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2007FE11      Nucl.Instrum.Methods Phys.Res. B260, 579 (2007)

A.Fertman, E.Mustafin, R.Hinca, I.Strasik, M.Pavlovic, D.Schardt, N.Sobolevskiy, A.Golubev, B.Sharkov, G.Fehrenbacher, I.Hofmann, H.Iwase, E.Kozlova, G.Mustafina

First results of an experimental study of the residual activity induced by high-energy uranium ions in steel and copper

NUCLEAR REACTIONS C, N, P, Si, S, Mn, Cr, Ni, Fe, Cu(238U, X), E=500 MeV/nucleon; measured Eγ, Iγ, residual activity using stacked foil activation technique.

doi: 10.1016/j.nimb.2007.03.077
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2007SC30      Nucl.Phys. A787, 633c (2007)

D.Schardt, for the Heavy-Ion Therapy Collaboration

Tumor therapy with high-energy carbon ion beams

doi: 10.1016/j.nuclphysa.2006.12.097
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2005YO11      Nucl.Instrum.Methods Phys.Res. B240, 863 (2005)

O.Yordanov, K.Gunzert-Marx, P.Adrich, T.Aumann, K.Boretzky, H.Emling, G.Fehrenbacher, F.Gutermuth, H.Iwase, H.Johansson, K.L.Jones, A.Kovalov, T.Radon, D.Schardt

Neutron yields from 1 GeV/nucleon 238U ion beams on Fe target

NUCLEAR REACTIONS Fe(238U, nX), E=1 GeV/nucleon; measured neutron spectra, yields, angular distribution.

doi: 10.1016/j.nimb.2005.06.199
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1999GO32      Nucl.Instrum.Methods Phys.Res. B159, 233 (1999)

A.N.Golovchenko, J.Skvarc, R.Ilic, L.Sihver, V.P.Bamblevski, S.P.Tretyakova, D.Schardt, R.K.Tripathi, J.W.Wilson, R.Bimbot

Fragmentation of 200 and 244 MeV/u Carbon Beams in Thick Tissue-Like Absorbers

NUCLEAR REACTIONS H, C, O(12C, X), E=200, 244 MeV/nucleon; measured fragments charge distributions in thick targets; deduced charge removal σ. Lucite, water targets, CR-39 track detectors.

doi: 10.1016/S0168-583X(99)00546-7
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1997CO21      Z.Phys. A358, 241 (1997)

R.Collatz, P.Kleinheinz, B.Rubio, J.L.Tain, M.Piiparinen, H.Keller, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, E.Roeckl, D.Schardt

Gamow-Teller Strength from the β+ Decay of 66147Dy81

RADIOACTIVITY 147Dy(β+); measured Eγ, Iγ; deduced Gamow-Teller strength functions. 147Tb levels deduced feeding Iβ. Total absorption spectrometer.

doi: 10.1007/s002180050319
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1996GA24      Z.Phys. A355, 253 (1996)

A.Gadea, B.Rubio, J.L.Tain, J.Rico, J.Bea, L.M.Garcia-Raffi, P.Kleinheinz, D.Schardt, E.Roeckl, R.Kirchner, J.Blomqvist

Properties of the 69150Tm81 6- β-Decaying Isomer

RADIOACTIVITY 148Ho, 150Tm(β-) [from 96Ru, 94Mo(58Ni, X), E=5 MeV/nucleon]; measured γγ-, (X-ray)γ-coin. 148Dy, 150Er deduced levels, J, π, configuration ICC, γ multipolarity. Shell model.

doi: 10.1007/s002180050107
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1996SC47      Nucl.Instrum.Methods Phys.Res. B117, 221 (1996)

I.Schall, D.Schardt, H.Geissel, H.Irnich, E.Kankeleit, G.Kraft, A.Magel, M.F.Mohar, G.Munzenberg, F.Nickel, C.Scheidenberger, W.Schwab

Charge-Changing Nuclear Reactions of Relativistic Light-Ion Beams (5 ≤ Z ≤ 10) Passing Through Thick Absorbers

NUCLEAR REACTIONS H, C, O, 27Al(10B, X), (12C, X), (14N, X), (15O, X), (16O, X), (18F, X), (19Ne, X), (20Ne, X), E=200-670 MeV/nucleon; measured fragments charge distributions; deduced partial, total charge-changing reactions σ. Water, lucite, polyethylene targets.

doi: 10.1016/0168-583X(96)00325-4
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1995KR04      Z.Phys. A351, 11 (1995)

K.Krumbholz, W.-D.Schmidt-Ott, T.Hild, V.Kunze, F.Meissner, C.Wennemann, H.Keller, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, E.Roeckl, D.Schardt, K.Rykaczewski

Evidence for the I(π) = 8-, K = 8 Isomeric State in 184Hf

NUCLEAR REACTIONS W(136Xe, X), E=11.4 MeV/nucleon; measured Eβ, Iβ, Eγ, Iγ, βγ-, γγ-coin.

