Cross Section Evaluation Working Group (CSEWG)

CSEWG Mission

The Cross Section Evaluation Working Group (CSEWG) maintains, updates, extends, validates, verifies, and documents the reference library Evaluated Nuclear Data File Version B (ENDF/B) and establishes standard formats and procedures for its use. CSEWG coordinates differential and integral testing of ENDF/B and utilizes the information for determining the validity of ENDF/B data. CSEWG provides a forum for review of new differential and integral experiments, evaluations and codes that are needed and develops information on specific topics such as Nuclear Data Standards, resonance region formalisms, nuclear model codes, secondary libraries, adjustment results informing future libraries, uncertainty quantification standards, etc. as related to the use of ENDF/B. CSEWG is responsible for distributing this evaluated data and promoting its correct use. CSEWG collaborates and coordinates with other evaluation projects to ensure the success of its mission.

Adapted from S. Pearlstein Memo "NNCSC-CSEWG Flowchart" (1972).


The Cross Section Evaluation Working Group (CSEWG) is a cooperative effort of the national laboratories, industry, and universities in the United States and Canada, responsible for the production of the U.S. Evaluated Nuclear Data File ENDF/B. More about the ENDF library can be found here and library development is managed through the (members-only) ENDF GitLab project page.

In addition, the Formats Committee of CSEWG is reposponsible for developing and maintaining the ENDF format, in which the ENDF/B library is released. The ENDF format has its own (members-only) GitLab project page.

CSEWG Organization

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