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2024YU02      Phys.Lett. B 849, 138452 (2024)

Z.Yue, A.N.Andreyev, A.E.Barzakh, I.N.Borzov, J.G.Cubiss, A.Algora, M.Au, M.Balogh, S.Bara, R.A.Bark, C.Bernerd, M.J.G.Borge, D.Brugnara, K.Chrysalidis, T.E.Cocolios, H.De Witte, Z.Favier, L.M.Fraile, H.O.U.Fynbo, A.Gottardo, R.Grzywacz, R.Heinke, A.Illana, P.M.Jones, D.S.Judson, A.Korgul, U.Koster, M.Labiche, L.Le, R.Lica, M.Madurga, N.Marginean, B.Marsh, C.Mihai, E.Nacher, C.Neacsu, C.Nita, B.Olaizola, J.N.Orce, C.A.A.Page, R.D.Page, J.Pakarinen, P.Papadakis, G.Penyazkov, A.Perea, M.Piersa-Silkowska, Zs.Podolyak, S.D.Prosnyak, E.Reis, S.Rothe, M.Sedlak, L.V.Skripnikov, C.Sotty, S.Stegemann, O.Tengblad, S.V.Tolokonnikov, J.M.Udias, P.Van Duppen, N.Warr, W.Wojtaczka

Magnetic moments of thallium isotopes in the vicinity of magic N=126

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 207,209Tl; measured frequencies; deduced magnetic dipole moments. Comparison with the self-consistent theory of finite Fermi systems based on the energy density functional. The in-source laser resonance-ionization spectroscopy technique with the Laser Ion Source and Trap (LIST) at ISOLDE (CERN).

doi: 10.1016/j.physletb.2024.138452
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2023BO11      Phys.Atomic Nuclei 86, 296 (2023)

I.N.Borzov, S.S.Pankratov, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Deformation Properties and Nuclear Radii ff Hg Isotopes

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 178,180,182,184,186,188,190,192,194,196,198,200,202,204,206,208Hg; calculated potential surfaces, quadrupole moments, and charge radii using the Fayans energy-density functional; deduced typical precision of calculations.

doi: 10.1134/S1063778823030055
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2023BO12      Phys.Atomic Nuclei 86, 304 (2023)

I.N.Borzov, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Fayans Functional. Constraints from Equations of State

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 48Ca, 208Pb; analyzed available data using variational analysis of the Fayans energy-density functional and PREX-II and CREX experiments; deduced the effect of variations in the isovector parameter on the equations of state for infinite symmetric nuclear matter and pure neutron matter.

doi: 10.1134/S1063778823030067
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2023BO17      Physics of Part.and Nuclei 54, 586 (2023)

I.N.Borzov, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Self-Consistent Calculation of Nuclear Charge Radii in K Isotopes

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55K; calculated charge radii within the framework of the modified Fayans Density Functional (DF3a). Comparison with available data.

doi: 10.1134/S106377962304010X
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2023BO23      Phys.Atomic Nuclei 86, 325 (2023)

I.N.Borzov, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Nuclear Spin-Isospin Response within the Fayans Functional

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 130,132Sn, 208Pb; calculated Gamow-Teller strength function with the DF3-f functional and the continuum quasiparticle random phase approximation (CQRPA).

doi: 10.1134/S1063778823040099
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2022BO09      Phys.Atomic Nuclei 85, 222 (2022)

I.N.Borzov, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Self-Consistent Study of Nuclear Charge Radii in Ar-Ti Region

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55K, 34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56Ca, 35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57Sc, 32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54Ar, 36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58Ti; analyzed available data; calculated the charge radii within the framework of the Fayans Density Functional (DF3-a).

doi: 10.1134/S1063778822030061
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2022BO12      Phys.Atomic Nuclei 85, 351 (2022)

I.N.Borzov, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Self-Consistent Study of the Ground State and β-Decay Properties of Oxygen and Fluorine Isotopes

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE A=15-30; calculated one- and two-neutron separation energies, matter and charge radii, β-decay T1/2, delayed neutron emission probabilities using the Fayans functional and continuum QRPA describes some important features of both the ground state properties and small amplitude nuclear spin dynamics of (quasi)spherical nuclei in the region of the oxygen and fluorine isotopic chains. Comparison with available data.

doi: 10.1134/S1063778822040068
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2022SH13      Phys.Atomic Nuclei 85, 42 (2022)

M.I.Shitov, D.A.Voitenkov, S.P.Kamerdzhiev, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Self-Consistent Calculations of Probabilities for Transitions between 3-1 and 2+1 One-Phonon States in Tin Isotopes

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 118,120,122,124Sn; calculated probabilities for transitions between low-lying one-phonon states in nuclei where there is pairing, B(E1). Self-consistent approach based on the DF3-a Fayans energy density functional.

doi: 10.1134/S1063778822010124
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2020BO12      Phys.Atomic Nuclei 83, 24 (2020)

I.N.Borzov, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Fayans Functional: Self-Consistent Description of Isospin Excitations

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE Ru, Pd, Cd, Sn, Pb; calculated IAR energy, binding-energy difference between mirror nuclei for doublets using Continuum Quasiparticle Random Phase Approximation (CQRPA), isotopes pairing in both neutron and proto n subsystems and calculating similar properties in the chain of N=82 isotones; deduced IAR energies for neutron-rich Sn and Pb isotopes involving fully developed pairing are described better on the basis of new functional DF3-f than self-consistent calculations with DC3* functional or with SAMi Skyrme functional; deduced limits on the parameters of screening of exchange Coulomb interaction from systematic analysis of isobaric doublets and transition energies for isobaric triplets in mirror nuclei vs mass, IAR excitation energy vs mass.

