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2024LE05      Phys.Rev.Lett. 132, 132501 (2024)

M.Le Joubioux, H.Savajols, W.Mittig, X.Flechard, L.Hayen, Yu.E.Penionzhkevich, D.Ackermann, C.Borcea, L.Caceres, P.Delahaye, F.Didierjean, S.Franchoo, A.Grillet, B.Jacquot, M.Lebois, X.Ledoux, N.Lecesne, E.Lienard, S.Lukyanov, O.Naviliat-Cuncic, J.Piot, A.Singh, V.Smirnov, C.Stodel, D.Testov, D.Thisse, J.C.Thomas, D.Verney

Search for a Neutron Dark Decay in 6He

RADIOACTIVITY 6He(α), (2n), (n); measured decay products, En, In. 1NN; deduced a coincident neutron signal resulted in an upper limit on a dark decay branching ratio, an upper bound on a dark neutron branching ratio. The Grand Accelerateur National d'Ions Lourds (GANIL) SPIRAL1 facility.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.132.132501
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2023BY02      Phys.Rev.Lett. 131, 082502 (2023)

W.Byron, H.Harrington, R.J.Taylor, W.DeGraw, N.Buzinsky, B.Dodson, M.Fertl, A.Garcia, G.Garvey, B.Graner, M.Guigue, L.Hayen, X.Huyan, K.S.Khaw, K.Knutsen, D.McClain, D.Melconian, P.Muller, E.Novitski, N.S.Oblath, R.G.H.Robertson, G.Rybka, G.Savard, E.Smith, D.D.Stancil, M.Sternberg, D.W.Storm, H.E.Swanson, J.R.Tedeschi, B.A.VanDevender, F.E.Wietfeldt, A.R.Young, X.Zhu, for the He6-CRES Collaboration

First Observation of Cyclotron Radiation from MeV-Scale e± following Nuclear β Decay

RADIOACTIVITY 6He(β-), 19Ne(β+) [7Li(d, 3He), E=17.8 MeV; 19F(p, n), E=12 MeV]; measured decay products, Eβ, Iβ; deduced β spectra, first direct observation of cyclotron radiation from individual highly relativistic β in a waveguide. The cyclotron radiation emission spectroscopy (CRES) technique, FN-tandem accelerator at the University of Washington.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.131.082502
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2023HA20      Phys.Rev. C 107, 065503 (2023)

L.Hayen, J.H.Choi, D.Combs, R.J.Taylor, S.Baessler, N.Birge, L.J.Broussard, C.B.Crawford, N.Fomin, M.Gericke, F.Gonzalez, A.Jezghani, N.Macsai, M.Makela, D.G.Mathews, R.Mammei, M.McCrea, A.Mendelsohn, A.Nelsen, G.Riley, T.Shelton, S.Sjue, E.Smith, A.R.Young, B.Zeck

Precision pulse shape simulation for proton detection at the Nab experiment

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.107.065503
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2023KI04      Phys.Rev. C 107, 015503 (2023)

G.B.King, A.Baroni, V.Cirigliano, S.Gandolfi, L.Hayen, E.Mereghetti, S.Pastore, M.Piarulli

Ab initio calculation of the β-decay spectrum of 6He

RADIOACTIVITY 6He(β-); calculated T1/2, β-decay energy spectrum, corrections to the β-decay spectrum induced by beyond-standard-model charged-current interactions in the standard model effective field theory, with and without sterile neutrinos. Quantum Monte Carlo methods with nuclear interactionsderived from chiral effective field theory and consistent weak vector and axial currents. Comparison to available experimental data.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.107.015503
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2023SE01      Phys.Rev. C 107, 015502 (2023)

N.Severijns, L.Hayen, V.De Leebeeck, S.Vanlangendonck, K.Bodek, D.Rozpedzik, I.S.Towner

Ft values of the mirror β transitions and the weak-magnetism-induced current in allowed nuclear β decay

