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2011CH50      J.Korean Phys.Soc. 59, 1418s (2011)

H.L.Chang, F.X.Gao, W.I.Ko, H.D.Kim, S.Y.Lee

Evaluation of Sigma-MUF (Material Unaccounted For) for the Conceptually Designed Korea Advanced Pyroprocess Facility

doi: 10.3938/jkps.59.1418
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2011SO16      Phys.Rev. C 83, 067602 (2011)

W.Y.So, S.Y.Lee, K.S.Kim

Effect of the breakup process on the direct reaction with a 6Li projectile

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 208Pb(6Li, X), E(cm)=30.1, 32.1, 34.0, 37.9 MeV; 209Bi(6Li, X), E(cm)=29.2, 31.1, 31.9, 33.1, 35.0, 36.9, 38.9 MeV; analyzed α-production and direct reaction (DR), and total reaction cross sections for complete fusion; deduced semi-experimental cross sections, and effect of the breakup process for the direct reaction of a 6Li projectile.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.83.067602
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2010CH05      Phys.Rev. C 81, 028501 (2010)

M.-K.Cheoun, E.Ha, S.Y.Lee, K.S.Kim, W.Y.So, T.Kajino

Neutrino reactions on 12C by the quasiparticle random-phase approximation (QRPA)

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 12C(ν, e)12N, E=0-80 MeV; calculated σ using quasiparticle random phase approximation calculations. Comparison with experimental data.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.81.028501
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2010LE11      Eur.Phys.J. A 43, 121 (2010)

S.Y.Lee, W.Y.So

Extended optical model analyses for the 11B + 209Bi system at near-Coulomb-barrier energies

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 209Bi(11B, 11B), (11B, X), E(cm)=47-80 MeV; calculated σ for various processes using an extended optical model; deduced dispersive optical potential parameters. Comparison with data.

doi: 10.1140/epja/i2009-10895-1
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2009CH49      J.Korean Phys.Soc. 55, 2116s (2009)

M.-K.Cheoun, S.Y.Lee, C.S.Lee, J.H.Lee, K.S.Kim, W.Y.So

A Description of Neutrino Reaction on 12C with Quasi-particle Shell Model

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 12C(ν, e)12N, E=3-30 MeV; calculated structure wave functions for deformed nuclei. Quasi-particle shell model.

doi: 10.3938/jkps.55.2116
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2008LE13      J.Korean Phys.Soc. 53, 533 (2008)

S.Y.Lee, J.H.Lee, T.Ik.Rho

U(6/12) Dynamical Supersymmetry in 171, 172Yb

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 171,172Yb; calculated B(E2) for the ground state bands and quadrupole moments for low lying states within the framework of interacting boson-fermion model. Compared results to available data.

doi: 10.3938/jkps.53.533
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2006LE16      J.Phys.(London) G32, 643 (2006)

S.Y.Lee, J.H.Lee

M1 transitions between low-lying states in the SU(3) limit of the IBM-2

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 154Gd; calculated B(M1) ratios for transitions between low-lying collective states. Neutron-proton IBM, comparison with data.

doi: 10.1088/0954-3899/32/5/004
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2006LE28      J.Korean Phys.Soc. 49, 501 (2006)

S.Y.Lee, J.H.Lee

E2/M1 Mixing Ratios Between Low-Lying States in Deformed Even-Even Nuclei

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 154Gd, 168Er; calculated transitions E2/M1 mixing ratios. Neutron-proton interacting boson model, F-spin symmetry breaking.

2005LE13      J.Korean Phys.Soc. 46, 813 (2005)

S.Y.Lee, J.H.Lee

Magnetic Dipole Strengths for the γ → γ and γ → g Transitions in Deformed Even-Even Nuclei

2003YA13      Nucl.Phys. A721, 449c (2003)

M.Yamaga, M.Dorochenko, T.Inagaki, N.Ishihara, G.Y.Lim, T.Morimoto, H.Okuno, K.Omata, T.Sato, M.Sekimoto, Y.Yoshimura, A.Ajimura, T.Ikei, Y.Ikemoto, M.Nomachi, T.Oba, K.Sakashita, Y.Sugaya, T.Yamanaka, M.Itaya, T.Iwata, T.Hariu, M.Moriya, Y.Tajima, M.Yamamoto, H.Yoshida, Y.Yoshida, A.Lednev, J.Nix, G.Perdue, E.Pod, M.Rawtajizak, Y.Wah, H.Watanabe, V.Baranov, N.Khomouov, A.Kurilin, G.Macharashvili, A.Moissenko, Z.Tsamalaidze, Y.Akune, Y.Fujioka, N.Kawakubo, S.Kobayashi, T.Kojima, J.K.Ahn, H.S.Lee, S.Y.Lee, T.Shinkawa, Y.B.Hsiung, T.Nakano

