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2019NE03      Phys.Rev. C 99, 054308 (2019)

G.A.Negoita, J.P.Vary, G.R.Luecke, P.Maris, A.M.Shirokov, I.Shin, Y.Kim, Es.G.Ng, C.Yang, M.Lockner, G.M.Prabhu

Deep learning: Extrapolation tool for ab initio nuclear theory

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 6Li; calculated ground state energy, and ground state proton rms radius using ab initio no-core shell model (NCSM) results, and with artificial neural network (ANN) extrapolation method. Comparison with other extrapolation methods and experimental data.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.99.054308
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2013BO19      Comput.Phys.Commun. 184, 085101 (2013)

S.Bogner, A.Bulgac, J.Carlson, J.Engel, G.Fann, R.J.Furnstahl, S.Gandolfi, G.Hagen, M.Horoi, C.Johnson, M.Kortelainen, E.Lusk, P.Maris, H.Nam, P.Navratil, W.Nazarewicz, E.Ng, G.P.A.Nobre, E.Ormand, T.Papenbrock, J.Pei, S.C.Pieper, S.Quaglioni, K.J.Roche, J.Sarich, N.Schunck, M.Sosonkina, J.Terasaki, I.Thompson, J.P.Vary, S.M.Wild

Computational nuclear quantum many-body problem: The UNEDF project

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 3He(d, p), 7Be(p, γ), E<1MeV; 172Yb, 188Os, 238U(γ, X), E<24 MeV; calculated σ. Comparison with experimental data.

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 100Zr; calculated quadrupole deformation parameter, radii, neutron separation energy.

doi: 10.1016/j.cpc.2013.05.020
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2010VA01      Phys.Rev. C 81, 035205 (2010)

J.P.Vary, H.Honkanen, J.Li, P.Maris, S.J.Brodsky, A.Harindranath, G.F.de Teramond, P.Sternberg, E.G.Ng, C.Yang

Hamiltonian light-front field theory in a basis function approach

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.81.035205
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2010VA10      Pramana 75, 39 (2010)

J.P.Vary, H.Honkanen, J.Li, P.Maris, A.M.Shirokov, S.J.Brodsky, A.Harindranath, G.F.De Teramond, E.G.Ng, C.Yang, M.Sosonkina

Ab-initio Hamiltonian approach to light nuclei and to quantum field theory

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 6Li, 12C; calculated eigenstates, J, π.

doi: 10.1007/s12043-010-0063-2
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