RADIOACTIVITY 1n, 3H(β-); 11C, 13N, 15O, 17F, 19Ne, 21Na, 23Mg, 25Al, 27Si, 29P, 31S, 33Cl, 35Ar, 37K, 39Ca, 41Sc, 43Ti, 45V, 47Cr, 49Mn, 51Fe, 53Co, 55Ni, 57Cu, 59Zn, 61Ga, 63Ge, 65As, 67Se, 69Br, 71Kr, 73Rb, 75Sr, 77Y, 79Zr, 81Nb, 83Mo, 85Tc, 89Rh, 91Pd, 93Ag, 95Cd, 97In, 99Sn(EC), (β+); analyzed and evaluated measured half-lives for decays of all the listed nuclei, and ground-state branching ratios for decays of 1n to 75Sr, T=1/2 mirror β decays; deduced adopted T1/2, ground-state branching ratios for decays of 1n to 83Mo, except 69Br, 73Rb and 81Nb. 1n, 3H(β-); 11C, 13N, 15O, 17F, 19Ne, 21Na, 23Mg, 25Al, 27Si, 29P, 31S, 33Cl, 35Ar, 37K, 39Ca, 41Sc, 43Ti, 45V, 47Cr, 49Mn, 51Fe, 53Co, 55Ni, 57Cu, 59Zn, 61Ga, 67Se, 71Kr, 75Sr(EC), (β+); calculated quantities and relevant corrections leading to the Ft values for mirror β transitions, and compared with available experimental values; comparison of experimental and theoretical values for the Gamow-Teller matrix element (MGT) and the orbital current matrix element (ML) for mirror β transitions from 1n to 45V decays. 6He, 9Li, 12,13B, 14,15C, 16N, 19O, 20F, 23Ne, 24,24mNa, 28Al, 32Si(β-); 9,10C, 12N, 13,14O, 18F, 18Ne, 20,22Na, 22Mg, 24,24mAl, 26Si, 28,30P, 30S, 32Cl, 34Ar, 36K, 38Ca, 42Ti, 53Ni(EC), (β+); analyzed logft values and other data for β transitions for T=1, 3/2 and 2 multiplet states for radiative corrections; comparison of the experimental values for the MGT and ML, and the form factors with the theoretical values calculated using shell model. 1n, 3H, 6He, 8,9Li, 12B, 16N, 20F, 23,24Ne, 24,24mNa(β-); 8Be, 9,10,11C, 12,13N, 15O, 17,18F, 18,19Ne, 20,21Na, 23Mg, 24,24m,25Al, 27Si, 29,30P, 30,31S, 33Cl, 35Ar, 36,37K, 39Ca(EC), (β+); analyzed overview of values of experimental form factors for all ground-state to ground-state and ground-state to first-excited 2+ or 4+ state T=1 and 3/2 transitions with A<39, and comparison with theoretical shell model calculations. 6He, 9Li, 12,13B, 14,15C, 16N, 19O, 20F, 23Ne, 24,24mNa, 28Al, 32Si(β-); 9,10C, 12N, 13,14O, 18Ne, 18F, 20,22Na, 22Mg, 24,24mAl, 26Si, 28,30P, 30S, 32Cl, 34Ar, 36K, 38Ca, 42Ti, 53Ni(β+); analyzed decay schemes for T=1 and T=3/2 mirror β transitions. Update of the Ft values of the isospin T=1/2 mirror β decays determine the Vud quark-mixing matrix element, taking into account recoil terms, weak magnetism, for the mirror β decays and a large set of β decays in higher isospin multiplets. Relevance to reactor neutrino problem and reactor neutrino anomaly.