RADIOACTIVITY 184Lu(β-) [from W(136Xe, X), E=11.4 MeV/nucleon]; measured Eβ, Iβ, Eγ, Iγ, βγ-, γγ-coin. 184Lu deduced T1/2. 184Hf deduced levels, Eγ, relative Iγ, T1/2.

doi: 10.1007/BF01292780
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1995PF01      Nucl.Phys. A581, 205 (1995)

M.Pfutzner, A.Plochocki, K.Rykaczewski, J.Szerypo, J.Zylicz, H.Keller, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, E.Roeckl, D.Schardt, M.Huyse, G.Reusen, P.Van Duppen, B.A.Brown

The Gamow-Teller Decay of 105Sn to Three-Particle States in 105In

RADIOACTIVITY 105Sn(EC), (β+) [from 50Cr(50Ni, n2p), E=5.3 MeV/nucleon, mass separation]; measured Eγ, Iγ, γγ-coin, T1/2. 105In deduced levels, Gamow-Teller transition strength distribution. Enriched target. Ge detectors.

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 105Sn, 105In; calculated Gamow-Teller transition strength distribution. Shell model.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(94)00330-P
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1995SZ01      Nucl.Phys. A584, 221 (1995)

J.Szerypo, M.Huyse, G.Reusen, P.Van Duppen, Z.Janas, H.Keller, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, A.Piechaczek, E.Roeckl, D.Schardt, K.Schmidt, R.Grzywacz, M.Pfutzner, A.Plochocki, K.Rykaczewski, J.Zylicz, G.Alkhazov, L.Batist, A.Bykov, V.Wittmann, B.A.Brown

Beta Decay of Neutron-Deficient Even-Mass Indium Isotopes: Evidence for population of highly-excited states in the Cadmium-daughter nuclei

RADIOACTIVITY 100,102,104In(EC), (β+) [from 50Cr(58Ni, xn3p), E=5.6 MeV/nucleon]; measured Eγ, Iγ, β-delayed Ep, Ip, Eβ, pγ-, βγ-, γγ-coin, T1/2; deduced B(GT). 102Cd deduced levels. Ge, Si detectors, on-line mass separation.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(94)00513-M
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1994ME13      Z.Phys. A349, 13 (1994)

R.Menegazzo, P.Kleinheinz, R.Collatz, H.Guven, J.Styczen, D.Schardt, H.Keller, O.Klepper, G.Walter, A.Huck, G.Marguier, J.Blomqvist, and the ISOLDE Collaboration

The N = 83 Nucleus 149Dy from Gamow-Teller Decay of Its (11/2)- and (1/2)+ 149Ho Parents

RADIOACTIVITY 149Ho(β+) [from 94,95Mo(58Ni, X), E=5-4 MeV/nucleon]; measured γγ-, γ(X-ray)-coin; deduced (1/2)+, (11/2)- level decay, T1/2. 149Dy deduced Gamow-Teller decay strength, levels, configuration.

doi: 10.1007/BF01296328
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1993FR07      Nucl.Phys. A553, 753c (1993)

J.Friese, H.-J.Korner, J.Reinhold, R.Schneider, H.Trieb, K.Zeitelhack, B.Blank, T.Brohm, Y.Fujita, H.Geissel, W.Konig, G.Munzenberg, F.Nickel, M.Pfutzner, K.Rykaczewski, I.Schall, D.Schardt, A.Schroter, M.Steiner, K.Summerer, B.Voss, J.Weckenmann

Production of Neutron Rich Nuclei by Fragmentation of 760 A.MeV 136Xe

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 27Al(136Xe, X), E=760 MeV/nucleon; measured production σ for 127,136I, 135,134Te, 132,133Sb, 129,130Sn, 124Cd, 122Ag, 119Pd, 116Rh, σ(E) for isotopes with mass ≈ 115-135.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(93)90693-R
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1993SC16      Z.Phys. A345, 265 (1993)

D.Schardt, K.Riisager

Beta-Neutrino Recoil Broadening in β-Delayed Proton Emission of 32Ar and 33Ar

RADIOACTIVITY 32,33Ar(β+p) [from Ca(p, X), E=600 MeV]; measured β-delayed Ep, Ip. 32Cl deduced level width. 33Cl deduced level width, Gamow-Teller transition strength to IAS.

doi: 10.1007/BF01280833
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1992GE09      Nucl.Instrum.Methods Phys.Res. B70, 286 (1992)

H.Geissel, P.Armbruster, K.H.Behr, A.Brunle, K.Burkard, M.Chen, H.Folger, B.Franczak, H.Keller, O.Klepper, B.Langenbeck, F.Nickel, E.Pfeng, M.Pfutzner, E.Roeckl, K.Rykaczewski, I.Schall, D.Schardt, C.Scheidenberger, K.-H.Schmidt, A.Schroter, T.Schwab, K.Summerer, M.Weber, G.Munzenberg, T.Brohm, H.-G.Clerc, M.Fauerbach, J.-J.Gaimard, A.Grewe, E.Hanelt, B.Knodler, M.Steiner, B.Voss, J.Weckenmann, C.Ziegler, A.Magel, H.Wollnik, J.P.Dufour, Y.Fujita, D.J.Vieira, B.Sherrill

The GSI Projectile Fragment Separator (FRS): A versatile magnetic system for relativistic heavy ions

doi: 10.1016/0168-583X(92)95944-M
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1992PL01      Z.Phys. A342, 43 (1992)

A.Plochocki, K.Rykaczewski, T.Batsch, J.Szerypo, J.Zylicz, R.Barden, O.Klepper, E.Roeckl, D.Schardt, H.Gabelmann, P.Hill, H.Ravn, T.Thorsteinsen, I.S.Grant, H.Grawe, P.Manakos, L.D.Skouras, and the ISOLDE Collaboration

Gamow-Teller Beta Decay of the Very Neutron-Deficient N = 50 Nuclide 98Cd

RADIOACTIVITY 98Cd(EC), (β+) [from Sn(p, X), E=600 MeV]; measured Eγ, Iγ, γγ-, γ(X-ray)-coin; deduced Q(EC). 98Ag deduced levels, relative Iγ, ICC, J, π, Gamow-Teller transition strength, γ-multipolarity. Shell model.

