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2022PA10      Appl.Radiat.Isot. 184, 110163 (2022)

J.Pandey, B.Pandey, P.V.Subhash, P.Kanth, M.Rajput, S.Vala, R.Makwana, S.V.Suryanarayana, H.M.Agrawal

Estimation of production cross-sections, transmutation and gas generation from radionuclides (A ∼ 50-60) in fusion environment

doi: 10.1016/j.apradiso.2022.110163
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2022PA17      Phys.Rev. C 105, L051001 (2022)

B.Pandey, for the Hall A Collaboration

Spectroscopic study of a possible Λnn resonance and a pair of ΣNN states using the (e, e'K+) reaction with a tritium target

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 3H(e, eK+), E=4.326 GeV; measured reaction products; deduced mass spectrum, resonances. From enhancements in reconstructed mass spectrum evidence of Λnn resonance and ΣNN states production were found. Pair of high-resolution spectrometers (HRS) at CEBAF (JLab).

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.105.L051001
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2022SU03      Prog.Theor.Exp.Phys. 2022, 013D01 (2022)

K.N.Suzuki, T.Gogami, B.Pandey, K.Itabashi, S.Nagao, K.Okuyama, S.N.Nakamura, L.Tang, D.Abrams, T.Akiyama, D.Androic, K.Aniol, C.Ayerbe Gayoso, J.Bane, S.Barcus, J.Barrow, V.Bellini, H.Bhatt, D.Bhetuwal, D.Biswas, A.Camsonne, J.Castellanos, J.-P.Chen, J.Chen, S.Covrig, D.Chrisman, R.Cruz-Torres, R.Das, E.Fuchey, K.Gnanvo, F.Garibaldi, T.Gautam, J.Gomez, P.Gueye, T.J.Hague, O.Hansen, W.Henry, F.Hauenstein, D.W.Higinbotham, C.E.Hyde, M.Kaneta, C.Keppel, T.Kutz, N.Lashley-Colthirst, S.Li, H.Liu, J.Mammei, P.Markowitz, R.E.McClellan, F.Meddi, D.Meekins, R.Michaels, M.Mihovilovic, A.Moyer, D.Nguyen, M.Nycz, V.Owen, C.Palatchi, S.Park, T.Petkovic, S.Premathilake, P.E.Reimer, J.Reinhold, S.Riordan, V.Rodriguez, C.Samanta, S.N.Santiesteban, B.Sawatzky, S.Sirca, K.Slifer, T.Su, Y.Tian, Y.Toyama, K.Uehara, G.M.Urciuoli, D.Votaw, J.Williamson, B.Wojtsekhowski, S.A.Wood, B.Yale, Z.Ye, J.Zhang, X.Zheng

The cross-section measurement for the 3H(e, e'K+)nnΛ reaction

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 3H(e-, e-'K+), E not given; measured reaction products; deduced σ(θ), missing mass. Comparison with Monte Carlo simulations.

doi: 10.1093/ptep/ptab158
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2019PA02      Phys.Rev. C 99, 014611 (2019)

J.Pandey, B.Pandey, A.Pal, S.V.Suryanarayana, S.Santra, B.K.Nayak, E.T.Mirgule, A.Saxena, D.Chattopadhyay, A.Kundu, V.V.Desai, A.Parihari, G.Mohanto, D.Sarkar, P.C.Rout, B.Srinivasan, K.Mahata, B.J.Roy, S.De, H.M.Agrawal

Determination of 59Ni (n, xp) reaction cross sections using surrogate reactions

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 56Fe(6Li, d), (6Li, X), E=35.9 MeV; 59Co(6Li, α), (6Li, X), E=40.5 MeV; measured protons, deuterons, α, pd- and pα-coin, differential σ(θ) using ΔE-E telescopes for charged particle detection at the BARC-TIFR Pelletron Accelerator Facility in Mumbai. 60Ni(n, p), (n, 2p), E=5-20 MeV; analyzed σ(E). 59Ni(n, xp), E=11.9-15.8 MeV; deduced σ by surrogate ratio method through the 56Fe(6Li, d) reaction, and using 59Co(6Li, α) reaction as reference. Comparison with theoretical calculations using TALYS-1.8 code with microscopic level densities, and with evaluated data libraries ROSFOND-2015, TENDL-2015 and ENDF/B-VIII.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.99.014611
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 dataset33130.