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 1n, 1,3H, 3He, 11,13C, 11B, 13,15N, 15,17O, 17,19F, 19,21Ne, 21,23Na, 23,25Mg, 25,27Al, 27,29Si, 29,31P, 31,33S, 33,35Cl, 35,37Ar, 37,39K, 39,41Ca, 41,43Sc, 43,45Ti, 45,47V, 47,49Cr, 49,51Mn, 51,53Fe, 53,55Co, 55,57Ni, 57,59Cu, 59,61Zn, 61,63Ga, 67As, 67Se, 71Br, 71Kr, 75Rb, 75,77Sr; analyzed and evaluated measured magnetic dipole moments of T=1/2 mirror nuclei; deduced adopted values, and calculated magnetic moments for which no experimental data available; deduced conserved vector current (CVC) form factors, and compared with theoretical shell-model calculations.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.107.015502
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2022CU09      Phys.Rev. C 106, 065506 (2022)

C.Cude-Woods, F.M.Gonzalez, E.M.Fries, T.Bailey, M.Blatnik, N.B.Callahan, J.H.Choi, S.M.Clayton, S.A.Currie, M.Dawid, B.W.Filippone, W.Fox, P.Geltenbort, E.George, L.Hayen, K.P.Hickerson, M.A.Hoffbauer, K.Hoffman, A.T.Holley, T.M.Ito, A.Komives, C.-Y.Liu, M.Makela, C.L.Morris, R.Musedinovic, C.O'Shaughnessy, R.W.Pattie, J.Ramsey, D.J.Salvat, A.Saunders, E.I.Sharapov, S.Slutsky, V.Su, X.Sun, C.Swank, Z.Tang, W.Uhrich, J.Vanderwerp, P.Walstrom, Z.Wang, W.Wei, A.R.Young

Fill and dump measurement of the neutron lifetime using an asymmetric magneto-gravitational trap

RADIOACTIVITY 1NN(β-); measured number of trapped neutrons; deduced free neutron lifetime T1/2. Comparison to previous most precise experimental data. Asymmetric magneto-gravitational trap at Los Alamos Ultracold Neutron Facility.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.106.065506
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2022VA06      Phys.Rev. C 106, 015506 (2022)

S.Vanlangendonck, N.Severijns, L.Hayen, F.Gluck

Influence of the recoil-order and radiative correction on the β decay correlation coefficients in mirror decays

RADIOACTIVITY 3H(β-); 11C, 13N, 15O, 17F, 19Ne, 21Na, 23Mg, 25Al, 27Si, 29P, 31S, 33Cl, 35Ar, 37K, 39K, 39Ca, 41Sc, 43Ti, 45V(EC), (β+); compiled J, π, T1/2 of parent activities, Gamow-Teller to Fermi mixing ratios, previous, ongoing, and proposed measurements of β correlation coefficients for the mirror beta decays; analyzed dominant standard model correction terms for the recoil-order and the radiative correction in measurements of β-asymmetry parameter and βν(θ); calculated and evaluated recoil-order correction using Holstein formalism with the impulse approximation, semianalytical radiative corrections. Relevance to the planning of future experiments for determination of the β decay correlation coefficients which can provide bounds on the existence of exotic current, and possible existence of right-handed neutrinos.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.106.015506
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2020AB02      Phys.Rev.Lett. 124, 081803 (2020)

