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2017MA15      Phys.Lett. B 768, 1 (2017)

C.Massimi, S.Altstadt, J.Andrzejewski, L.Audouin, M.Barbagallo, V.Becares, F.Becvar, F.Belloni, E.Berthoumieux, J.Billowes, S.Bisterzo, D.Bosnar, M.Brugger, M.Calviani, F.Calvino, D.Cano-Ott, C.Carrapico, D.M.Castelluccio, F.Cerutti, E.Chiaveri, L.Cosentino, M.Chin, G.Clai, N.Colonna, G.Cortes, M.A.Cortes-Giraldo, S.Cristallo, M.Diakaki, C.Domingo-Pardo, I.Duran, R.Dressler, C.Eleftheriadis, A.Ferrari, P.Finocchiaro, K.Fraval, S.Ganesan, A.R.Garcia, G.Giubrone, I.F.Goncalves, E.Gonzalez-Romero, E.Griesmayer, C.Guerrero, F.Gunsing, A.Hernandez-Prieto, D.G.Jenkins, E.Jericha, Y.Kadi, F.Kappeler, D.Karadimos, N.Kivel, P.Koehler, M.Kokkoris, S.Kopecky, M.Krticka, J.Kroll, C.Lampoudis, C.Langer, E.Leal-Cidoncha, C.Lederer, H.Leeb, L.S.Leong, S.Lo Meo, R.Losito, A.Mallick, A.Manousos, J.Marganiec, T.Martinez, P.F.Mastinu, M.Mastromarco, E.Mendoza, A.Mengoni, P.M.Milazzo, F.Mingrone, M.Mirea, W.Mondelaers, A.Musumarra, C.Paradela, A.Pavlik, J.Perkowski, M.Pignatari, L.Piersanti, A.Plompen, J.Praena, J.M.Quesada, T.Rauscher, R.Reifarth, A.Riego, M.S.Robles, C.Rubbia, M.Sabate-Gilarte, R.Sarmento, A.Saxena, P.Schillebeeckx, S.Schmidt, D.Schumann, G.Tagliente, J.L.Tain, D.Tarrio, L.Tassan-Got, A.Tsinganis, S.Valenta, G.Vannini, I.Van Rijs, V.Variale, P.Vaz, A.Ventura, M.J.Vermeulen, V.Vlachoudis, R.Vlastou, A.Wallner, T.Ware, M.Weigand, C.Weiss, R.Wynants, T.Wright, P.Zugec

Neutron spectroscopy of 26Mg states: Constraining the stellar neutron source 22Ne(α, n)25Mg

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 25Mg(n, γ), (n, X), E<300 KeV; measured reaction products, En, In, Eγ, Iγ; deduced yields, σ, resonance parameters and corresponding excitation energies of the 26Mg compound nucleus, Maxwellian-averaged cross sections, reaction rates for inverse reactions. R-matrix analysis of the experimental data.

doi: 10.1016/j.physletb.2017.02.025
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 dataset23327. Data from this article have been entered in the XUNDL database. For more information, click here.

2006GH09      Can.J.Phys. 84, 1007 (2006)

D.Ghosh, A.Deb, S.Biswas, P.Mandal, S.Bhattacharyya, A.K.Mallick

Evidence of strong two-particle and three-particle dynamical correlation in compound multiplicity distribution in nucleus-nucleus interactions at 4.5 AGeV

NUCLEAR REACTIONS Ag, Br(12C, X), (24Mg, X), E=4.5 GeV/nucleon; analyzed particle multiplicities, correlations.

doi: 10.1139/P06.006
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2004GH20      Pramana 63, 963 (2004)

D.Ghosh, A.Deb, A.K.Mallick, S.Sarkar, K.Purkait, R.Sengupta

Strong pionic intermittency in 'cold' events in 12C-AgBr interactions at 4.5 A GeV

NUCLEAR REACTIONS Ag, Br(12C, X), E=4.5 GeV/nucleon; analyzed fragments pseudorapidity and multiplicity distributions, scaled factorial moments; deduced intermittency.

doi: 10.1007/BF02704334
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2000GH11      Fizika(Zagreb) B9, 119 (2000)

D.Ghosh, A.Deb, A.K.Mallick, R.Sengupta

Azimuthal Dependence of Two-Pion Correlations in Relativistic Heavy-Ion Interactions

NUCLEAR REACTIONS Ag, Br(12C, X), E=4.5 GeV/nucleon; measured two-pion pseudorapidity correlations, azimuthal dependence. Comparison with Monte-Carlo calculations.

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