doi: 10.1134/S1063778820010044
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2020BO14      Phys.Atomic Nuclei 83, 567 (2020)

I.N.Borzov, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Full Self-Consistent Study of Isobaric Analog Resonances

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54K, 36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54Sc, 48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58,59,60,61,62,63,64,65,66,67,68,69,70,71,72,73,74,75,76,77,78Co, 48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58,59,60,61,62,63,64,65,66,67,68,69,70,71,72,73,74,75,76,77,78Ni, 96,97,98,99,100,101,102,103,104Ru, 102,103,104,105,106,107,108,109,110Pd, 98,99,100,101,102,103,104,105,106,107,108,109,110,111,112,113,114,115,116,117,118,119,120,121,122,123,124,125,126,127,128,129,130,131,132Cd, 102,103,104,105,106,107,108,109,110,111,112,113,114,115,116,117,118,119,120,121,122,123,124,125,126,127,128,129,130,131,132Sn; calculated isobaric-analog resonance energies using the Density Functional plus Continuum Quasi particle Random Phase Approximation (DF + CQRPA).

doi: 10.1134/S1063778820040079
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2020BO22      Phys.Atomic Nuclei 83, 828 (2020)

I.N.Borzov, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Self-Consistent Calculation of the Charge Radii in a Long 58-82Cu Isotopic Chain

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 58,59,60,61,62,63,64,65,66,67,68,69,70,71,72,73,74,75,76,77,78,79,80,81,82Cu; calculated charge radii using the self-consistent theory of finite Fermi systems and the family of energy density functionals proposed by Fayans and his coauthors. Comparison with experimental data.

doi: 10.1134/S1063778820060101
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2019BO20      Phys.Atomic Nuclei 82, 560 (2019)

I.N.Borzov, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Self-Consistent Description of Isobaric Analog Resonances in Neutron-Rich Nuclei with Pairing

doi: 10.1134/S106377881906005X
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2018KA45      JETP Lett. 108, 155 (2018)

S.P.Kamerdzhiev, D.A.Voitenkov, E.E.Saperstein, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Self-Consistent Calculations of the Quadrupole Moments of the Lowest 3- States in Sn and Pb Isotopes

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 100,102,104,106,108,110,112,114,116,118,120,122,124,126,128,130,132Sn, 190,192,194,196,198,200,202,204,206,208,210,212Pb; calculated energies and B(E3). Comparison with available data.

doi: 10.1134/S0021364018150079
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2018SA17      Phys.Rev. C 97, 054324 (2018)

E.E.Saperstein, M.Baldo, S.S.Pankratov, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Inclusion of particle-vibration coupling in the Fayans functional: Odd-even mass differences of semimagic nuclei

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 204Pb, 118Sn; calculated phonon creation amplitudes for two low-lying phonons for 204Pb, particle-phonon coupling (PC) corrected single-particle energies and S factors. 180,182,184,186,188,190,192,194,196,198,200,202,204,206,208,210,212,214Pb, 106,108,110,112,114,116,118,120,122,124,126,128,130,132Sn; calculated energies of first 2+ and 3- phonon states in Pb nuclei, and first 2+ phonon states in Sn nuclei, proton odd-even mass differences. Direct solution of Dyson equation with Fayans energy density functional DF3-a, and (PC) corrected mass operator. Comparison with experimental values and other theoretical predictions.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.97.054324
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2018TO03      JETP Lett. 107, 86 (2018)

S.V.Tolokonnikov, I.N.Borzov, Yu.S.Lyutostansky, E.E.Saperstein

Influence of Effective Tensor Forces on the Fission Barriers of Nuclei in the Uranium Region

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 232,234,236,238,262,264,268U; calculated fission barriers, quadrupole deformation parameters and energy.

doi: 10.1134/S0021364018020121
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2017DY01      Eur.Phys.J. A 53, 13 (2017)

A.B.D'yachkov, V.A.Firsov, A.A.Gorkunov, A.V.Labozin, S.M.Mironov, E.E.Saperstein, S.V.Tolokonnikov, G.O.Tsvetkov, V.Y.Panchenko

Hyperfine structure of electronic levels and the first measurement of the nuclear magnetic moment of 63Ni

ATOMIC PHYSICS 61,63Ni; measured laser resonance photoionization spectroscopy using vacuum chamber with thermal evaporator and quadrupole mass spectrometer MS-7302; deduced hyperfine splitting of the 3F4 to 3G03, level parameters.

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 49,51,53,55,57,59,61,63,65,67,69,71,73,75,77Ni; calculated nuclear magnetic dipole moment μ using TFFS (Theory of Finite Fermi Systems). Compared with Schmidt values and available data.

doi: 10.1140/epja/i2017-12197-5
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2017KA54      JETP Lett. 106, 139 (2017)

S.P.Kamerdzhiev, D.A.Voitenkov, E.E.Saperstein, S.V.Tolokonnikov, M.I.Shitov

Self-consistent description of EL transitions between one-phonon states in magic nuclei

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 132Sn, 208Pb; calculated energy levels, J, π, B(E2) using quantum theory of many-body systems.

doi: 10.1134/S0021364017150085
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2017SA24      J.Phys.(London) G44, 065104 (2017)

E.E.Saperstein, S.Kamerdzhiev, D.S.Krepish, S.V.Tolokonnikov, D.Voitenkov

The first self-consistent calculation of quadrupole moments of odd semi-magic nuclei accounting for phonon-induced corrections

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 111,113,115,117,119,121,123,125,127In, 115,117,119,121,123Sb; calculated quadrupole moments. Comparison with experimental data.

