CSEWG Covariance Committee


The Covariance Committee (CovCom) has the responsibility for addressing the topic of covariances relevant to evaluations that are to be included in the U.S. ENDF/B Library. While the actual generation of covariances is the responsibility of individual evaluators who produce these evaluations for ENDF/B, this committee maintains oversight and provides technical assistance and advice in the following areas:

  • Encourage the development of methodologies for generating reasonable and reliable covariance information.
  • Establish quality criteria for the covariances included in the ENDF/B library.
  • Review covariance files submitted for inclusion in the ENDF/B library.
  • Advise other committees of CSEWG on matters related to covariances.
  • Maintain contact with the nuclear applications community regarding their requirements for nuclear data uncertainties.
  • Provide sources of information concerning covariances.