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2021YO11      J.Radioanal.Nucl.Chem. 330, 481 (2021)

S.Yoon, H.Seo, Y.-S.Kim, C.Lee, H.-D.Kim

Energy-dependent characteristics of prompt neutron anisotropic emission by 244Cm and 240Pu according to Monte Carlo simulations

RADIOACTIVITY 252Cf, 244Cm, 240Pu(SF); calculated prompt neutrons from nuclear fissions using GEANT4 and FREYA codes.

doi: 10.1007/s10967-021-07893-8
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2011CH50      J.Korean Phys.Soc. 59, 1418s (2011)

H.L.Chang, F.X.Gao, W.I.Ko, H.D.Kim, S.Y.Lee

Evaluation of Sigma-MUF (Material Unaccounted For) for the Conceptually Designed Korea Advanced Pyroprocess Facility

doi: 10.3938/jkps.59.1418
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2011HA49      J.Korean Phys.Soc. 59, 1430s (2011)

B.-Y.Han, H.Shin, S.-K.Ahn, S.-H.Eom, H.-D.Kim

A Feasibility Study on the Measurement of Mixed Nuclear Material Composition by Using Fission Neutron Multiplicity Distribution

doi: 10.3938/jkps.59.1430
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2005SA03      Phys.Rev.Lett. 94, 052502 (2005)

P.Saha, T.Fukuda, W.Imoto, K.K.Ahn, A.Ajimura, K.Aoki, H.C.Bhang, H.Fujioka, H.Hotchi, J.I.Hwang, T.Itabashi, B.H.Kang, H.D.Kim, M.J.Kim, T.Kishimoto, A.Krutenkova, T.Maruta, Y.Miura, K.Miwa, T.Nagae, H.Noumi, H.Outa, T.Ohtaki, A.Sakaguchi, Y.Sato, M.Sekimoto, Y.Shimizu, H.Tamura, K.Tanida, A.Toyoda, M.Ukai, H.J.Kim

Production of the Neutron-Rich Hypernucleus 10ΛLi in the (π-, K+) Double Charge-Exchange Reaction

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 10B(π-, K+), 10B, 12C(π+, K+), E at 1.05, 1.2 GeV/c; measured missing mass spectra, hypernucleus production σ.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.94.052502
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2001KI14      J.Korean Phys.Soc. 38, 14 (2001)

G.Kim, Y.S.Lee, V.Skoy, V.Kovalchuk, M.-H.Cho, I.S.Ko, W.Namkung, D.W.Lee, H.D.Kim, S.K.Ko, S.H.Park, D.S.Kim, T.I.Ro, Y.G.Min

First Experiment at the Pohang Neutron Facility

NUCLEAR REACTIONS Sm, Ta, W, Ag(n, X), E=low; measured transmission neutron spectra. Pulsed neutron source.

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