doi: 10.1088/1361-6471/aa65f5
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2017TO03      Eur.Phys.J. A 53, 33 (2017)

S.V.Tolokonnikov, I.N.Borzov, M.Kortelainen, Yu.S.Lutostansky, E.E.Saperstein

Alpha-decay energies of superheavy nuclei for the Fayans functional

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 287,288Mc, 291Lv, 293,294Ts, 294Og; calculated Qα values for α-decay chains starting from given nuclei using self-consistent mean-field approach with Fayans FaNDF0 functional and two Skyrme functionals and also using MMM (Macro-Micro Method), T1/2 using semi-phenomenological formulas. Compared with available data and systematics.

doi: 10.1140/epja/i2017-12220-y
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2017TO13      Phys.Atomic Nuclei 80, 631 (2017); Yad.Fiz. 80, 319 (2017)

S.V.Tolokonnikov, I.N.Borzov, Yu.S.Lutostansky, I.V.Panov, E.E.Saperstein

Fission barriers and other characteristics of nuclei from the uranium region

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE Z=92, 93, 82, 94; calculated one-, two-neutron separation energies, β-decay energies, charge radii, deformation energy, fission barrier height, neutron single-particle energies. FaNDF0 Fayans energy density functional.

doi: 10.1134/S1063778817040275
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2016AD37      Phys.Rev. C 94, 054309 (2016)

G.G.Adamian, N.V.Antonenko, H.Lenske, S.V.Tolokonnikov, E.E.Saperstein

Isotopic trends of nuclear surface properties of spherical nuclei

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 48,50,52,54,56,58,60,64,68,72,76,78,80,82,84,86,88Ni; calculated binding energies per nucleon. 58,64Ni; calculated radial distributions of the proton density. 64Ni, 122Sn, 196Pb, 272Ds; calculated nucleon-density distributions. Z=28, N=20-50; Z=82, N=98-126; Z=12, N=11-32; Z=50, N=50-85; Z=110, N=154-190; calculated isotopic dependencies of proton and neutron radii and diffuseness. Partially ab initio method, and the Fayans energy density functional (EDF) method used in calculations. Comparison with available experimental data.

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 208Pb(64Ni, X), (32Si, X), (α, X); 58Ni(58Ni, X); calculated nucleus-nucleus potentials defined by the density-dependent NN interaction and nucleon density profiles.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.94.054309
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2016MI27      Phys.Rev.Lett. 117, 252501 (2016)

K.Minamisono, D.M.Rossi, R.Beerwerth, S.Fritzsche, D.Garand, A.Klose, Y.Liu, B.Maass, P.F.Mantica, A.J.Miller, P.Muller, W.Nazarewicz, W.Nortershauser, E.Olsen, M.R.Pearson, P.-G.Reinhard, E.E.Saperstein, C.Sumithrarachchi, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Charge Radii of Neutron Deficient 52, 53Fe Produced by Projectile Fragmentation

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 52,53,56Fe; measured hyperfine spectra; deduced differential mean-square charge radii. Bunched-beam collinear laser spectroscopy, comparison with the nuclear density functional theory with Fayans and Skyrme energy density functionals calculations.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.117.252501
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2016SA10      Phys.Rev. C 93, 034302 (2016)

E.E.Saperstein, M.Baldo, N.V.Gnezdilov, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Phonon effects on the double mass differences in magic nuclei

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 40,48Ca, 56,78Ni, 100,132Sn, 208Pb; calculated excitation energies and BE(λ) values for low-lying phonons, and double odd-even double mass differences of magic nuclei. Particle-phonon coupling and semi-microscopic model of effective pairing interaction (EPI). Comparison with experimental data.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.93.034302
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2016SA51      JETP Lett. 104, 218 (2016)

E.E.Saperstein, I.N.Borzov, S.V.Tolokonnikov

On the anomalous A dependence of the charge radii of heavy calcium isotopes

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 38,40,42,44,46,48,50,52,54Ca; calculated charge radii. Finite Fermi systems based on the Fayans energy density functional.

doi: 10.1134/s0021364016160128
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2016TO07      Phys.Atomic Nuclei 79, 21 (2016)

S.V.Tolokonnikov, I.N.Borzov, Yu.S.Lutostansky, E.E.Saperstein

Deformation properties of lead isotopes

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 151,152,153,154,155,156,157,158,159,160,161,162,163,164,165,166,167,168,169,170,171,172,173,174,175,176,177,178,179,180,181,182,183,184,185,186,187,188,189,190,191,192,193,194,195,196,197,198,199,200,201,202,203,204,205,206,207,208,209,210,211,212,213,214,215,216,217,218,219,220,221,222,223,224,225,226,227,228,229,230,231,232,233,234,235,236,237,238,239,240,241,242,243,244,245,246,247,248,249,250,261,262,263,264,265,266,267,268,269,270,231,232,233,234,235,236,237,238,239,240,241,242,243,244,245,246,247,248,249,250,251,252,253,254,255,256,257,258,259,260,260,261,262,263,264,265,266,267,268,269,270,271,272,273,274,275,276,277,278,279,280,281,282,283,284,285,286,287,288,289,290,291,292,293,294,295,296Pb; calculated charge radii, magnetic moments, mass excess, 2n separation energy, quadrupole moment, deformation, deformation energy on the basis of energy density functional in the FaNDI Fayans form. Compared with available data.

doi: 10.1134/S1063778816010208
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2015GN01      Phys.Atomic Nuclei 78, 24 (2015); Yad.Fiz. 78, 27 (2015)

