Authors: J. Kelley, T. Truong, C.G. Sheu |  Citation: ENSDF |  Cutoff date: 17-JULY-2016 

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S(n)= 2.323×104 keV 8S(p)= -1.51×103 keV 7Q(α)= -9.92×103 keV 8
Reference: 2012WA38

  A  1H(14O,p):NSCL  B  1H(14O,p):Texas
  C  1H(14O,p):LBNL  D  1H(14O,p):GANIL
  E  9Be(16Ne,15F)  F  16O(14N,15C)
  G  20Ne(3He,8Li):NSCL  H  20Ne(3He,8Li):LBNL

General Comments:

Highlighted theoretical analyses:

2011Fo02: Reanalyzed data on 15C levels populated in 13C(t,p)15C and interpreted results to revise predictions on 15F levels.

2010Mu03: Parameters of the lowest Jπ=1/2+ and 5/2+ states were analyzed via the S-matrix pole method.

2015Gr04: Analysis, which focused on 16Ne, found the 15F ground state should lie near Eres(p+14O)=1.39 to 1.42 MeV.

2006Ca08, 2015Fr04: Analyzed the 14C+n system and then used multichannel algebraic scattering theory to predict resonances in the mirror 15F nucleus. See also 2007Ca31.

2005Ba73: α microscopic cluster model was developed that was tuned to the 14C+n system and used to predict the 14O+p scattering reaction and 15F resonances. Results are compared and found in agreement with an R-matrix analysis of experimental observations.

2005Fo10: The lowest t=3/2 and Jπ=1/2+ and 5/2+ states of the α=15 quartet are analyzed in a (0+2)h|w shell model.

2006Fo16: The definition of resonance energy is explored by considering three different parameters that may define the position: "(a) the energy at which the appropriate cross section peaks, (b) the energy at which the nuclear phase shift has the value δ=π/2, and (c) the energy at which the magnitude of the internal wave function or the derivative of the phase shift dδ/dE is a maximum. " Then, discussion on various α=15 and 16 states and analysis of the IMME mass relation are used to constrain predicted values for poorly known 15O, 15F and 16F states.

General theoretical analyses:

Other theoretical analyses relevant to 15F include general calculations on mass and structure properties in (1978Gu10,1993Po11,2008Qi04,2013Ci04). More detailed analyses considering pairs of mirror nuclides, Coulomb shifts, Thomas-Ehrman shifts and other detailed relationships are found in (1988Co15,1995Fo18,1997Gr18,1999Og11,1999Ts06,2013Fo22).

Other experimental results:

15F is not strongly populated in 12C(3He,π-) reactions at E(3He)=283 MeV (1986Mi25) or 235 MeV (1984Bi08).

XREFJπ(level) T1/2(level)
  0ABCDEFGH 1/2+ 660 keV 20 
% p = 100
  1.52E3 5 ABCDEFGH 5/2+ 300 keV 13 
% p = 100
  3.48E3 4    DEF   1/2- 36 keV 15 
% p = 100
  5.1E3 2     EF   (3/2-,5/2-) 0.2 MeV 2 
% p = 100
  6.5E3 2     E    (3/2+,5/2+) 0.4 MeV 4 
% p = 100

T1/2(level): LABEL=Γ

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