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2019LE04      Phys.Lett. B 790, 458 (2019); Erratum Phys.Lett. B 840, 137835 (2023)

C.Lederer-Woods, U.Battino, P.Ferreira, A.Gawlik, C.Guerrero, F.Gunsing, S.Heinitz, J.Lerendegui-Marco, A.Mengoni, R.Reifarth, A.Tattersall, S.Valenta, C.Weiss, O.Aberle, J.Andrzejewski, L.Audouin, V.Becares, M.Bacak, J.Balibrea, M.Barbagallo, S.Barros, F.Becvar, C.Beinrucker, F.Belloni, E.Berthoumieux, J.Billowes, D.Bosnar, M.Brugger, M.Caamano, F.Calvino, M.Calviani, D.Cano-Ott, F.Cerutti, E.Chiaveri, N.Colonna, G.Cortes, M.A.Cortes-Giraldo, L.Cosentino, L.A.Damone, K.Deo, M.Diakaki, M.Dietz, C.Domingo-Pardo, R.Dressler, E.Dupont, I.Duran, B.Fernandez-Dominguez, A.Ferrari, P.Finocchiaro, R.J.W.Frost, V.Furman, K.Gobel, A.R.Garcia, I.Gheorghe, T.Glodariu, I.F.Goncalves, E.Gonzalez-Romero, A.Goverdovski, E.Griesmayer, H.Harada, T.Heftrich, A.Hernandez-Prieto, J.Heyse, D.G.Jenkins, E.Jericha, F.Kappeler, Y.Kadi, T.Katabuchi, P.Kavrigin, V.Ketlerov, V.Khryachkov, A.Kimura, N.Kivel, I.Knapova, M.Kokkoris, M.Krticka, E.Leal-Cidoncha, H.Leeb, M.Licata, S.Lo Meo, R.Losito, D.Macina, J.Marganiec, T.Martinez, C.Massimi, P.Mastinu, M.Mastromarco, F.Matteucci, E.Mendoza, P.M.Milazzo, F.Mingrone, M.Mirea, S.Montesano, A.Musumarra, R.Nolte, F.R.Palomo-Pinto, C.Paradela, N.Patronis, A.Pavlik, J.Perkowski, J.I.Porras, J.Praena, J.M.Quesada, T.Rauscher, A.Riego-Perez, M.Robles, C.Rubbia, J.A.Ryan, M.Sabate-Gilarte, A.Saxena, P.Schillebeeckx, S.Schmidt, D.Schumann, P.Sedyshev, A.G.Smith, A.Stamatopoulos, S.V.Suryanarayana, G.Tagliente, J.L.Tain, A.Tarifeno-Saldivia, L.Tassan-Got, A.Tsinganis, G.Vannini, V.Variale, P.Vaz, A.Ventura, V.Vlachoudis, R.Vlastou, A.Wallner, S.Warren, M.Weigand, T.Wright, P.Zugec

Measurement of 73Ge(n, γ) cross sections and implications for stellar nucleosynthesis

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 73Ge(n, γ), E<300 keV; measured reaction products, En, In; deduced σ, resonance energies and capture kernels, astrophysical impact, Maxwellian-averaged σ for ground and excited states capture. The neutron time-of-flight facility n_TOF at CERN.

doi: 10.1016/j.physletb.2019.01.045
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 dataset23451.

2019MA71      Phys.Rev. C 100, 044610 (2019)

H.Makii, K.Nishio, K.Hirose, R.Orlandi, R.Leguillon, T.Ogawa, T.Soldner, U.Koster, A.Pollitt, F.-J.Hambsch, I.Tsekhanovich, M.Aiche, S.Czajkowski, L.Mathieu, C.M.Petrache, A.Astier, S.Guo, T.Ohtsuki, S.Sekimoto, K.Takamiya, R.J.W.Frost, T.Kawano

Effects of the nuclear structure of fission fragments on the high-energy prompt fission γ-ray spectrum in 235U(nth, f)

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 235U(n, F), E=cold neutrons; measured fission fragments, Eγ, Iγ, prompt fission γ-ray spectra (PFGS), (fragment)(fragment)- and (fragment)γ-coin, time of flight using two MWPCs and two LaBr3(Ce) scintillators at the PF1B cold-neutron beam facility of ILL-Grenoble; deduced fission-fragment mass distribution, average γ and neutron multiplicities as function of fragment mass. Comparison of the present and previous experimental data with statistical Hauser-Feshbach model calculations for PFGS.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.100.044610
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 dataset23541.

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