KL → π0νν-bar experiment at KEK 12-GeV PS - E391a-

doi: 10.1016/S0375-9474(03)01096-0
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2001HO12      J.Nucl.Sci.Technol.(Tokyo) 38, 91 (2001)

J.-I.Hori, S.T.Park, S.Y.Lee, M.Igashira, T.Ohsaki

Measurement of Capture Gamma Rays from the Broad 53-keV and the Narrow 35-keV Neutron Resonances of 23Na

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 23Na(n, γ), E=10-80 keV; measured Eγ, Iγ. 23Na deduced resonance features. 24Na deduced levels, J, π.

doi: 10.1080/18811248.2001.9715011
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 dataset23017.

2001KI26      Ann.Nucl.Energy 28, 1549 (2001)

G.Kim, Y.Lee, I.S.Ko, M.-H.Cho, W.Namkung, D.Lee, H.Kim, Y.Kim, T.-I.Ro, Y.Min, J.Moon, M.Igashira, S.Mizuno, T.Ohsaki, S.Y.Lee

Measurement of keV-Neutron Capture Cross-Sections for 164Dy

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 164Dy(n, γ), E=10-90 keV; measured Eγ, Iγ, capture σ. Comparison with previous results.

doi: 10.1016/S0306-4549(00)00138-9
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 dataset22652.

2000YA23      J.Korean Phys.Soc. 37, 512 (2000)

T.K.Yang, S.T.Park, B.K.Seo, H.C.Kim, D.W.Lee, G.D.Kim, S.Y.Lee, M.Igashira

Lifetimes of Excited Levels in 32S from the Doppler Shift Attenuation Method

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 31P(p, γ), E=1.557, 1.583 MeV; measured Eγ, Iγ, DSA. 32S levels deduced T1/2.

1999KR13      Phys.Lett. 459B, 412 (1999)

K.Krueger, C.Allgower, T.Kasprzyk, H.Spinka, D.Underwood, A.Yokosawa, G.Bunce, H.Huang, Y.Makdisi, T.Roser, M.Syphers, N.I.Belikov, A.A.Derevschikov, Yu.A.Matulenko, L.V.Nogach, S.B.Nurushev, A.I.Pavlinov, A.N.Vasiliev, M.Bai, S.Y.Lee, Y.Goto, N.Hayashi, T.Ichihara, M.Okamura, N.Saito, H.Enyo, K.Imai, Y.Kondo, Y.Nakada, M.Nakamura, H.D.Sato, H.Okamura, H.Sakai, T.Wakasa, V.Baturine, A.Ogawa, V.Ghazikhanian, G.Igo, S.Trentalange, C.Whitten

Large Analyzing Power in Inclusive π± Production at High xF with a 22-GeV/c Polarized Proton Beam

NUCLEAR REACTIONS C(polarized p, p), (polarized p, π+X), (polarized p, π-X), E at 22 GeV/c; measured analyzing power vs x(F). Comparison with higher-energy data.

doi: 10.1016/S0370-2693(99)00677-2
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1999LE50      J.Nucl.Sci.Technol.(Tokyo) 36, 719 (1999)

S.Y.Lee, J.-I.Hori, M.Igashira

Measurements of Capture Gamma Rays from the Broad 27-, 49-, and 97-keV Neutron Resonances and the Narrow 44-keV Neutron Resonance of 19F

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 19F(n, γ), E=10-150 keV; measured Eγ, Iγ. 19F deduced resonances partial radiative widths. 20F levels deduced branching ratios.

doi: 10.1080/18811248.1999.9726261
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 dataset22651.

1994CA39      Phys.Rev.Lett. 73, 2857 (1994)

D.D.Caussyn, Ya.S.Derbenev, T.J.P.Ellison, S.Y.Lee, T.Rinckel, P.Schwandt, F.Sperisen, E.J.Stephenson, B.von Przewoski, B.B.Blinov, C.M.Chu, E.D.Courant, D.A.Crandell, W.A.Kaufman, A.D.Krisch, T.S.Nurushev, R.A.Phelps, L.G.Ratner, V.K.Wong, C.Ohmori

Spin Flipping a Stored Polarized Proton Beam

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.73.2857
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1994HU15      Phys.Rev.Lett. 73, 2982 (1994)

H.Huang, L.Ahrens, J.G.Alessi, M.Beddo, K.A.Brown, G.Bunce, D.D.Caussyn, D.Grosnick, A.E.Kponou, S.Y.Lee, D.Li, D.Lopiano, A.U.Luccio, Y.I.Makdisi, L.Ratner, K.Reece, T.Roser, H.Spinka, A.G.Ufimtsev, D.G.Underwood, W.van Asselt, N.W.Williams, A.Yokosawa