2018PA07      Appl.Radiat.Isot. 133, 31 (2018)

S.Parashari, S.Mukherjee, V.Vansola, R.Makwana, N.L.Singh, B.Pandey

Investigation of (n, p), (n, 2n) reaction cross sections for Sn isotopes for fusion reactor applications

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 116,117Sn(n, p), 118,120,124Sn(n, 2n), E<20 MeV; calculated σ using TALYS and 1.8, EMPIRE - 3.2.2 nuclear model codes. Comparison with EXFOR library.

doi: 10.1016/j.apradiso.2017.12.003
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2016PA07      Phys.Rev. C 93, 021602 (2016)

B.Pandey, V.V.Desai, S.V.Suryanarayana, B.K.Nayak, A.Saxena, E.T.Mirgule, S.Santra, K.Mahata, R.Makawana, M.Abhangi, T.K.Basu, C.V.S.Rao, S.Jakhar, S.Vala, B.Sarkar, H.M.Agrawal, G.Kaur, P.M.Prajapati, A.Pal, D.Sarkar, A.Kundu

Measurement of 55Fe (n, p) cross sections by the surrogate-reaction method for fusion technology applications

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 52Cr(6Li, d)56Fe, 45Sc(6Li, α)47Ti, E=33.0, 35.75 MeV; measured spectra of protons, deuterons, tritons, α-particles, pd-coin. Natural Cr and Sc targets. 55Fe(n, p), E=7.9-20.1 MeV; deduced σ(E) via surrogate-reaction method, and compared with EAF-2010, TENDL-2014, and ROSFOND-2010 evaluated libraries and theoretical calculations using EMPIRE-3.2.3. Relevance to fusion technology.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.93.021602
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 dataset33099.

2016PR05      Pramana 86, 1269 (2016)

P.M.Prajapati, B.Pandey, N.C.Gupta, S.Kumar, B.K.Nayak, A.Saxena, S.V.Suryanarayana, S.Jakhar, S.Vala, C.V.S.Rao, T.K.Basu

Scattering chamber facility for double-differential cross-section measurement with 14 MeV DT neutron generator at IPR

doi: 10.1007/s12043-015-1176-4
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2015PA11      Nucl.Sci.Eng. 179, 313 (2015)

B.Pandey, P.M.Prajapati, S.Jakhar, C.V.S.Rao, T.K.Basu, B.K.Nayak, A.Saxena, S.V.Suryanarayana

Estimate of (n, p) Cross Section for Radionuclide 55Fe Using EMPIRE and TALYS

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 55Fe(n, p), E<20 MeV; calculated σ, Ep, Ip. Comparison with evaluated nuclear data libraries ROSFOND-2010, JEFF-3.1, EAF-2010 along with systematics around 14-MeV neutron energy.

doi: 10.13182/NSE14-26
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2014CH01      Ann.Nucl.Energy 64, 8 (2014)

H.Chandra Pandey, B.Pandey, H.M.Agrawal

Pre-equilibrium effects on (n, p) reactions of Gd and Dy isotopes from threshold to 20 MeV

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 157,158Gd, 162,163Dy(n, p), E<20 MeV; calculated σ. Comparison with EXFOR and available data.

doi: 10.1016/j.anucene.2013.09.026
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2014PA04      Appl.Radiat.Isot. 85, 128 (2014)

B.Pandey, H.M.Agrawal, R.Pepelnik

Neutron activation cross-sections for Ytterbium isotopes at (14.6±03) Mev

NUCLEAR REACTIONS Yb(n, X)172Tm/173Tm, 174,176Yb(n, p), (n, α), 176Yb(n, n'), E=14.6 MeV; measured reaction products, Eγ, Iγ; deduced σ. TALYS, EMPIRE-3.0 nuclear model code calculations, comparison with EXFOR, JENDL-4.0, and TENDL libraries.

doi: 10.1016/j.apradiso.2013.11.114
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 dataset23221.

2011PA01      Ann.Nucl.Energy 38, 853 (2011)

B.Pandey, K.Pandey, H.M.Agrawal

Excitation functions of (n, p) reactions for stable isotopes of Cr, Fe and Ni from threshold to 20 MeV

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 50,51,52,53,54,55Cr, 54,55,56,57,58,59Fe, 56,58,60,61,62,63,64,65Ni(n, p), E<20 MeV; calculated σ. Comparison with experimental data, EMPIRE 3 nuclear model code.

doi: 10.1016/j.anucene.2010.11.011
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