Authors: M.S. Narijauskas, J.H. Kelley, C.G. Sheu |  Citation: ENSDF |  Cutoff date: 9-June-2017 

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Q(β-)=1.574×104 keV 24S(n)= 2.98×103 keV 25S(p)= 2.956×104 keV 57Q(α)= -2.237×104 keV 28
Reference: 2017Wa10

  A  1H(20C,20C’γ)  B  9Be(22O,20CG)
  C  9Be(40Ar,20C)  D  9Be(48Ca,20C)
  E  C(36S,xγ)  F  181Ta(40Ar,20C)
  G  181Ta(48Ca,20C)  H  TH(p,20C)
  I  U(p,20C) 

General Comments:

The mass excess adopted by (2017Wa10) is 37.50 MeV 23. See also 1987Gi05, 1988Wo09, 1991Or01, 2012Ga45.

Enhancement of neutron density profile:

The 20C nucleus has been suggested to be a relatively well-bound non-halo nucleus based on measurements of various interaction cross sections and momentum distributions of breakup products. See discussions in:

2016To10: E(20C)=280 MeV/nucleon, Carbon target, σinteraction=1.111 b 8(stat) 9(syst); Rmatterrms=2.97 fm +3-5.

2012Ko38 E(20C)=241 MeV/nucleon, Carbon target, σ(C)1n=58 mb 5 and FWHM(parallel momentum dist)= 77 MeV/c, σ(C)2n=155 mb 25 and FWHM(parallel momentum dist) =211 MeV/c.

2010Ta04, 2011Ya13: E(20C) =40 MeV/nucleon, Liquid H2 target, σreaction=0.791 b 34, σ(H2)1n=22 mb 8, σ(H2)2n=107 mb 15, and σcharge changing=525 mb 25.

2001Oz03: E(20C)=905 MeV/nucleon, Be target, σinteraction=1.187 b 20, Rmatterrms=2.98 fm 5.

For theoretical reviews mainly on the nuclear radii of 20C {and other carbon nuclides see: 1997Am05, 1997Do14, 2000De24, 2000Ma28, 2008Ya04, 2009Ch45, 2010Ma38, 2011Fo18, 2011Ib02, 2013Ac02, 2013Lu02, 2014Sa13, 2015Ma68 2017Sh18.

For broader theoretical reviews on nuclear radii including 20C {see:

1971St40, 1996Sh13, 1997Ki22, 1999Kn04, 2002Sa29, 2003Bh06, 2004Ne16, 2005Ga31, 2006Sa29, 2008Ca29, 2008Sc02, 2008Sc19, 2010Ca15, 2011Al11, 2013Ha33, 2013Sh05, 2014Fr11, 2015Ha11, 2015Ka02.

Theoretical reviews mainly of 20C: 2004Ar12, 2006Ma48, 2010Ma24, 2012PeZY, 2014Ha15, 2015Ha11.

General theoretical reviews of carbon isotopes: 1993Sa16, 1996Ka14, 1996Re19, 1997Ka25, 1998Sh16, 1999Ha61, 2000Be58, 2003Sa50, 2003Th06, 2004Sa58, 2004Th11, 2005Ka03, 2005Sa63, 2006Le33, 2008Zh16, 2009Um05, 2010Co05, 2011Ya11, 2012Ch48, 2012Id04, 2012Yu04, 2013Ac02, 2013Fo11, 2013Ka33, 2014Ja14, 2014Ma97, 2015Ka02, 2015Zh19, 2016Fo24, 2016La17, 2017Me03.

General theoretical reviews including many nuclides: 1971Fi11, 1978Na07, 1987Bl18, 1987Sa15, 1993Po11, 1995Ho13, 1996Gr21, 1996Su24, 1997Ba54, 1997Ho04, 2001Ka66, 2002Ka73, 2002Me12, 2002Sa12, 2003Jh01, 2004La24, 2004Ne16, 2005Ka02, 2002Ka54, 2006Ko02, 2009Pa46, 2009Yu07, 2011Co18, 2011Eb02, 2011Re05, 2012Yu07, 2014Eb02, 2015Sh21, 2016Pr01.

XREFJπ(level) T1/2(level)E(γ)
     0ABCDEFGH  0+ 16.3 ms +40-35 
% β- = 100
% β-n = 65 18
% β-2n < 18.6
  1618 11 AB  E     2+ 6.8 ps 20    1618 11 

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Additional Level Data and Comments:


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Additional Gamma Comments:


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