tobias, S.Trentalange, H.Zhu, B.Zihlmann, D.Zimmermann

A Study of Lithium Deuteride as a Material for a Polarized Target

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 2H, 6,7Li(e, e'X), E at 50 GeV/c; measured lithium deuteride target polarization before, after irradiation. Comparison with other target materials.

doi: 10.1016/S0168-9002(98)01341-2
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1972MC17      Phys.Rev. A5, 1587 (1972)

J.H.McCrary, L.V.Singman, L.H.Ziegler, L.D.Looney, C.M.Edmonds, C.E.Harris

L Fluorescent X-Ray Relative-Intensity Measurements

ATOMIC PHYSICS Ce, Sm, Gd, Ho, Yb, Ta, Ir, Au, Pb, Bi, Th, U, Pu; measured I(L X-ray). Detector - Si(Li). Bragg spectrometer.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevA.5.1587
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1971MC27      Phys.Rev. A4, 1745 (1971)

J.H.McCrary, L.V.Singman, L.H.Ziegler, L.D.Looney, C.M.Edmonds, C.E.Harris

K-Fluorescent-X-Ray Relative-Intensity Measurements

ATOMIC PHYSICS Ca, Ti, Cr, Fe, Cu, Ge, Se, Rb, Zr, Mo, Rh, Ag, Sn, I, Ba, Ce, Sm, Gd, Ho, Yb, Ta, Ir, Au, Pb, Bi, Th, U, Pu; measured K-fluorescent I(X-ray). Ge(Li), Si(Li) detectors.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevA.4.1745
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1968HA33      J.Chem.Phys. 49, 1648 (1968)


Evaluation of the 57m-Fe Nuclear Quadrupole Moment

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 57Fe; measured not abstracted; deduced nuclear properties.

doi: 10.1063/1.1670290
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1961RA07      Bull.Am.Phys.Soc. 6, No.5, 441, P10 (1961)

L.K.Rangan, C.I.Harris, L.W.Seagondollar

Nuclear Resonant Absorption of Gamma Rays from the 1576-keV Resonance in the K39(p, ω)Ga40 Reaction

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 40Ca; measured not abstracted; deduced nuclear properties.

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