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2010KA03      Phys.Lett. B 682, 391 (2010)

R.Kanungo, A.T.Gallant, M.Uchida, C.Andreoiu, R.A.E.Austin, D.Bandyopadhyay, G.C.Ball, J.A.Becker, A.J.Boston, H.C.Boston, B.A.Brown, L.Buchmann, S.J.Colosimo, R.M.Clark, D.Cline, D.S.Cross, H.Dare, B.Davids, T.E.Drake, M.Djongolov, P.Finlay, N.Galinski, P.E.Garrett, A.B.Garnsworthy, K.L.Green, S.Grist, G.Hackman, L.J.Harkness, A.B.Hayes, D.Howell, A.M.Hurst, H.B.Jeppesen, K.G.Leach, A.O.Macchiavelli, D.Oxley, C.J.Pearson, B.Pietras, A.A.Phillips, S.V.Rigby, C.Ruiz, G.Ruprecht, F.Sarazin, M.A.Schumaker, A.C.Shotter, C.S.Sumitharachchi, C.E.Svensson, I.Tanihata, S.Triambak, C.Unsworth, S.J.Williams, P.Walden, J.Wong, C.Y.Wu

Structure of states in 12Be via the 11Be(d, p) reaction

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 2H(11Be, p), E=5 MeV/nucleon; measured proton spectra, recoiling and product nucleus spectra, p(nucleus)-coin; deduced σ(θ), Q-value spectra, peak widths. 12Be; deduced energy levels, J, π, spectroscopic factors using DWBA analysis.

doi: 10.1016/j.physletb.2009.11.025
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