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2024DE04      Phys.Rev.Lett. 132, 062702 (2024)

R.J.deBoer, M.Febbraro, D.W.Bardayan, C.Boomershine, K.Brandenburg, C.Brune, S.Coil, M.Couder, J.Derkin, S.Dede, R.Fang, A.Fritsch, A.Gula, Gy.Gyurky, B.Hackett, G.Hamad, Y.Jones-Alberty, R.Kelmar, K.Manukyan, M.Matney, J.McDonaugh, Z.Meisel, S.Moylan, J.Nattress, D.Odell, P.O'Malley, M.W.Paris, D.Robertson, Shahina, N.Singh, K.Smith, M.S.Smith, E.Stech, W.Tan, M.Wiescher

Measurement of the 13C(α, n0)16O Differential Cross Section from 0.8 to 6.5 MeV

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 13C(α, n), E=0.8-6.5 MeV; measured reaction products, En, IN; deduced σ(θ), σ, S-factor. Comparison with available data, R-matrix results from ENDF/B-VIII.0 library. The Oak Ridge National Laboratory Deuterated Spectroscopic Array (ODeSA), 5 MV Stable ion Accelerator for Nuclear Astrophysics, the University of Notre Dame Nuclear Science Laboratory.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.132.062702
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2024KE01      Phys.Rev. C 109, 035805 (2024)

R.Kelmar, J.P.McDonaugh, A.Simon, J.O'Reilly, A.C.Dombos, A.Gula, J.Koros, M.Matney, O.Olivas-Gomez, D.Robertson, E.Stech

Filtering contaminants from a γ-sum spectrum: Measurement of the 94Mo(p, γ)95Tc cross section

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.109.035805
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2023BO19      Phys.Rev. C 108, 035809 (2023)

T.C.Borgwardt, R.J.deBoer, A.Boeltzig, M.Couder, J.Gorres, Au.Gula, M.Hanhardt, K.V.Manukyan, T.Kadlecek, D.Robertson, F.Strieder, M.Wiescher

Deep underground measurement of 11B(α, n)14N

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.108.035809
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2023GU04      Phys.Rev. C 107, 025805 (2023)

A.Gula, R.J.deBoer, S.Aguilar, J.Arroyo, C.Boomershine, B.Frentz, J.Gorres, S.Henderson, R.Kelmar, S.McGuinness, K.V.Manukyan, S.Moylan, D.Robertson, C.Seymour, Shahina, E.Stech, W.Tan, J.Wilkinson, M.Wiescher

10B + α reactions at low energies

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 10B(α, p), (α, d), E(cm)=186-1430 keV; measured Ep, Ip, deuteron spectrum; deduced σ(θ) for (α, p0), (α, p1), (α, p2), (α, p3) and (α, d) channels, resonances, astrophysical reaction rate (T=0.01-2 GK), S-factor. 10B(α, α), (α, n), (α, p), (α, d); analyzed present and previous experimental data for σ(θ) distributions by R-matrix formalism using AZURE2 code. 10B(α, n), E(cm)=0.21-1.42 MeV; deduced astrophysical reaction rate (T=0.01-2 GK). 14N; deduced resonances, J, π, decay widths. Comparison to previous experimental data. Target surrounded by 2 silicon surface barrier detectors (SSBD) detectors at Stable ion Accelerator for Nuclear Astrophysics (Univ. Notre Dame).

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.107.025805
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2023KO21      Phys.Rev. C 108, 034601 (2023)

J.Kovoor, K.L.Jones, J.Hooker, M.Vostinar, R.Kanungo, S.D.Pain, M.Alcorta, J.Allen, C.Andreoiu, L.Atar, D.W.Bardayan, S.S.Bhattacharjee, D.Blankstein, C.Burbadge, S.Burcher, W.N.Catford, S.Cha, K.Chae, D.Connolly, B.Davids, N.E.Esker, F.H.Garcia, S.Gillespie, R.Ghimire, A.Gula, G.Hackman, S.Hallam, M.Hellmich, J.Henderson, M.Holl, P.Jassal, S.King, T.Knight, R.Kruecken, A.Lepailleur, J.Liang, L.Morrison, P.D.O'Malley, X.Pereira-Lopez, A.Psaltis, A.Radich, J.Refsgaard, A.C.Shotter, M.Williams, O.Workman