N.V.Gnezdilov, E.E.Saperstein, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Single-particle spectroscopic factors for spherical nuclei

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 40,48Ca, 56,78Ni, 100,132Sn, 188,190,192,194,196,198,200,202,204,206,208,210,212Pb; calculated the total single-particle spectroscopic factors. The self-consistent theory of finite Fermi systems.

doi: 10.1134/S1063778815010093
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2015TO07      J.Phys.(London) G42, 075102 (2015)

S.V.Tolokonnikov, I.N.Borzov, M.Kortelainen, Y.S.Lutostansky, E.E.Saperstein

First applications of the Fayans functional to deformed nuclei

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 220,222,224,226,228,230,232,234,236,238,240,242,244U, 172,174,176,178,180,182,184,186,188,190,192,194,196,198,200,202,204,206,208,210,212,214Pb ; calculated two-neutron separation and deformation energies, quadrupole deformation parameter. Comparison with available data.

doi: 10.1088/0954-3899/42/7/075102
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2014AC01      Eur.Phys.J. A 50, 6 (2014)

O.I.Achakovskiy, S.P.Kamerdzhiev, E.E.Saperstein, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Magnetic moments of odd-odd spherical nuclei

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 14,15,16N, 15,17O, 16,17,18,19F, 38,39,40K, 39,41Ca, 40,42Sc, 40,41,42Sc, 54,55,56,57,58,59,60,61Co, 55,56,57,58,59,61Ni, 56,57,58Cu, 87Kr, 89,91Zr, 89Y, 87,90,91Nb, 91,93Mo, 93,94Tc, 95Ru, 105,107,109,111,131,132In, 107,111,113,115,123,125,127,132,133Sn, 113,115,117,123,125,126,127,128,129,132,133,134Sb, 135,137Xe, 136,137,138Cs, 137,139Ba, 138,139,140La, 139,141Ce, 143Nd, 141,142Pr, 143,145,147Sm, 144,145,146Eu, 147Gd, 191,193,195,197,199,201,203,205,206,208Tl, 193,195,197,199,201,203,205,207,209,211Pb, 201,202,203,204,205,206,207,208,209,210,211,212Bi, 211Rn, 213Ra, 212,213Fr; calculated ground state and excited state μ. Compared with other calculations and available data. 58Co, 106,110In, 124Sb, 194,196,198,200,202,204Tl; calculated ground state μ obtained by mixing of two configurations. Compared to data. 55,56,57,59,60Co, 57,61Ni; calculated μ. Compared with published shell model calculations. Self-consistent TFFS (Theory of Finite Fermi Systems).

doi: 10.1140/epja/i2014-14006-1
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2014GN01      Phys.Rev. C 89, 034304 (2014)

N.V.Gnezdilov, I.N.Borzov, E.E.Saperstein, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Self-consistent description of single-particle levels of magic nuclei

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 40,48Ca, 56,78Ni, 100,132Sn, 208Pb; calculated spin-orbit differences, proton and neutron single-particle energies, B(EΛ) for low-lying phonon excitations, phonon-coupling (PC) corrections to single-particle energies, pole and tadpole contributions to PC corrections. Energy density functional (EDF) method using DF3, DF3-a and DF3-b interactions. Comparison with Skyrme-Hartree-Fock method with HFB-17 functional, and with experimental data.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.89.034304
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2014GN02      Europhys.Lett. 107, 62001 (2014)

N.V.Gnezdilov, E.E.Saperstein, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Spectroscopic factors of magic and semimagic nuclei within the self-consistent theory of finite Fermi systems

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 40,48Ca, 204,206,208Pb; calculated spectroscopic factors. Comparison with available data.

doi: 10.1209/0295-5075/107/62001
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2014SA54      Phys.Atomic Nuclei 77, 1033 (2014)

E.E.Saperstein, O.I.Achakovskiy, S.P.Kamerdzhiev, S.Krewald, J.Speth, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Phonon coupling effects in magnetic moments of magic and semimagic nuclei

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 188,190,192,194,196,198,200,202,204,206,207,208,209Pb, 187,189,191,193,195,197,199,201,203,205,207Tl, 209Bi, 100,102,104,106,108,110,112,114,116,118,120,122,124,126,128,130,132,134Sn, 105,107,109,111,113,115,117,119,121,123,125,127In, 115,117,119,121,123,125,127,129,131,133Sb; calculated energy levels, J, π, magnetic moments, B(E2). Comparison with experimental data.

doi: 10.1134/S1063778814080122
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2013KU17      Bull.Rus.Acad.Sci.Phys. 77, 803 (2013); Izv.Akad.Nauk RAS, Ser.Fiz 77, 886 (2013)

R.A.Kuzyakin, V.V.Sargsyan, G.G.Adamian, N.V.Antonenko, E.E.Saperstein, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Study of isotopic chain capture

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 196,200,204,208Pb(16O, X), E(cm)<100 MeV; 196,200,204,208Pb(48Ca, X), E(cm)<190 MeV; 152,154Sm(16O, X), E(cm)<75 MeV; calculated σ, mean-square angular momenta. Double-folding formalism with the effective Migdal nucleon-nucleon interaction, comparison with experimental data.

doi: 10.3103/S1062873813070150
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2013SA42      Europhys.Lett. 103, 42001 (2013)

E.E.Saperstein, S.Kamerdzhiev, S.Krewald, J.Speth, S.V.Tolokonnikov

A model for phonon coupling contributions to electromagnetic moments of odd spherical nuclei

