Authors: J.H. Kelley, J.E. Purcell and C.G. Sheu |  Citation: Nucl. Physics A968, 71 (2017) |  Cutoff date: 1-Jan-2017 

 Full ENSDF file | Adopted Levels (PDF version) 

S(p)= -320 keV 50Q(α)= -5570 keV 30
Reference: 2017WA10

  A  1H(14O,t)  B  9Be(13O,12O)
  C  12C(π+-)  D  16O(α,8He)

General Comments:

Uncertainties in the ground state energy and width have dominated theoretical studies on 12O (1988Co15, 1997Kr10, 1999Ba03, 1999Sh43, 2001Le22, 2002Gr03, 2003Fo14, 2010Fo08, 2013Fo10, 2014RoZZ). The analog states in 12Be are utilized to gain insight into the expected 12O struture (1999Sh43, 2006Fo11, 2011Fo04). The expected width (≈100 keV) is significantly smaller than experimentally reported widths. The 2He decay is energetically possible and has been discussed in (2001Ba31, 2001Gr29, 2002Gr03, 2002Gr25, 2003Ba99, 2003Fo14, 2006Ca05, 2009Le22). See also (2005Ji04, 2006Sa29, 2009Ba41, 2011Sh26, 2016Pa05).

XREFJπ(level) T1/2(level)
     0.0ABCD 0+ < 72 keV
% 2p = 100
     1.62E3 11 ?A C  0+ 1.2 MeV 7 
% 2p = 100
  1968 52  BC  (2+) 0.48 MeV 11 
% 2p = 100
     4.2E3A    1- 2.2 MeV
% 2p = 100
     7.0E3A    2.2 MeV
% 2p = 100

T1/2(level): LABEL=Γ

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Additional Level Data and Comments:

     1.62E30+ 1.2 MeV 7 
% 2p = 100
E(level): It is unclear whether the groups observed at Ex=1.62 MeV and Ex=1.97 MeV represent unique states.

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