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2015CA21      Phys.Rev. C 92, 034606 (2015)

M.Caamano, F.Farget, O.Delaune, K.-H.Schmidt, C.Schmitt, L.Audouin, C.-O.Bacri, J.Benlliure, E.Casarejos, X.Derkx, B.Fernandez-Dominguez, L.Gaudefroy, C.Golabek, B.Jurado, A.Lemasson, D.Ramos, C.Rodriguez-Tajes, T.Roger, A.Shrivastava

Characterization of the scission point from fission-fragment velocities

RADIOACTIVITY 240Pu(SF)[from 12C(238U, 10Be), E=6.1 MeV/nucleon]; 250Cf(SF)[from 12C(238U, X)250Cf*, E=6.1 MeV/nucleon]; measured fragment spectra using VAMOS spectrometer at GANIL; deduced velocity of fission fragments with Z=34-62 as a function of the neutron number of the fragment (N=45-100), average fragment velocity, average neutron excess of fragments, neutron multiplicity and total neutron evaporation multiplicity, total kinetic energy of fission fragments, total excitation energy at scission, post-neutron evaporation normalized yields, average difference between the ground states of the fissioning system and the fragments, and minimum energy released in neutron evaporation as functions of the fragment atomic number. Modeling of the fission process through correlated observables.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.92.034606
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 datasetO2160.

2015FA14      Eur.Phys.J. A 51, 175 (2015)

F.Farget, M.Caamano, D.Ramos, C.Rodriguez-Tajes, K.-H.Schmidt, L.Audouin, J.Benlliure, E.Casarejos, E.Clement, D.Cortina, O.Delaune, X.Derkx, A.Dijon, D.Dore, B.Fernandez-Dominguez, L.Gaudefroy, C.Golabek, A.Heinz, B.Jurado, A.Lemasson, C.Paradela, T.Roger, M.D.Salsac, C.Schmitt

Transfer-induced fission in inverse kinematics: Impact on experimental and evaluated nuclear data bases

doi: 10.1140/epja/i2015-15175-y
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2013CA16      Phys.Rev. C 88, 024605 (2013); Erratum Phys.Rev. C 89, 069903 (2014)

M.Caamano, O.Delaune, F.Farget, X.Derkx, K.-H.Schmidt, L.Audouin, C.-O.Bacri, G.Barreau, J.Benlliure, E.Casarejos, A.Chbihi, B.Fernandez-Dominguez, L.Gaudefroy, C.Golabek, B.Jurado, A.Lemasson, A.Navin, M.Rejmund, T.Roger, A.Shrivastava, C.Schmitt

Isotopic yield distributions of transfer- and fusion-induced fission from 238U+12C reactions in inverse kinematics

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 12C(238U, F)240Pu/241Pu/250Cf*, E=6.1 MeV/nucleon; measured particle and γ spectra, (fragment)γ-coin, energy loss, time-of-flight, yields and angular distributions of fragments of Z=30-64, A=80-160 from fission of 250Cf, 240,241Pu using SPIDER, VAMOS, and EXOGAM detector systems at GANIL facility. Inverse kinematics and multi-nucleon transfer-induced fission. 110Ru, 144Ce; deduced levels from (fragment)γ coin spectra. Z=30, A=70-82, 85; Z=31, A=70-85; Z=32, A=71-87; Z=33, A=73-89; Z=34, A=73, 75-90; Z=35, A=79-93; Z=36, A=81-96; Z=37, A=83-99; Z=38, A=86-102; Z=39, A=88-105; Z=40, A=90-107; Z=41, A=93-110; Z=42, A=95-113; Z=43, A=97-115; Z=44, A=100-118; Z=45, A=102-120; Z=46, A=104-122; Z=47, A=107-126; Z=48, A=109-127; Z=49, A=112-131; Z=50, A=114-133; Z=51, A=116-135; Z=52, A=118-138; Z=53, A=122-141; Z=54, A=123-143; Z=55, A=126-146; Z=56, A=130-148; Z=57, A=131-150; Z=58, A=134-152; Z=59, A=137-153; Z=60, A=139-156; Z=61, A=142-158; Z=62, A=144-159; Z=63, A=149-160; Z=64, A=151-159; measured yields from fission of compound nucleus 250Cf. Z=34, A=82-88; Z=35, A=85-92; Z=36, A=85-94; Z=37, A=87-97; Z=38, A=90-101; Z=39, A=91-102; Z=40, A=94-106; Z=41, A=95-109; Z=42, A=98-111; Z=43, A=101-112; Z=44, A=104-114; Z=45, A=105-114; Z=46, A=110-116; Z=47, A=114-119; Z=48, A=115, 118-122; Z=49, A=122-130; Z=50, A=125-134, 136; Z=51, A=125-137; Z=52, A=129-139; Z=53, A=128-140; Z=54, A=130-144; Z=55, A=133-145; Z=56, A=134-145; Z=57, A=138-149; Z=58, A=142-151; Z=59, A=145-152; Z=60, A=148-154; measured yields from fission of multi-nucleon transfer induced nuclei 240,241Pu.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.88.024605
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 datasetO2160.

