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2004OG13      Hyperfine Interactions 159, 235 (2004)

M.Ogura, T.Nagatomo, K.Minamisomo, K.Matsuta, T.Minamisono, Y.Nakashima, C.D.P.Levy, T.Sumikama, M.Mihara, H.Fujiwara, S.Kumashiro, M.Fukuda, J.A.Behr, K.P.Jackson, S.Momota, Y.Nojiri, T.Ohtsubo, M.Ohta, A.Kitagawa, M.Kanazawa, M.Torikoshi, S.Sato, M.Suda, J.R.Alonso, G.F.Krebs, T.M.Symons

Quadrupole Moments of Na Isotopes

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 20,21,25Na; measured electric quadrupole coupling constants; deduced the ratio of Q ratio 20Na/21Na and 25Na/21Na. β-NMR technique.

doi: 10.1007/s10751-005-9105-4
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