Structure studies of 13Be from the 12Be(d, p) reaction in inverse kinematics on a solid deuteron target

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.108.034601
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2023SC08      Phys.Rev. C 107, 065806 (2023)

P.Scholz, R.J.deBoer, J.Gorres, A.Gula, R.Kelmar, K.Manukyan, E.Stech, W.Tan, M.Wiescher

Measurement of 39K(p, γ)40Ca resonance strengths below 900 keV for nucleosynthesis in classical novae

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 39K(p, γ)40Ca, E=0.4, 1.4 MeV; measured Eγ, Iγ; deduced resonance strengths, astrophysical reaction rate (T=0.1-1.1 GK). 39K; lifetime under novae conditions. Comparison to previous experimental data and statistical model predictions (SAPPHIRE and NON-SMOKER codes). Single coaxial HPGe detector surrounded by BGO anti-Compton shield at 5U Pelletron accelerator of the Nuclear Science Laboratory (University of Notre Dame).

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.107.065806
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2022DE30      Phys.Rev. C 106, 055808 (2022)

R.J.deBoer, A.Gula, M.Febbraro, K.Brandenburg, C.R.Brune, J.Gorres, Gy.Gyurky, R.Kelmar, K.Manukyan, Z.Meisel, D.Odell, M.T.Pigni, Shahina, E.Stech, W.Tan, M.Wiescher

First near-threshold measurements of the 13C(α, n1)16O reaction for low-background-environment characterization

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 13C(α, n), E=5.0-5.57 MeV; measured En, In, angular distributions; deduced σ(θ, E) for α, n1 channel. R-matrix analysis with AZURE2 code. Uncertainty estimation with Bayesian R-matrix Inference Code Kit (BRICK). Comparison to the previous estimates of σ for α, ν1a channel, other experimental results for total σ and statistical model calculations. 3He-spectrometer at Stable ion Accelerator for Nuclear Astrophysics (University of Notre Dame).

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.106.055808
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2022GU23      Phys.Rev. C 106, 065801 (2022)

A.Gula, R.J.deBoer, R.Kelmar, J.Gorres, K.V.Manukyan, E.Stech, W.Tan, M.Wiescher

Excitation function for the 6Li + α reaction between 0.5 and 1.4 MeV

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 6Li(α, γ), E=460-1400 keV; measured Eγ, Iγ; deduced excitation functions, resonances, reaction rates for T=0.001-9.94 GK, narrow resonance contributions to the reaction rate. 10B; resonances, decay widths, branching ratios. R-matrix analysis with AZURE2 code. Comparison to other experimental data. CeBr3 single detector. Beam from 5U Pelletron accelerator at the University of Notre Dame.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.106.065801
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2022SH36      Phys.Rev. C 106, 025805 (2022)

Shahina, J.Gorres, D.Robertson, M.Couder, O.Gomez, A.Gula, M.Hanhardt, T.Kadlecek, R.Kelmar, P.Scholz, A.Simon, E.Stech, F.Strieder, M.Wiescher

Direct measurement of the low-energy resonances in 22Ne(α, γ)26Mg reaction

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 22Ne(α, γ), E=650, 830 keV; measured Eγ, Iγ, γ sum spectra; deduced resonances strength values at 830- and 650 keV. 22Ne(p, γ), E=8510 keV; measured Eγ, Iγ, γ sum spectra; deduced resonance strength value at 851 keV. Beam energy uncertainty - 2 keV. Comparison to previous experimental data. HECTOR (High EffiCiency Total absorption spectrometeR (HECTOR)) array of 16 NaI(Tl) crystals at 1-MV JN positive ion accelerator CASPAR (Compact Accelerator System for Performing Astrophysical Research).

