Help on Nuclear Wallet Cards Search

The search form allows to retrieve nuclear information from the current Nuclear Wallet Cards database. The 2000 edition of the Wallet Card, for NMMSS and DoE NMIRDC can be found here

Retrieval parameters can be put in the search form using text boxes, drop-down menus and radio buttons. The Nucleus text box can take nuclear names, the Element text box takes element names, the remaining text boxes can only take numbers.

Please note that the corresponding radio button should be clicked on enabled for many of the conditions to take effect. Javascripts have been implemented to facilitate the use of the radio buttons; however, the user must pay attention to them.

A few examples should clarify many of the search features:

  • Search on 144DY:

  • Search on Eu isotopes:

  • Search on even-A nuclei heavier than Sn (Z=50) and lighter than Yb (Z=70) that alpha-decay:

  • Search for all known cluster emitters:

  • Search for all levels (ground state or isomers) with J=10:

  • Search for all known ground-states/isomers with half-lives in the microsecond range:

Output type:

There are 2 possibilities, both of them are ASCII files with HTML elements to facilitate the viewing using a browser. In one of them, Web Page option, results are presented in a HTML table. In the other, Formatted File option, the presentation is far simpler; results are separated by a tab key.

The Formatted File option is suitable for further parsing by a computer code. A header with the name of the each column is given. Due to space limitations, many names are abbreviated:

  • Energy: Level energy in MeV.
  • JPi: Level spin and parity.
  • Mass Exc: Level Mass Excess in MeV.
  • T12 (txt): Level half-life in the format value+units+uncertainty.
  • T12 (seconds): value of the level half-life in seconds. Levels that are stable are assigned an "infinity" value.
  • Abund.: Natural abundance.
  • Dec Mode: Decay Mode name.
  • Branching (%): Percentual branching ratio for the corresponding decay mode.

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