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 187,188,189,190,191,192,193,194,195,196,197,198,199,200,201,202,203,204,205,206,207,208,209,210,211Tl, 99,100,101,102,103,104,105,106,107,108,109,110,111,112,113,114,115,116,117,118,119,120,121,122,123,124,125,126,127,128,129,130,131In, 101,102,103,104,105,106,107,108,109,110,111,112,113,114,115,116,117,118,119,120,121,122,123,124,125,126,127,128,129,130,131,132,133Sb; calculated magnetic moments. Theory of Finite Fermi Systems (TFFS), comparison with experimental data.

doi: 10.1209/0295-5075/103/42001
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2013TO12      Phys.Atomic Nuclei 76, 708 (2013); Yad.Fiz. 76, 758 (2013)

S.V.Tolokonnikov, Yu.S.Lutostansky, E.E.Saperstein

Self-consistent calculations of alpha-decay energies

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 200,201,202,203,204,205,206,207,208,209,210,211,212,213,214,215,216,217,218,219,220,221,222,223,224,225,226,227,228,229,230,231,232,233,234,235,236Th, 208,209,210,211,212,213,214,215,216,217,218,219,220,221,222,223,224,225,226,227,228,229,230,231,232,233,234,235,236,237,238,239,240,241,242,243,244U, 222,223,224,225,226,227,228,229,230,231,232,233,234,235,236,237,238,239,240,241,242,243,244,245,246,247,248Pu, 294Og, 293,294Ts, 291Lv; calculated α-decay energies, mass excess. Self-consistent theory of finite Fermi systems, comparison with available data.

doi: 10.1134/S1063778813060136
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2012KU12      Phys.Rev. C 85, 034612 (2012)

R.A.Kuzyakin, V.V.Sargsyan, G.G.Adamian, N.V.Antonenko, E.E.Saperstein, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Isotopic trends of capture cross section and mean-square angular momentum of the captured system

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 196,200,204,208Pb(α, X), E(cm)=13-40 MeV; 196,200,204,208Pb(16O, X), E=60-105 MeV; 196,200,204,208Pb(36S, X), E(cm)=130-175 MeV; 196,200,204,208Pb(48Ca, X), E(cm)=165-195 MeV; 70,72,74,76Ge(16O, X), E(cm)=25-50 MeV; calculated nucleus-nucleus interaction potentials, diffuseness parameter as function of mass number, Coulomb barriers, capture cross sections, mean-square angular momenta, astrophysical S factor. Quantum diffusion approach. Comparison with experimental data.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.85.034612
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2012TO07      Eur.Phys.J. A 48, 70 (2012)

S.V.Tolokonnikov, S.Kamerdzhiev, S.Krewald, E.E.Saperstein, D.Voitenkov

Quadrupole moments of spherical semi-magic nuclei within the self-consistent Theory of Finite Fermi Systems

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 39,41Ca, 85,87Kr, 87,89Sr, 89,91Zr, 101,103,105,107,109,111,113,115,117,119,121,123,125,127,129,131Sn, 135,137Xe, 137,139Ba, 141,143Nd, 143,145Sm, 147Gd, 197,199,201,205,211Pb, 39K, 41Sc, 87Rb, 105,107,109,111,113,115,117,119,121,123,125,127In, 115,119,121,123Sb, 137Cs, 139La, 141Pr, 145Eu, 205Tl, 203,205,207,209,213Bi; calculated quadrupole moments using self-consistent Finite Fermi Systems with two different functionals. Compared with data.

doi: 10.1140/epja/i2012-12070-1
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2012VO03      Phys.Rev. C 85, 054319 (2012)

D.Voitenkov, S.Kamerdzhiev, S.Krewald, E.E.Saperstein, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Self-consistent calculations of quadrupole moments of the first 2+ states in Sn and Pb isotopes

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 100,102,104,106,108,110,112,114,116,118,120,122,124,126,128,130,132,134Sn, 190,192,194,196,198,200,202,204,206,208Pb; calculated static quadrupole moments of first 2+ states. Ground state correlations. Dependence of quadrupole moment on neutron access. Self-consistent calculations based on quasiparticle random-phase approximation (QRPA) and energy density functionals. Comparison with experimental data.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.85.054319
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2011TO13      Phys.Rev. C 84, 064324 (2011)

S.V.Tolokonnikov, S.Kamerdzhiev, D.Voitenkov, S.Krewald, E.E.Saperstein

Effects of density dependence of the effective pairing interaction on the first 2+ excitations and quadrupole moments of odd nuclei

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 182,184,186,188,190,192,194,196,198,200,202,204,206,208,210,212,214Pb, 102,104,106,108,110,112,114,116,118,120,122,124,126,128,130,132,134Sn; calculated level energies, B(E2) of first 2+ states, diagonal matrix elements of effective proton quadrupole field. 200Pb, 118Sn; calculated proton and neutron transition densities. 204Pb, 116Sn; calculated static proton and neutron effective fields. 105,107,109,111,113,115,117,119,121,123,125,127In, 109,111,113,115,117,119,121, 123,125Sn, 115,117,119,121,123Sb, 205Tl, 191,193,195,197,199,201,203,205,209Pb, 203,205,209Bi; calculated quadrupole moments. Self-consistent theory of finite Fermi systems based on energy density functionals. Comparison with experimental data.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.84.064324
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2010BO22      Eur.Phys.J. A 45, 159 (2010)

I.N.Borzov, E.E.Saperstein, S.V.Tolokonnikov, G.Neyens, N.Severijns

Description of magnetic moments of long isotopic chains within the FFS theory

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 57,59,61,63,65,67,69,71,73,75Cu, 111,113,115,117,119,121,123,125,127,129,131Sn, 133Sb, 135I, 137Cs, 139La, 141Pr, 143Pm, 145Eu, 147Tb, 183,185,187,189,191,193,195,199,201,203,207,209,211Pb; calculated μ for ground and excited states using self-consistent finite Fermi system theory with pairing and quasiparticle continuum. Comparison with data and other calculations.