C.Abel, S.Afach, N.J.Ayres, C.A.Baker, G.Ban, G.Bison, K.Bodek, V.Bondar, M.Burghoff, E.Chanel, Z.Chowdhuri, P.-J.Chiu, B.Clement, C.B.Crawford, M.Daum, S.Emmenegger, L.Ferraris-Bouchez, M.Fertl, P.Flaux, B.Franke, A.Fratangelo, P.Geltenbort, K.Green, W.C.Griffith, M.van der Grinten, Z.D.Grujic, P.G.Harris, L.Hayen, W.Heil, R.Henneck, V.Helaine, N.Hild, Z.Hodge, M.Horras, P.Iaydjiev, S.N.Ivanov, M.Kasprzak, Y.Kermaidic, K.Kirch, A.Knecht, P.Knowles, H.-C.Koch, P.A.Koss, S.Komposch, A.Kozela, A.Kraft, J.Krempel, M.Kuzniak, B.Lauss, T.Lefort, Y.Lemiere, A.Leredde, P.Mohanmurthy, A.Mtchedlishvili, M.Musgrave, O.Naviliat-Cuncic, D.Pais, F.M.Piegsa, E.Pierre, G.Pignol, C.Plonka-Spehr, P.N.Prashanth, G.Quemener, M.Rawlik, D.Rebreyend, I.Rienacker, D.Ries, S.Roccia, G.Rogel, D.Rozpedzik, A.Schnabel, P.Schmidt-Wellenburg, N.Severijns, D.Shiers, R.Tavakoli Dinani, J.A.Thorne, R.Virot, J.Voigt, A.Weis, E.Wursten, G.Wyszynski, J.Zejma, J.Zenner, G.Zsigmond

Measurement of the Permanent Electric Dipole Moment of the Neutron

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 1NN; measured frequencies; deduced the electric dipole moment (EDM) of the neutron or its upper limit.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.124.081803
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2019BR14      Hyperfine Interactions 240, 1 (2019)

L.J.Broussard, S.Baessler, T.L.Bailey, N.Birge, J.D.Bowman, C.B.Crawford, C.Cude-Woods, D.E.Fellers, N.Fomin, E.Frlez, M.T.W.Gericke, L.Hayen, A.P.Jezghani, H.Li, N.Macsai, M.F.Makela, R.R.Mammei, D.Mathews, P.L.McGaughey, P.E.Mueller, D.Pocanic, C.A.Royse, A.Salas-Bacci, S.K.L.Sjue, J.C.Ramsey, N.Severijns, E.C.Smith, J.Wexler, R.A.Whitehead, A.R.Young, B.A.Zeck

Using Nab to determine correlations in unpolarized neutron decay

RADIOACTIVITY 45Ca(β-); measured decay products, Eβ, Iβ; deduced sensitivity for the ratio of the weak axial-vector and vector coupling constants.

doi: 10.1007/s10751-018-1538-7
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2019HA13      Phys.Rev. C 99, 031301 (2019)

L.Hayen, J.Kostensalo, N.Severijns, J.Suhonen

First-forbidden transitions in reactor antineutrino spectra

RADIOACTIVITY 87Se, 86,89Br, 88,90,92,93,95Rb, 91Kr, 94,96,97,98Y, 95Sr, 133Sn, 135Te, 136m,137,138I, 140,142Cs, 87Se, 134mSb, 139Xe(β-)[from 235U(n, F), E=thermal]; calculated shape factors versus electron kinetic energy of dominant first-forbidden transitions above 4 MeV in the electron and antineutrino spectra of fission actinides, changes in the predicted electron and antineutrino spectra of the considered transitions compared to the allowed approximation with an optional weak magnetism correction, summed 235U electron spectrum using the fission yields from the ENDF database, and normalized spectral ratios for three experiments (Daya Bay, Reno and Double Chooz) relative to the Huber-Mueller predictions using the ENDF and ENSDF databases. Microscopic calculations using shell model approach.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.99.031301
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2019HA30      Phys.Rev. C 100, 054323 (2019)