1991BE04      Nucl.Phys. A522, 557 (1991)

K.Becker, F.Meissner, W.-D.Schmidt-Ott, U.Bosch, V.Kunze, H.Salewski, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, E.Roeckl, D.Schardt, K.Rykaczewski

Investigation of the New Isotope 172Ho and of 174Er

RADIOACTIVITY 172Ho, 174Er [from 186W(136Xe, X), E=11.6 MeV/nucleon, mass separation]; measured Eγ, Iγ, βγ-, γγ-coin, T1/2. 172Er, 174Tm deduced levels, J, π. Plastic scintillators, Ge detectors.

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 172Ho, 174Tm; calculated levels. Deformed shell model.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(91)90080-P
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1991KE06      Nucl.Instrum.Methods Phys.Res. A300, 67 (1991)

H.Keller, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, E.Roeckl, D.Schardt, R.S.Simon, P.Kleinheinz, C.F.Liang, P.Paris

A Summation-Free β+-Endpoint Spectrometer

RADIOACTIVITY 149mTb [from 94,95Mo(58Ni, X), E=5.3 MeV/nucleon]; measured β+γ-coin; deduced β+-endpoint energy. Summation-free β+-endpoint spectrometer.

doi: 10.1016/0168-9002(91)90707-W
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1991KE08      Z.Phys. A339, 355 (1991)

H.Keller, R.Barden, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, E.Roeckl, D.Schardt, I.S.Grant, A.Plochocki, K.Rykaczewski, J.Szerypo, J.Zylicz, and the ISOLDE Collaboration

Q(EC) Value and Gamow-Teller Strength of the 102Cd EC/β+ Decay

RADIOACTIVITY 102Cd [from 92Mo(16O, X), 50Cr(58Ni, X), E=9.2, 5.3 MeV/nucleon, respectively; Sn(p, X), E=600 MeV]; measured Eγ, Iγ, I(ce), γ(X-ray)-coin, γγ-coin; deduced T1/2, Q(EC). 102Ag deduced levels, J, π, ICC, Gamow-Teller transition strength.

doi: 10.1007/BF01560637
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1991KE11      Z.Phys. A340, 363 (1991)

H.Keller, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, E.Roeckl, D.Schardt, R.S.Simon, P.Kleinheinz, R.Menegazzo, C.F.Liang, P.Paris, K.Rykaczewski, J.Zylicz

β+-Endpoint Measurements Near 100Sn and 146Gd

RADIOACTIVITY 104Sn, 147Tb, 148,149Dy, 149Ho, 150Er, 151Tm(β+); measured γ-spectra, Eβ; deduced Q(EC). 104Sn deduced mass excess. Other nuclei discussed.

doi: 10.1007/BF01290323
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1991SZ03      Nucl.Phys. A528, 203 (1991)

J.Szerypo, D.Bazin, B.A.Brown, D.Guillemaud-Mueller, H.Keller, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, D.Morrissey, E.Roeckl, D.Schardt, B.Sherrill

The Beta Decay of 48Mn Improved Data on Gamow-Teller Quenching

RADIOACTIVITY 48Mn [from 12C(40Ca, 3np)]; measured T1/2, β-delayed Eγ, Iγ, β-delayed Ep, Ip, γγ-, pγ-coin; deduced log ft. 48Cr deduced levels, Fermi and Gamow-Teller transition strength. Shell-model calculations. Ge, surface-barrier Si detectors, on-line mass separation.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(91)90424-5
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1990SZ02      Nucl.Phys. A507, 357 (1990)

J.Szerypo, R.Barden, L.Kalinowski, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, A.Plochocki, E.Roeckl, K.Rykaczewski, D.Schardt, J.Zylicz

Low-Lying Levels in 104In and a Problem of Spin-Mixing in Hyperfine Fields

RADIOACTIVITY 104Sn(EC), (β+) [from 58Ni(50Cr, xnyp), E=5 MeV/nucleon]; 104mIn(IT); measured Eγ, Iγ, I(ce), βγ-, β(ce)-, γ(ce)-coin, T1/2. 104In deduced levels, ICC, transition γ-multipolarity. Plastic scintillator, Ge, mini-orange detectors, on-line mass separation.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(90)90297-Y
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1989ME13      Z.Phys. A334, 525 (1989)

R.Menegazzo, H.Guven, J.Styczen, N.Roy, P.Kleinheinz, D.Schardt, R.Barden, G.Walter, A.Huck, G.Marguier, J.Blomqvist, and the ISOLDE Collaboration

Gamow-Teller Strength and Particle-Phonon States in 149Dy from Decay of Its (11/2)- and (1/2)+ 149Ho Parents

RADIOACTIVITY 149Ho(β+), (EC); measured I(ce). 149Dy deduced levels, J, π, configuration, Gamow-Teller transition strength distribution. Other data input.