doi: 10.1140/epja/i2010-10985-y
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2010TO07      Phys.Atomic Nuclei 73, 1684 (2010); Yad.Fiz. 73, 1731 (2010)

S.V.Tolokonnikov, E.E.Saperstein

Description of superheavy nuclei on the basis of a modified version of the DF3 energy functional

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57Ca, 176,177,178,179,180,181,182,183,184,185,186,187,188,189,190,191,192,193,194,195,196,197,198,199,200,201,202,203,204,205,206,207,208,209,210,211,212,213,214Pb, 218,219,220,221,222,223,224,225,226,227,228,229,230,231,232,233,234,235,236,237,238,239,240,241,242,243,244,245,246,247,248,249,250,251,252,253,254,255,256,257,258,259,260,261,262,263,264,265,266,267,268,269,270,271,272,273,274,275,276,277,278,279,280,281,282U, 298Fl; calculated proton and neutron single-particle spectrum, neutron separation energies, rms charge radii. DF-3, HFB-17 functionals.

doi: 10.1134/S1063778810100054
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2009KH12      Phys.Atomic Nuclei 72, 2039 (2009); Yad.Fiz. 72, 2102 (2009)

R.U.Khafizov, S.V.Tolokonnikov, V.A.Solovei, M.R.Kolhidashvili

Comparison of two experiments on radiative neutron decay

RADIOACTIVITY 1n(β-); analyzed two radiative neutron decay experiments.

doi: 10.1134/S1063778809120072
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2009PA45      JETP Lett. 90, 560 (2009); Pisma Zh.Eksp.Teor.Fiz. 90, 612 (2009)

S.S.Pankratov, M.Baldo, M.V.Zverev, U.Lombardo, E.E.Saperstein, S.V.Tolokonnikov

On the ab initio calculation of a pairing gap in atomic nuclei

doi: 10.1134/S0021364009200028
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2008BO12      Phys.Atomic Nuclei 71, 469 (2008); Yad.Fiz. 71, 493 (2008)

I.N.Borzov, E.E.Saperstein, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Magnetic moments of spherical nuclei: Status of the problem and unsolved issues

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE Z=19-87, A=39-213; compiled magnetic moments. Calculated magnetic moments for odd spherical nuclei within theory of finite Fermi systems.

doi: 10.1134/S1063778808030095
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2007BA53      Phys.Rev. C 76, 025803 (2007)

M.Baldo, E.E.Saperstein, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Upper edge of the neutron star inner crust: The drip point and its vicinity

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.76.025803
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2007BA64      Eur.Phys.J. A 32, 97 (2007)

M.Baldo, E.E.Saperstein, S.V.Tolokonnikov

A realistic model of superfluidity in the neutron star inner crust

doi: 10.1140/epja/i2006-10356-5
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2006BA46      Nucl.Phys. A775, 235 (2006)

M.Baldo, E.E.Saperstein, S.V.Tolokonnikov

The role of the boundary conditions in the Wigner-Seitz approximation applied to the neutron star inner crust

doi: 10.1016/j.nuclphysa.2006.07.003
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2006KH04      JETP Lett. 83, 5 (2006); Erratum JETP Lett. 83, 366 (2006); Comment JETP Lett. 84, 231 (2006)

R.U.Khafizov, N.Severijns, O.Zimmer, H.-F.Wirth, D.Rich, S.V.Tolokonnikov, V.A.Solovei, M.R.Kolhidashvili

Observation of the Neutron Radiative Decay

RADIOACTIVITY 1n(β-); measured βpγ-coin; deduced branching ratio for radiative decay. Note: In comment, several co-authors deny responsibility for article contents.

doi: 10.1134/S0021364006010024
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2005BA20      Nucl.Phys. A749, 42c (2005)

M.Baldo, E.E.Saperstein, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Superfluidity in nuclear and neutron matter

doi: 10.1016/j.nuclphysa.2004.12.007
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2005BA22      Nucl.Phys. A750, 409 (2005)

M.Baldo, U.Lombardo, E.E.Saperstein, S.V.Tolokonnikov

The role of superfluidity in the structure of the neutron star inner crust

doi: 10.1016/j.nuclphysa.2005.01.004
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2005BB07      Yad.Fiz. 68, 1874 (2005); Phys.Atomic Nuclei 68, 1812 (2005)

M.Baldo, U.Lombardo, E.E.Saperstein, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Self-Consistent Description of the Inner Crust of a Neutron Star with Allowance for Superfluidity Effects

doi: 10.1134/1.2131112
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2003SA48      Pisma Zh.Eksp.Teor.Fiz. 78, 795 (2003); JETP Lett. 78, 343 (2003)

E.E.Saperstein, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Modification of the Energy Functional for Nuclei Near the Nucleon Stability Boundary

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE Ca, Sn, Pb; calculated chemical potential parameters vs mass.

doi: 10.1134/1.1630123
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2000FA15      Nucl.Phys. A676, 49 (2000)

S.A.Fayans, S.V.Tolokonnikov, E.I.Trykov, D.Zawischa

Nuclear Isotope Shifts within the Local Energy-Density Functional Approach

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE Ca, Sn, Pb; calculated mass, binding energies, one- and two-neutron separation energies, mean-squared neutron, proton and matter radii, pairing gaps, isovector-dipole and Fermi charge-exchange transition energies. Solution of Gor'kov equations with pairing interaction, comparison with other theoretical approaches and with experimental values.