L.Hayen, J.Kostensalo, N.Severijns, J.Suhonen

First-forbidden transitions in the reactor anomaly

RADIOACTIVITY 86,89Br, 87Se, 88,90,92,93,95Rb, 91Kr, 94,96,97,98Y, 95Sr, 133Sn, 135,136Te, 134m,135Sb, 136m,137,138I, 140,142,143Cs, 139,140Xe(β-); calculated shape factors for first-forbidden non-unique β transitions using shell model, and compared with those for allowed shapes, and with data in literature, β spectra and comparison to the measured cumulative spectra measured at ILL-Grenoble for 235U; deduced uncertainty in the relative change in the prediction of the electron (antineutrino) spectra when using forbidden spectral shapes instead of simple allowed shapes, forbidden flux coverage; parametrized forbidden shape factors using Monte Carlo simulations. 235,238U, 239,241Pu; updated summation calculations, relative change in the cumulative electron and antineutrino spectra when treating the β transitions for listed isotopes as allowed and forbidden, integrated flux and inverse β decay (IBD) rate change due to the inclusion of forbidden transition shape factors, comparison of the expected spectrum change due to forbidden transitions for the different reactors: Daya Bay, RENO and Double Chooz.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.100.054323
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2019KA30      Phys.Rev. C 100, 015502 (2019);Erratum Phys. Rev. C 101, 049901 (2020)

J.Karthein, D.Atanasov, K.Blaum, M.Breitenfeldt, V.Bondar, S.George, L.Hayen, D.Lunney, V.Manea, M.Mougeot, D.Neidherr, L.Schweikhard, N.Severijns, A.Welker, F.Wienholtz, R.N.Wolf, K.Zuber

QEC-value determination for 21Na → 21Ne and 23Mg → 23Na mirror-nuclei decays using high-precision mass spectrometry with ISOLTRAP at the CERN ISOLDE facility

ATOMIC MASSES 21Na, 23Mg; measured time-of-flight spectrum using laser ionization, Ramsey-type ion-cyclotron resonances, cyclotron frequency ratios using ISOLTRAP at ISOLDE-CERN facility; deduced Q(ϵ) values. Comparison with previous measurements.

RADIOACTIVITY 21Na, 23Mg(EC)[from SiC(p, X), E=1.4 GeV from CERN Proton-Synchrotron booster, followed by magnetic mass separation using the general-purpose separator (GPS), laser ion source VADLIS, and ISOLDE resonant ionization laser ion source RILIS]; deduced Q(ϵ) from measured mass excesses, logft, up-down Vud element of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa quark mixing matrix. Comparison between Vud values for mirror-nuclei: 19Ne, 29P, 35Ar, 37K and 21Na.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.100.015502
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2018HA13      Rev.Mod.Phys. 90, 015008 (2018)

L.Hayen, N.Severijns, K.Bodek, D.Rozpedzik, X.Mougeot

High precision analytical description of the allowed β spectrum shape

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 14C, 14N, 25Na, 25Mg, 35S, 35Cl, 45Ca, 45Sc, 61Cr, 61Mn, 64Co, 64Ni, 100Nb, 100Mo, 104Nb, 104Mo, 121Sn, 121Sb; calculated weak charge radii. Comparison with available data.

doi: 10.1103/RevModPhys.90.015008
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2018PE08      Acta Phys.Pol. B49, 261 (2018)

M.Perkowski, K.Bodek, L.De Keukeleere, L.Hayen, A.Kozela, K.Lojek, D.Rozpedzik, N.Severijns

Initial Tests of MiniBETA Spectrometer Performance

doi: 10.5506/aphyspolb.49.261
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2015AF05      Eur.Phys.J. A 51, 143 (2015)

S.Afach, G.Ban, G.Bison, K.Bodek, Z.Chowdhuri, M.Daum, M.Fertl, B.Franke, P.Geltenbort, Z.D.Grujic, L.Hayen, V.Helaine, R.Henneck, M.Kasprzak, Y.Kermaidic, K.Kirch, S.Komposch, A.Kozela, J.Krempel, B.Lauss, T.Lefort, Y.Lemiere, A.Mtchedlishvili, O.Naviliat-Cuncic, F.M.Piegsa, G.Pignol, P.N.Prashanth, G.Quemener, M.Rawlik, D.Ries, D.Rebreyend, S.Roccia, D.Rozpedzik, P.Schmidt-Wellenburg, N.Severijns, A.Weis, E.Wursten, G.Wyszynski, J.Zejma, G.Zsigmond

A device for simultaneous spin analysis of ultracold neutrons

doi: 10.1140/epja/i2015-15143-7
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