1989RY02      Z.Phys. A332, 275 (1989)

K.Rykaczewski, A.Plochocki, I.S.Grant, H.Gabelmann, R.Barden, D.Schardt, J.Zylicz, G.Nyman, and the ISOLDE Collaboration

The Gamow-Teller Beta Decay of 100Cd

RADIOACTIVITY 100Cd(EC), (β+) [from Sn(p, X), E=600 MeV]; measured E(γ), I(γ), γγ-coin, I(ce); deduced Q(EC). 100Ag deduced levels, possible J, π, Gamow-Teller transition strength.

1989RY04      Nucl.Phys. A499, 529 (1989)

K.Rykaczewski, K.-L.Gippert, N.Kaffrell, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, V.T.Koslowsky, W.Kurcewicz, W.Nazarewicz, E.Roeckl, E.Runte, D.Schardt, W.-D.Schmidt-ott, P.Tidemand-Petersson

Investigation of Neutron-Rich Rare-Earth Nuclei Including the New Isotopes 177Tm and 184Lu

RADIOACTIVITY 177Tm, 184Lu [from W(136Xe, X), E=9, 11.7 MeV/nucleon; W(186W, X), E=11.7, 15 MeV/nucleon; W(238U, X), E=11.4 MeV/nucleon; mass separation]; measured Eγ, Iγ, βγ-, γγ-coin, T1/2. 177Yb, 184Hf deduced levels, J, π. Plastic scintillators, Ge detectors.

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 171Er, 180Yb, 180,181,183,185Lu, 175,177,179,181,183,185Hf; calculated levels, allowed unhindered beta transitions. Deformed shell model.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(89)90544-7
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1989TA11      Z.Phys. A333, 29 (1989)

J.L.Tain, B.Rubio, P.Kleinheinz, D.Schardt, R.Barden, J.Blomqvist

Two-Nucleon Excitations in 66148Dy82 from Gamow-Teller Decay of the 67148Ho81 6- Isomer

RADIOACTIVITY 148Ho(EC) [from 96Ru, 92,94Mo, 93Nb(58Ni, X), E=5 MeV/nucleon]; measured Eγ, Iγ, γ(X-ray), γγ-coin; deduced isomer T1/2, configuration. 148Dy deduced levels, J, π, T1/2, configurations.

1988BA02      Z.Phys. A329, 11 (1988)

R.Barden, A.Plochocki, D.Schardt, B.Rubio, M.Ogawa, P.Kleinheinz, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, J.Blomqvist

Beta-Decay of 27/2- Isomers in N = 83 Nuclei

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 96Mo(58Ni, n2p), (64Zn, n4p), E=5 MeV/nucleon; measured Eγ, Iγ, γγ-coin. 151Er deduced isomer T1/2, decay features, IT to β-decay branching, B(E3), levels, J, π, γ-multipolarity. 90Zr(64Zn, n4p), 89Y(64Zn, n3p), E=5 MeV/nucleon; measured Eγ, Iγ. 149Dy deduced isomer decay characteristics, β-branching, log ft. 151Ho deduced levels, J, π, γ-multipolarity. 92Mo(64Zn, n2p), E=5 MeV/nucleon; measured Eγ, Iγ, E X-ray, I X-ray. 153Yb deduced T1/2, no E3 isomer.

RADIOACTIVITY 151mEr [from 96Mo(58Ni, n2p), (64Zn, n4p), E=5 MeV/nucleon]; measured Eγ, Iγ, γγ-coin; deduced isomer T1/2, decay characteristics, IT to β-decay branching, B(E3). 151Ho deduced levels, J, π, γ-multipolarity. 149mDy [from 90Zr(64Zn, n4p), 89Y(64Zn, n3p), E=5 MeV/nucleon]; measured Eγ, Iγ; deduced isomer decay characteristics, β-branching, log ft.

1988BA10      Z.Phys. A329, 319 (1988)

R.Barden, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, A.Plochocki, G.-E.Rathke, E.Roeckl, K.Rykaczewski, D.Schardt, J.Zylicz

The Gamow-Teller Beta Decay of Neutron-Deficient Even Isotopes of Tin

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 50Cr(58Ni, X), E=5 MeV/nucleon; measured γγ-coin.

RADIOACTIVITY 104Sn(EC), (β+) [from 50Cr(58Ni, X), E=5 MeV/nucleon]; measured Eγ, Iγ, γγ-, γ(X-ray), γ(ce)-coin; deduced Q(EC), T1/2, Gamow-Teller decay features. 104In deduced levels, transition γ-multipolarity, ICC, isomer, possible J, π. 106,108Sn; analyzed data; deduced Q(EC), T1/2, Gamow-Teller decay features. 106In deduced levels, transition γ-multipolarity, ICC. Model comparison.