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.106.025805
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2020GU18      Phys.Rev. C 102, 034316 (2020)

A.C.Gula, E.A.McCutchan, C.J.Lister, J.P.Greene, S.Zhu, P.A.Ellison, R.J.Nickles, M.P.Carpenter, S.V.Smith, A.A.Sonzogni

State-of-the-art γ-ray assay of 86Y for medical imaging

RADIOACTIVITY 86Y(β+), (EC)[from 86Sr(p, n), E=16 MeV at the University of Wisconsin Medical Physics cyclotron, followed by chemical separation of activity]; measured Eγ, Iγ, γγ-coin, γγ(θ) using the Gammasphere array at ANL. 86Sr; deduced levels, J, π, multipolarities, mixing ratios, I(β++ϵ), logft values, maximum and average positron energies; estimated radiation dose for potential imaging partner to the therapeutic 90Y isotope. Comparison with previous experimental results.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.102.034316
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2020PA31      Phys.Rev. C 102, 031601 (2020)

A.Pakou, L.Acosta, P.D.O'Malley, S.Aguilar, E.F.Aguilera, M.Baines, D.Bardayan, F.D.Becchetti, Ch.Boomershine, M.Brodeur, F.Cappuzzello, S.Carmichael, L.Caves, E.Chavez, C.Flores-Vazquez, A.Gula, J.J.Kolata, B.Liu, D.J.Marin-Lambarri, F.F.Morales, K.Rusek, A.M.Sanchez-Benitez, O.Sgouros, V.R.Sharma, V.Soukeras, G.Souliotis

Dominance of direct reaction channels at deep sub-barrier energies for weakly bound nuclei on heavy targets: The case 8B + 208Pb

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 208Pb(8B, 7Be), E=30 MeV, [secondary 8B beam from 3He(6Li, X)7Li/7Be/8B reaction using TwinSol facility at the University of Notre Dame FM tandem accelerator]; measured reaction products and elastically scattered particles, differential σ(θ) using Si telescopes, time-of-flight ΔE-E spectra; deduced direct to total reaction cross section, and compared with previous experimental σ ratios for 209Bi+6He, 58Ni+8B, and 28Si+7Be reactions, breakup cross section for the 208Pb+8B system at deep sub-barrier energies. Comparison with CDCC calculations, with Coulomb plus nuclear potentials, and Coulomb potentials only.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.102.031601
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2020PI11      Eur.Phys.J. A 56, 199 (2020)

R.G.Pizzone, C.Spampinato, R.Sparta, M.Couder, W.Tan, V.Burjan, G.D'Agata, G.L.Guardo, M.La Cognata, L.Lamia, J.Mrazek, S.Palmerini, S.Typel, A.Tumino, M.Wiescher, S.Anguilar, D.Bardayan, D.Blankstein, L.Boccioli, L.Callahan, S.M.Cha, K.Y.Chae, A.M.Clark, B.Frentz, M.R.Hall, A.Gula, S.Henderson, R.Kelmar, M.S.Kwag, I.Indelicato, M.La Commara, D.Lattuada, Q.Liu, J.Long, M.Mazzocco, A.Majumdar, S.McGuinness, A.Nelson, A.A.Oliva, P.O'Malley, P.M.Prajapati, G.G.Rapisarda, S.Romano, M.L.Sergi, C.Seymour, M.Skulski, C.Spitaleri, J.Wilkinson

Indirect measurement of the 3He(n, p)3H reaction cross section at Big Bang energies

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 2H(3He, pt), E=9 MeV; measured reaction products, Ep, Ip; deduced σ for 3He(n, p) reaction using the Trojan Horse Method (THM).

doi: 10.1140/epja/s10050-020-00212-x
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2020WI03      Acta Phys.Pol. B51, 631 (2020)

M.Wiescher, R.J.DeBoer, J.Gorres, A.Gula, Q.Liu

Neutrons Sources in Early Stars*

doi: 10.5506/APhysPolB.51.631
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1997BU11      Yad.Fiz. 60, No 8, 1349 (1997); Phys.Atomic Nuclei 60, 1217 (1997)

T.L.Bulgakov, V.M.Bystritsky, V.M.Bystritsky, S.A.Chaikovsky, M.Filipowicz, V.M.Grebenyuk, A.Gula, A.V.Luchinsky, V.I.Makhrin, G.A.Mesyats, S.S.Parzhitsky, N.A.Ratakhin, B.M.Sabirov, A.A.Sinebryukhov, V.A.Sinebryukhov, S.A.Sorokin, V.A.Stolupin, J.Wozniak

Measurement of the Cross Section for the Reaction d + d → 3He + n at Ultralow Collision Energies by the Z-Pinch Technique

NUCLEAR REACTIONS, ICPND 2H(d, n), E=0.44 keV; measured neutron production σ upper limit. 2H(p, γ), (d, n), (d, α), E not given; calculated σ.

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