doi: 10.1016/S0375-9474(00)00192-5
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2000FA20      Phys.Lett. 491B, 245 (2000)

S.A.Fayans, S.V.Tolokonnikov, D.Zawischa

Pairing-Induced Localization of the Particle Continuum in Weakly Bound Nuclei

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 70Ca; calculated neutron single-particle levels, occupation numbers, spectral densities; deduced pairing effects. Z=20; A=38-70; calculated netron and proton densities, binding energies, two-neutron separation energies. Hartree-Fock-Bogolyubov approach.

doi: 10.1016/S0370-2693(00)01053-4
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1999BY03      Zh.Eksp.Teor.Fiz. 115, 2080 (1999); J.Exper.Theo.Phys. 88, 1137 (1999)

V.Yu.Bychenkov, V.T.Tikhonchuk, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Nuclear Reactions Triggered by Laser-Accelerated High-Energy Ions

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 2,3H(d, n), 3H, 14N, 95Mo, 124Te(p, n), 6Li, 26Mg(d, α), 7Li(p, α), 238U, 232Th(p, F), 3H, 11B(p, γ), E=spectrum; calculated yields vs laser power intensity. Laser-accelerated ions.

doi: 10.1134/1.558902
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1999SA47      Yad.Fiz. 62, No 8, 1383 (1999); Phys.Atomic Nuclei 62, 1302 (1999)

E.E.Saperstein, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Evaluation of the Migdal Jump in the Momentum Distribution of Nucleons in Nuclear Matter in Terms of a Nuclear Response Function

1998FA16      Pisma Zh.Eksp.Teor.Fiz. 68, 260 (1998); JETP Lett. 68, 276 (1998)

S.A.Fayans, S.V.Tolokonnikov, E.L.Trykov, D.Zawischa

Local Energy Density Functional and Density-Dependent Pairing in Nuclear Systems

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE Pb; calculated relative neutron separation energies, charge radii for A=189-214. Density-dependent pairing.

doi: 10.1134/1.567859
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1998FA21      Nuovo Cim. 111A, 823 (1998)

S.A.Fayans, S.V.Tolokonnikov, E.L.Trykov, D.Zawischa

Density-Dependent Pairing in Nuclei Far from Stability

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE Pb; calculated neutron separation energies, charge radii for A=189-215. Density-dependent effective interaction.

1998SA51      Pisma Zh.Eksp.Teor.Fiz. 68, 529 (1998); JETP Lett. 68, 553 (1998)

E.E.Sapershtein, S.V.Tolokonnikov

The Migdal Jump in the Nucleon Momentum Distribution in Nuclear Matter is Determined by the Spin-Isospin Response Function

doi: 10.1134/1.567905
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1995KR16      Phys.Lett. 363B, 12 (1995)

E.Kromer, S.V.Tolokonnikov, S.A.Fayans, D.Zawischa

Energy-Density Functional Approach for Non-Spherical Nuclei

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE A=190-210; calculated Pb isotopes mean square charge radii. A=154-166; calculated Dy isotopes neutron separation energies, mean square charge radii, proton quadrupole moments. Self-consistent energy-density functional method.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(95)01216-D
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1995PL02      Yad.Fiz. 58, No 4, 612 (1995); Phys.Atomic Nuclei 58, 556 (1995)

A.P.Platonov, E.E.Saperstein, S.V.Tolokonnikov, S.A.Fayans

Effective Spin-Isospin NN Interaction at High Momentum Transfer and the Elastic Magnetic Scattering of Electrons by Nuclei

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 117Sn, 89Y, 41Ca, 17O(e, e), E not given; analyzed magnetic form factor data; deduced spin-isospin channel effective interaction suppression, Landau-Migdal constant momentum transfer dependence. Finite Fermi systems theory.

1994FA14      Phys.Lett. 338B, 1 (1994)

S.A.Fayans, S.V.Tolokonnikov, E.L.Trykov, D.Zawischa

Isotope Shifts within the Energy-Density Functional Approach with Density Dependent Pairing

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE A=36-214; calculated neutron separation energies, mean square charge radii, binding energies. Energy-density functional approach, density dependent pairing.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(94)91334-X
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1991KL05      Izv.Akad.Nauk SSSR, Ser.Fiz. 55, 1010 (1991); Bull.Acad.Sci.USSR, Phys.Ser. 55, No.5, 126 (1991)

Yu.V.Klimov, V.I.Kopeikin, A.A.Labzov, L.A.Mikaelyan, K.V.Ozerov, V.V.Sinev, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Energy Spectrum of Electronic Antineutrinos of a Nuclear Reaction

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 2H(ν-bar, e+), (ν-bar, X), E=reactor: measured σ.

1988AF03      Zh.Eksp.Teor.Fiz. 94, 1 (1988); Sov.Phys.JETP 67, 213 (1988)

A.I.Afonin, S.N.Ketov, V.I.Kopeikin, L.A.Mikaelyan, M.D.Skorokhvatov, S.V.Tolokonnikov

A Study of the Reaction ν(bar)(e) + p → e+ + n on a Nuclear Reactor

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 1H(ν-bar, e+), E < 10 MeV; measured reaction σ.

1988SM06      Yad.Fiz. 48, 1661 (1988)

A.V.Smirnov, S.V.Tolokonnikov, S.A.Fayans

Method of Energy Functional with Pairing in Coordinate Representation

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 40,48Ca, 90Zr, 114,116,120,124Sn, 146Gd, 204,208,212Pb; calculated binding energy, charge distribution, single particle levels, occupation numbers. Self-consistent method of energy functional.