1988BO06      Nucl.Phys. A477, 89 (1988)

U.Bosch, W.-D.Schmidt-Ott, E.Runte, P.Tidemand-Petersson, P.Koschel, F.Meissner, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, E.Roeckl, K.Rykaczewski, D.Schardt

Beta- and Gamma-Decay Studies of Neutron-Rich Chromium, Manganese, Cobalt and Nickel Isotopes Including the New Isotopes 60Cr and 60gMn

RADIOACTIVITY 58,59,60Cr, 58,60Mn, 65,66,67Co, 69Ni [from W(76Ge, X), E=11.5 MeV/nucleon, mass separation]; measured E(γ), I(γ), βγ-, γγ-coin, T1/2, Q(β); deduced log ft. 58Mn, 65,66,67Ni, 69Cu deduced levels, J, π. Plastic scintillators, Si, Ge detectors.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(88)90362-4
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1987KI14      Nucl.Instrum.Methods Phys.Res. B26, 235 (1987)

R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, D.Schardt, T.Sekine

Ion Source Development for the GSI On-Line Isotope Separator

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 12C(40Ca, X)47V/45Cr/47Cr/49Cr/48Mn/49Mn/50mMn/49Fe, E=7.3, 9.8, 13 MeV/nucleon; Zr, 93Nb, Mo, Ru, Rh, Pd, Cd(40Ca, X), (58Ni, X)145Dy/146Ho/150Er/151Tm/152Yb/157Lu, E ≈ 5 MeV/nucleon; measured residue yields, isotope separation efficiencies. Activation technique.

doi: 10.1016/0168-583X(87)90756-7
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1987LI09      Phys.Lett. 191B, 245 (1987)

C.F.Liang, P.Paris, P.Kleinheinz, B.Rubio, M.Piiparinen, D.Schardt, A.Plochocki, R.Barden

Relative Energies of the πh11/2 and πs1/2 β-Decay Isomers

RADIOACTIVITY 147Tb(β+) [from 151Ho decay]; 151Ho(β+), (α) [from 159Tb(3He, 11n), E=280 MeV]; measured Eα, Eγ, αγ-coin. 147Tb, 151Ho deduced isomers, T1/2, J, π. Ge(Li), Si detectors.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(87)90248-6
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1987SE07      Nucl.Phys. A467, 93 (1987)

T.Sekine, J.Cerny, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, V.T.Koslowsky, A.Plochocki, E.Roeckl, D.Schardt, B.Sherrill, B.A.Brown

The Beta Decay of 48Mn: Gamow-Teller quenching in fp-shell nuclei

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 48V, 48Cr; calculated levels. 44V, 48Ca; calculated Gamow-Teller transition strength distribution. Shell model.

RADIOACTIVITY 48Mn(β+p) [from 12C(40Ca, 3np), E=11.4 MeV/nucleon]; measured β-delayed E(p), I(p), Eγ, βγ-, γγ-coin, T1/2; deduced log ft. 48Cr deduced levels, I(β), γ-branching. Plastic scintillator, Ge(Li), surface barrier Si detectors. On-line mass separation.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(87)90330-7
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1986EB01      Z.Phys. A323, 119 (1986)

J.Eberz, U.Dinger, T.Horiguchi, G.Huber, H.Lochmann, R.Menges, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, T.Kuhl, D.Marx, E.Roeckl, D.Schardt, G.Ulm

Collinear Laser Spectroscopy on 108g,108mIn using an Ion Source with Bunched Beam Release

RADIOACTIVITY 108,108mIn(EC), (β+) [from 97Mo(16O, 4np)]; measured hfs, isotope shifts. 108,108mIn deduced μ, nuclear rms charge radii, quadrupole moment, J. Collinear laser spectroscopy, bunched beam release ion source.

1986GI08      Nucl.Phys. A453, 1 (1986)

K.-L.Gippert, E.Runte, W.-D.Schmidt-Ott, P.Tidemand-Petersson, N.Kaffrell, P.Peuser, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, W.Kurcewicz, P.O.Larsson, E.Roeckl, D.Schardt, K.Rykaczewski

Decay Studies of Neutron-Rich Radium and Actinium Isotopes, including the New Nuclides 232Ra and 232,234Ac

RADIOACTIVITY 232Ra, 231,232,233,234Ac(β-) [from W(238U, X), E=11.4 MeV/nucleon, mass separation]; measured Eγ, Iγ, βγ-, γγ-coin, T1/2; deduced log ft. 232,234Th deduced levels, J, π. Plastic scintillators, Ge detectors.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(86)90025-4
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1986SC10      Phys.Rev. C33, 1547 (1986)

M.Schadel, W.Bruchle, M.Brugger, H.Gaggeler, K.J.Moody, D.Schardt, K.Summerer, E.K.Hulet, A.D.Dougan, R.J.Dougan, J.H.Landrum, R.W.Lougheed, J.F.Wild, G.D.O'Kelley

Transfer Cross Sections from Reactions with 254Es as a Target

NUCLEAR REACTIONS, ICPND 254Es(16O, X), E=98 MeV; measured production σ for No, Lr isotopes. 254Es(18O, X)260Md/261Md/260No/261No/262No/261Lr/262Lr/263Lr, E=98 MeV; 254Es(22Ne, X)260Md/261Md/260No/261No/262No/261Lr/262Lr/263Lr, E=127 MeV; measured residual production σ. Activation technique.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.33.1547
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 datasetA0358.