Preservation of Proton Polarization by a Partial Siberian Snake

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.73.2982
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1984CH04      Phys.Rev. C29, 811 (1984)

Y.H.Chu, T.T.S.Kuo, S.Y.Lee

Second-Order Processes in Heavy-ion Collisions with Application to 12C - 12C Reactions

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 12C(12C, 12C'), E=30 MeV; calculated σ(θ); deduced second-order processes role. Semi-classical methods.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.29.811
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1984LE08      Phys.Rev. C29, 1932 (1984)


Comment on the Transfer Channel Correction to the Heavy Ion Subbarrier Fusion Cross Section

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 64Ni(58Ni, X), E not given; calculated penetrability, its enhancement, fusion σ(E). Subbarier fusion, transfer channel coupling.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.29.1932
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1984LE20      Phys.Rev. C30, 887 (1984)

S.Y.Lee, R.L.McGrath, D.R.Dean

Diffractive, Diffusive, and Statistical Aspects of Deep Inelastic Heavy-Ion Collisions

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 58Ni(16O, X), E=100 MeV; calculated σ(θ), reduced polarization vs θ. Deep inelastic collisions, diffractive, diffusive, statistical aspects.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.30.887
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1983LU02      J.Phys.(London) G9, L223 (1983)

Lu Lin, S.Y.Lee, S.F.Tsai, H.-T.Chen

Can a β-Vibration Band Exist in 168Er ( Question )

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 168Er; calculated levels; deduced band structure, characteristics. Microscopic model, Nilsson, BCS basis, projection before variation.

doi: 10.1088/0305-4616/9/10/004
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1982LE09      Phys.Rev. C25, 2844 (1982)

S.Y.Lee, H.W.Wilschut, R.Ledoux

Intermediate Structure of 12C + 12C System

NUCLEAR REACTIONS, ICPND 12C(12C, 12C), E=15.2-22.5 MeV; calculated σ(θ); 12C(12C, 12C'), E(cm)=15-21 MeV; calculated total σ vs E. 24Mg deduced intermediate structure resonances, J, π. Phase shift analysis.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.25.2844
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1981CH26      Nucl.Phys. A369, 514 (1981)

Y.H.Chu, S.Y.Lee

The Form Factors in (Hi, Hi') Direct Reactions

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 12C(12C, 12C), (12C, 12C'), E(cm)=30 MeV; calculated transition form factors. Semi-classical theory.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(81)90035-X
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1981LE20      Phys.Rev. C24, 1502 (1981)

S.Y.Lee, Y.H.Chu, T.T.S.Kuo

Molecular Resonance Effects in Heavy Ion Excitation Functions

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 12C(12C, 12C'), E(cm)=10-40 MeV; calculated σ(E); 16O(16O, 16O'), 16O(16O, X), E(cm)=15-40 MeV; calculated σ(E), σ(fusion, E); deduced molecular resonance effects. Barrier, internal wave interference, Austern-Blair DWBA model.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.24.1502
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1980LE08      Phys.Lett. 91B, 173 (1980)

S.Y.Lee, K.Suzuki

The Effective Interaction of Two Nucleons in the s-d Shell

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 18O; calculated energies of 0+ states. Iteration method, nuclear effective interaction.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(80)90423-2
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1978LE16      Nucl.Phys. A308, 161 (1978)

S.Y.Lee, N.Takigawa, C.Marty

A Semiclassical Study of Optical Potentials: Potential Resonances

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 16O(16O, 16O), E=56 MeV; 40Ca(α, α), E ≤ 50 MeV; calculated σ.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(78)90448-7
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1978LE17      Nucl.Phys. A308, 189 (1978)

S.Y.Lee, N.Takigawa

A Wave Propagation Matrix Method in Semiclassical Theory

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 16O(16O, 16O), E=40 MeV; calculated reaction parameters.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(78)90449-9
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1978LE21      Nucl.Phys. A311, 518 (1978)


Semiclassical Analysis of the Scattering of 16O by 28Si

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 28Si(16O, 16O), E=55 MeV; calculated σ(θ) using analytic formula based on uniform approximation.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(78)90528-6
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1978TA16      Phys.Lett. 76B, 187 (1978)

N.Takigawa, S.Y.Lee, C.Marty

Long Life Potential Resonances in 16O-12C Scattering from an l-Dependent Absorptive Potential

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 12C(16O, 16O), E=43 MeV; calculated σ(θ).

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(78)90271-X
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1977TA14      Nucl.Phys. A292, 173 (1977)

N.Takigawa, S.Y.Lee

Nuclear Glory Effect and α-40Ca Scattering

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 40Ca(α, α), E=45.6 MeV; calculated σ(θ).

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(77)90365-7
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