1987BE15      Yad.Fiz. 45, 1263 (1987)

S.T.Belyaev, A.V.Smirnov, S.V.Tolokonnikov, S.A.Fayans

Pairing in Atomic Nuclei in the Coordinate Representation

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 114,122,134Sn; calculated neutron rms radii, levels. Superfluid nuclei, Green's function.

1985AF04      Pisma Zh.Eksp.Teor.Fiz. 41, 355 (1985); JETP Lett.(USSR) 41, 435 (1985)

A.I.Afonin, A.A.Borovoi, Yu.L.Dobrynin, S.N.Ketov, V.I.Kopeikin, L.A.Mikaelyan, M.D.Skorokhvatov, S.V.Tolokonnikov, A.N.Kheruvimov

Neutrino Experiment in the Reactor of the Rovno Atomic Power Plant: Cross section for inverse β decay

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 235U(n, F), E=reactor; measured antineutrino production σ following fission.

1985AL07      Nucl.Phys. A436, 338 (1985)

D.V.Aleksandrov, Yu.A.Glukhov, A.S.Demyanova, A.A.Ogloblin, S.B.Sakuta, V.V.Sukharevsky, S.V.Tolokonnikov, S.A.Fayans, F.A.Gareev, S.N.Ershov, I.N.Borzov, J.Bang

A Study of the 14C(6Li, 6He)14N Reaction at 93 MeV

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 14C(6Li, 6He), E=93 MeV; measured σ(E(6He)), σ(θ); deduced reaction mechanism, Landau-Migdal force constant. Finite Fermi system, shell model functions, transition densities, DWBA analysis.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(85)90202-7
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1985BO51      Yad.Fiz. 42, 625 (1985)

I.N.Borzov, F.A.Gareev, S.N.Ershov, S.V.Tolokonnikov, S.A.Fayans

Excitation of Unnatural Parity States in (p, p') Reactions

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 48Ca, 90Zr, 208Pb(p, p'), E=160, 201 MeV; calculated σ(θ). DWIA, microscopic transition densities.

1985TO18      Yad.Fiz. 41, 890; Sov.J.Nucl.Phys. 41, 890 (1985)

S.V.Tolokonnikov, R.U.Khafizov

First Forbidden Unique β Transitions

RADIOACTIVITY 37,38S, 38,39,40Cl, 39,41,42Ar, 42,43,44K, 90,91,92,93Y, 86Rb(β-); calculated T1/2. Finite Fermi systems.

1985TO20      Yad.Fiz. 42, 845 (1985)

S.V.Tolokonnikov, R.U.Khafizov

Effective Charges for 0- - 0+ β Transitions

RADIOACTIVITY 206Hg, 206Tl, 210Pb, 16N, 86Y(β-); analyzed 0- to 0+ transition characteristics; deduced weak interaction constant constraints.

1984BO47      Yad.Fiz. 40, 1151 (1984)

I.N.Borzov, S.V.Tolokonnikov, S.A.Fayans

Spin-Dependent Nucleon-Nucleon Effective Interaction in Nuclei

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 48Ca, 90Zr, 208Pb; calculated B(M1), ratios. Finite Fermi system, spin-dependent effective nucleon-nucleon interaction.

1983BO24      Izv.Akad.Nauk SSSR, Ser.Fiz. 47, 901 (1983)

I.N.Borzov, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Charge-Exchange 1+-Excitations and the Precritical Effect in Atomic Nuclei

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 14C(p, n), E=90 MeV; 48Ca(p, n), E=100-200 MeV; calculated σ(θ) vs momentum transfer. Finite Fermi system.

1982TO17      Pisma Zh.Eksp.Teor.Fiz. 35, 403 (1982); JETP Lett.(USSR) 35, 499 (1982)

S.V.Tolokonnikov, S.A.Fayans

Sum Rules for Dipole Transitions in Finite Systems and the Giant Dipole Resonance in Nuclei

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 150Nd, 152,154Sm, 153Eu, 159Tb, 160Gd, 165Ho, 175Lu, 181Ta, 186W, 232Th, 235,238U, 237Np; calculated quadrupole moment vs GDR splitting. A ≤ 250; calculated GDR energy vs mass. Self-consistent theory, finite Fermi systems.

1980FA10      Phys.Lett. 92B, 33 (1980)

S.A.Fayans, E.E.Saperstein, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Effects of Proximity to the Pion Condensation Threshold in Inelastic Nucleon-Nucleus Scattering with Excitation of Unnatural-Parity States

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 208Pb(p, p'), E=35, 61.4, 100 MeV; calculated σ(θ); deduced pion condensation threshold effects. DWBA, renormalized one-pion exchange, full-basis form factors.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(80)90297-X
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1979FA09      Nucl.Phys. A326, 463 (1979)

S.A.Fayans, E.E.Saperstein, S.V.Tolokonnikov

Excitation of Unnatural Parity States and Proximity of Atomic Nuclei to the Point of the π-Condensate Instability

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 208Pb; calculated transition densities for low-lying unnatural parity states. Theory of finite Fermi systems, one-pion exchange amplitude.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(79)90404-4
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1975SA20      Pisma Zh.Eksp.Teor.Fiz. 22, 529 (1975); JETP Lett.(USSR) 22, 258 (1976)

E.E.Sapershtein, S.V.Tolokonnikov, S.A.Fayans

Influence of Finiteness Effects on the Character of Pion Condensation in Atomic Nuclei

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 16O, 40Ca, 114Sn, 208Pb; calculated critical parameters which determine π-condensate instability.

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