1985BJ01      Nucl.Phys. A443, 283 (1985)

T.Bjornstad, M.J.G.Borge, P.Dessagne, R.-D.Von Dincklage, G.T.Ewan, P.G.Hansen, A.Huck, B.Jonson, G.Klotz, A.Knipper, P.O.Larsson, G.Nyman, H.L.Ravn, C.Richard-Serre, K.Riisager, D.Schardt, G.Walter, and the ISOLDE Collaboration

Study of the Giant Gamow-Teller Resonance in Nuclear β-Decay: The case of 32Ar

RADIOACTIVITY 32Ar(β+p) [from 40Ca(p, 3p6n) reaction]; measured β-delayed E(p), I(p), E(γ), I(γ), pγ-coin; deduced axial vector strength renormalization, β-strength function. 32Ar deduced T1/2. 32Cl deduced levels, proton braching ratio, Gamow-Teller strength function. CaO target, Ge, surface barrier Si, CsI detectors. On-line mass separation.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(85)90264-7
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1985BO49      Phys.Lett. 164B, 22 (1985)

U.Bosch, W.-D.Schmidt-Ott, P.Tidemand-Petersson, E.Runte, W.Hillebrandt, M.Lechle, F.-K.Thielemann, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, E.Roeckl, K.Rykaczewski, D.Schardt, N.Kaffrell, M.Bernas, Ph.Dessagne, W.Kurcewicz

Beta-Decay Half-Lives of New Neutron-Rich Chromium-to-Nickel Isotopes and Their Consequences for the Astrophysical R-Process

RADIOACTIVITY 58,59Cr, 63Mn, 66,67Co, 69Ni(β-) [from W(76Ge, X), E=11.4 MeV/nucleon]; measured Eγ, Eβ, βγ-coin; deduced T1/2, r-process implications. Other data considered.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(85)90023-1
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1985KI08      Nucl.Instrum.Methods 234, 224 (1985)

R.Kirchner, D.Marx, O.Klepper, V.T.Koslowsky, T.Kuhl, P.O.Larsson, E.Roeckl, K.Rykaczewski, D.Schardt, J.Eberz, G.Huber, H.Lochmann, R.Menges, G.Ulm

Intense Beams of Mass-Separated, Neutron-Deficient Indium, Tin, Thallium and Lead Isotopes

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 98Mo(16O, xnp)112In/111In/110In/109In/108In/107In/106In/105In, E=50-160 MeV/nucleon; calculated residuals production σ(E). 92,94,98Mo(16O, xn), (16O, xnp)104Sn/105Sn/106Sn/107Sn/108Sn/109Sn/110Sn/111Sn/112Sn/104In/105In/106In/107In/108In/109In/110In/111In, E not given; measured residuals ground state, isomer production rates.

doi: 10.1016/0168-9002(85)90909-X
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1985KL10      Z.Phys. A322, 705 (1985)

P.Kleinheinz, B.Rubio, M.Ogawa, M.Piiparinen, A.Plochocki, D.Schardt, R.Barden, O.Klepper, R.Kirchner, E.Roeckl

Beta-Decay of 151Yb

RADIOACTIVITY 151Yb(β+) [from 96Ru(56Ni, n2p)]; measured Eγ, Iγ, E X-ray, I X-ray, γ(X-ray)-coin. 151Tm deduced levels, J, π, isomer, T1/2, γ-branching, γ-multipolarity.

doi: 10.1007/BF01415157
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1985LO18      Z.Phys. A322, 703 (1985)

H.Lochmann, U.Dinger, J.Eberz, G.Huber, R.Menges, G.Ulm, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, T.U.Kuhl, D.Marx, D.Schardt

Nuclear Moments and Charge Radii of 105,106In

RADIOACTIVITY 105,106In(β+), (EC) [from 94Mo(16O, 4np), (16O, 3np), E=9 MeV/nucleon]; measured optical hfs, isotope shifts. 105,106In deduced μ, intrinsic quadrupole moments, nuclear charge distribution rms radii.

doi: 10.1007/BF01415156
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1985RA19      Z.Phys. A321, 599 (1985)

G.-E.Rathke, K.Rykaczewski, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, V.T.Koslowsky, E.Roeckl, D.Schardt, I.S.Grant, P.O.Larsson, A.Plochocki, J.Zylicz, P.Tidemand-Petersson

Decay Properties of the New Proton-Rich Nucleus 104Sn: Mass determinations beyond the proton drip line

RADIOACTIVITY 104Sn(β+), (EC) [from 50Cr(58Ni, 2n2p), E=4.68 MeV/nucleon]; measured Eγ, Iγ, γγ-, γ(X-ray)-coin; deduced Q(EC), T1/2. 104In deduced levels, (β+/(β++EC)) ratios. 108Te, 109I, 112Xe, 113Cs deduced mass excess. Other data input.

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 50Cr(58Ni, 2n2p), E=4.68 MeV/nucleon; measured Eγ, Iγ, γγ-, γ(X-ray)-coin.

doi: 10.1007/BF01432436
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1985RU05      Nucl.Phys. A441, 237 (1985)

E.Runte, K.-L.Gippert, W.-D.Schmidt-Ott, P.Tidemand-Petersson, L.Ziegeler, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, P.O.Larsson, E.Roeckl, D.Schardt, N.Kaffrell, P.Peuser, M.Bernas, P.Dessagne, M.Langevin, K.Rykaczewski

Decay Studies of Neutron-Rich Isotopes of Manganese, Iron, Cobalt, Nickel, Copper and Zinc

RADIOACTIVITY 60,61Mn, 63,64Fe, 63,65Co, 67,69Ni, 69Cu, 73mZn(β-) [from W(82Se, X), E=11.5 MeV/nucleon, mass separation]; measured Eγ, Iγ, βγ-, γγ-coin, T1/2; deduced log ft. 61Fe, 63,64Co, 63,65Ni, 67Cu, 69,73Zn deduced levels, J, π. Plastic scintillators, Ge detectors.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(85)90032-6
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1985RY02      Z.Phys. A322, 263 (1985)