2010GO18      Eur.Phys.J. A 43, 251 (2010)

C.Golabek, S.Heinz, W.Mittig, F.Rejmund, A.C.C.Villari, S.Bhattacharyva, D.Boilley, G.De France, A.Drouart, L.Gaudefroy, L.Giot, V.Maslov, M.Morjean, G.Mukherjee, Yu.Penionzkevich, P.Roussel-Chomaz, C.Stodel

Investigation of deep inelastic reactions in 238U + 238U at Coulomb barrier energies

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 238U(238U, X), E=6.09-7.35 MeV/nucleon; measured reaction product yields, mass and energy distributions, σ(θ) using VAMOS detector; deduced reaction mechanism features, di-nuclear system formation. Comparison with data and models.

doi: 10.1140/epja/i2010-10911-5
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2010HE14      Nucl.Phys. A834, 362c (2010)

S.Heinz, V.Comas, S.Hofmann, D.Ackermann, J.Heredia, F.P.Hessberger, J.Khuyagbaatar, B.Kindler, B.Lommel, R.Mann, C.Golabek, W.Mittig, F.Rejmund, A.C.C.Villari

Study of heavy di-nuclear systems

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 207Pb(64Ni, X)211Po/212At/213Rn/213Fr/214Ra, E=4.80, 5.00, 5.20, 5.40, 5.53, 5.92 MeV/nucleon; measured Eα, Iα, σ(θ), yields, fragment energy spectra (TKE) using SHIP velocity filter. 238U(238U, X), E=6.09, 6.49, 6.91, 7.10, 7.35 MeV/nucleon; measured σ(θ), mass distributions, yields, fragment energy spectra (TKE) using VAMOS spectrometer; deduced interaction times using diffusion model.

doi: 10.1016/j.nuclphysa.2010.01.040
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2009GO17      Phys.Rev.Lett. 103, 042701 (2009)

C.Golabek, C.Simenel

Collision Dynamics of Two 238U Atomic Nuclei

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.103.042701
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2009SH42      Phys.Rev. C 80, 051305 (2009)

A.Shrivastava, M.Caamano, M.Rejmund, A.Navin, F.Rejmund, K.-H.Schmidt, A.Lemasson, C.Schmitt, L.Gaudefroy, K.Sieja, L.Audouin, C.O.Bacri, G.Barreau, J.Benlliure, E.Casarejos, X.Derkx, B.Fernandez-Dominguez, C.Golabek, B.Jurado, T.Roger, J.Taieb

Prompt γ-ray spectroscopy of isotopically identified fission fragments

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 12C(238U, X), E=1.45 GeV; measured Eγ, Iγ using EXOGAM array, fission fragments using VAMOS detector. 134Xe; deduced levels, J, π. 100Zr, 106,107,108,109Ru, 133Xe, 138Xe; measured Eγ. Comparison with shell model calculations for Z>49, N<83 nuclei.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.80.051305
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Data from this article have been entered in the XUNDL database. For more information, click here.

2008GO33      Int.J.Mod.Phys. E17, 2235 (2008)

C.Golabek, A.C.C.Villari, S.Heinz, W.Mittig, S.Bhattacharyya, D.Boilley, G.De France, A.Drouart, L.Gaudefroy, L.Giot, A.Marchix, V.Maslov, M.Morjean, G.Mukherjee, A.Navin, Yu.Penionzkevich, F.Rejmund, M.Rejmund, P.Roussel-Chomaz, C.Stodel

Search for a long living giant system in 238U + 238U collisions near the coulomb barrier

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 238U(238U, X), E=6.09-7.35 MeV/nucleon; measured mass spectra; deduced total kinetic energy loss, production yields, σ(θ).

doi: 10.1142/S0218301308011409
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