K.Rykaczewski, I.S.Grant, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, V.T.Koslowsky, P.O.Larson, E.Nolte, G.Nyman, E.Roeckl, D.Schardt, L.Spanier, P.Tidemand-Petersson, E.F.Zganjar, J.Zylicz

The Gamow-Teller Transitions in the 96Pd → 96Rh Decay

RADIOACTIVITY 96Pd(EC), (β+) [from 60Ni(40Ca, xnyp), E=167 MeV]; measured Eγ, Iγ, γγ-coin; deduced Q(EC), mass excess, (β+/(EC+β+)) branching ratios. 96Rh deduced levels, J, π, γ-multipolarity, Gamow-Teller transition strengths.

doi: 10.1007/BF01411890
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1985TI02      Nucl.Phys. A437, 342 (1985)

P.Tidemand-Petersson, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, E.Roeckl, D.Schardt, A.Plochocki, J.Zylicz

β-Delayed Particle Emission from Neutron-Deficient Te, I, Xe, Cs and Ba Isotopes

RADIOACTIVITY 108,109Te, 110,112I, 113Xe, 114,116Cs, 117Ba(β+p), (β+α) [from 58,63Cu(58Ni, xnyp), E=290 MeV]; measured β-delayed Ep, Ip, Eα, Iα, Eβ, Iβ, pγ-, pβ+-, αγ-, X-rayp-coin; deduced Q(EC)-Sp, proton-, α-branching ratios. 112Te deduced mass, transitions. 110Te, 113I, 116Xe; deduced transitions. Enriched targets, mass separated samples, plastic scintillator, Ge, Ge(Li), surface barrier Si detectors.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(85)90094-6
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1985UL03      Z.Phys. A321, 395 (1985)

G.Ulm, J.Eberz, G.Huber, H.Lochmann, R.Menges, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, T.Kuhl, P.O.Larsson, D.Marx, D.Murnick, D.Schardt

Nuclear Moments and Charge Radii of 107-111In Determined by Laser Spectroscopy

RADIOACTIVITY 107,108,109,110mIn(EC), (β+); 111In(EC); measured hfs, isotope shifts; deduced μ, quadrupole moment, rms charge radii. Collinear fast atomic beam laser spectroscopy, on-line mass separated sources.

NUCLEAR MOMENTS 113,115In; measured hfs, isotope shifts; deduced μ, quadrupole moment, rms charge radii. Collinear fast atomic beam laser spectroscopy.

doi: 10.1007/BF01411970
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1984ES02      Z.Phys. A317, 281 (1984)

W.Eschner, W.-D.Schmidt-Ott, K.-L.Gippert, E.Runte, H.Beer, G.Walter, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, E.Roeckl, D.Schardt

Measurement of the β-Decay Branch in 180Lu to 180mHf for Investigation of the r-Process Nucleosynthesis of 180mTa

RADIOACTIVITY 180mLu(β-) [from mass separation]; 180mHf [from 180Lu(β-decay)]; 177mHf(IT) [from mass separation]; measured β-branching, γ-spectra; deduced r-process nucleosynthesis role in 180mTa solar abundance.

doi: 10.1007/BF01438359
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1983LA27      Z.Phys. A314, 9 (1983)

P.O.Larsson, T.Batsch, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, W.Kurcewicz, E.Roeckl, D.Schardt, W.F.Feix, G.Nyman, P.Tidemand-Petersson

Direct Proton Decay of 0.56-s 147Tm and Search for this Decay Mode among very Neutron-Deficient Isotopes with 53 ≤ Z ≤ 67

RADIOACTIVITY 147Tm [from 92Mo(58Ni, 2np), E=5 MeV/nuclei]; measured Ep, Ip, β+p-coin, direct proton decay T1/2. 109I, 113Cs, 126,127,128Pm, 130,131,132,133Eu, 136,137,138Tb, 142,143Ho; deduced no evidence for direct proton decay, T1/2 limits.

doi: 10.1007/BF01411823
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1983RY01      Z.Phys. A309, 273 (1983)

K.Rykaczewski, R.Kirchner, W.Kurcewicz, D.Schardt, N.Kaffrell, P.Peuser, E.Runte, W.-D.Schmidt-Ott, P.Tidemand-Petersson, K.-L.Gippert

The New Neutron-Rich Isotope 183Lu

NUCLEAR REACTIONS W, Ta(136Xe, X), E=11.7 MeV/nucleon; measured Eγ, Iγ, βγ-, γ(X-ray)-coin; deduced evidence for 183Lu.

RADIOACTIVITY 183Lu(β-) [from W, Ta(136Xe, X), E=11.7 MeV/nucleon]; measured Eγ, Iγ, βγ-, γ(X-ray)-coin; deduced T1/2, log ft. 183Hf deduced levels, possible J, π, γ-branching, γ-multipolarity, configuration. Natural W, Ta targets, mass separation.

doi: 10.1007/BF01413760
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1982KL03      Z.Phys. A305, 125 (1982)

O.Klepper, T.Batsch, S.Hofmann, R.Kirchner, W.Kurcewicz, W.Reisdorf, E.Roeckl, D.Schardt, G.Nyman

Direct and Beta-Delayed Proton Decay of Very Neutron-Deficient Rare-Earth Isotopes Produced in the Reaction 58Ni + 92Mo

RADIOACTIVITY 147Tm [from 92Mo(58Ni, 2np)]; measured direct proton decay T1/2, Ep, Ip, β-delayed Ep, Ip, T1/2 lower limit. E-ΔE detector anticoincidence, sum spectra, evaporation residue mass separation.

doi: 10.1007/BF01415019
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1982KU15      Z.Phys. A308, 21 (1982)

W.Kurcewicz, E.F.Zganjar, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, E.Roeckl, P.Komninos, E.Nolte, D.Schardt, P.Tidemand-Petersson

Investigations of very Neutron-Deficient Isotopes below 100Sn in 40Ca-Induced Reactions

RADIOACTIVITY 94Rh(β+p), 94Pd(β+), (EC), 95mPd(β+p), 96Pd(β+), (EC), 96Ag(β+p), 97Cd(β+p), 97Ag(β+), 98Ag(β+), 99Cd(β+p), 99mAg(β+), (EC), 102In(β+), (EC), 100In(β+p) [from 58,60,62Ni, 63,65Cu(40Ca, xnyp), E=4 MeV/nucleon]; measured T1/2, Eγ, Iγ, β-delayed Ep, Ip, βγ-, p(X-ray)-coin, E(X-ray), I(X-ray); deduced log ft. 95,96Rh, 96,98Pd deduced levels, J, π, γ-branching. On-line mass separation.

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 58,62Ni, 63Cu(40Ca, xnyp), E=4 MeV/nucleon; measured Eγ, Iγ, β-delay Ep, Ip, βγ-, p(X-ray)-coin, E(X-ray), I(X-ray); deduced evidence for 94Rh, 96Ag, 97Cd, 100In. 94Pd precursors.

doi: 10.1007/BF01415845
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1981BJ03      Nucl.Phys. A366, 461 (1981)

T.Bjornstad, H.A.Gustafsson, B.Jonson, P.O.Larsson, V.Lindfors, S.Mattsson, G.Nyman, A.M.Poskanzer, H.L.Ravn, D.Schardt

The Decay of 8He

RADIOACTIVITY 8He [from U(p, X), U(3He, X), chemical mass separation]; measured β-delayed En, In, βγ-coin, T1/2; deduced delayed neutron branching, log ft. Natural targets.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(81)90522-4
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 dataset23273.

1981BJ04      Z.Phys. A303, 227 (1981)

T.Bjornstad, H.-A.Gustafsson, B.Jonson, O.C.Jonsson, V.Lindfors, S.Mattsson, A.M.Poskanzer, H.L.Ravn, D.Schardt, the ISOLDE Collaboration

Comparative Yields of Alkali Elements and Thallium form Uranium Irradiated with GeV Protons, 3He and 12C

NUCLEAR REACTIONS U(p, X), E=600 MeV; U(3He, X), E=890 MeV; U(12C, X)E=936 MeV; measured absolute, comparative yields for 24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34Na, 37,38,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53K, 184,185,186,187,188,190,191,193,195,197Tl, 202,203,204,205,206,207,208,209,210,211,212,213,219,220,221,222,224,225,226,228,229,230Fr. Activation technique, 4π plastic scintillator, β-counting.

Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 datasetO0515.

1981SC17      Nucl.Phys. A368, 153 (1981)

D.Schardt, T.Batsch, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, W.Kurcewicz, E.Roeckl, P.Tidemand-Petersson

Alpha Decay of Neutron-Deficient Isotopes with 52 ≤ Z ≤ 55, Including the New Isotopes 106Te (T1/2 = 60 μs) and 110Xe

RADIOACTIVITY 106,107,108,109,110Te, 110,111,112,113I, 110,111,112,113Xe, 114Cs [from 58Ni(58Ni, xnyp)]; measured T1/2, Eα; deduced α-branching ratios. Mass-separated samples, enriched target, surface-barrier Si detectors.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(81)90737-5
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1980LE27      Z.Phys. A298, 311 (1980)

P.Lemmertz, L.J.Alquist, R.Fass, H.Wollnik, D.Hirdes, H.Jungclas, R.Brandt, D.Schardt, J.Zylicz

Studies on Low Spin Yrast States in 212mPo

RADIOACTIVITY 212Bi [from U(208Pb, X), E=7 MeV/nucleon]; measured Eγ, Eα, αγ-coin; deduced log ft. 212Po deduced levels, T1/2, low-spin yrast band, configuration.

doi: 10.1007/BF01425163
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1980RO04      Z.Phys. A294, 221 (1980)

E.Roeckl, G.M.Gowdy, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, A.Piotrowski, A.Plochocki, W.Reisdorf, P.Tidemand-Petersson, J.Zylicz, D.Schardt, G.Nyman, W.Lindenzweig

The Decay of 0.57 s 114Cs

RADIOACTIVITY 114Cs [from 58Ni(58Ni, np), E=5 MeV/nucleon]; measured Eγ, Iγ, γγ-coin, β-delayed Ep, β-delayed Eα, σ(Eα), E(K X-ray), I(K X-ray), Iβ+, T1/2. 114Cs levels deduced α-, p-branching ratios, J, π. 114Xe; measured Eγ, Iγ, T1/2; deduced levels, γ-branching, J, π, B(E2) ratio. 113I, 110Te deduced levels, J, π. 114I, 114Te deduced level. On-line mass separation. Statistical model.

doi: 10.1007/BF01438159
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1980SC09      Phys.Lett. 91B, 46 (1980)

U.J.Schrewe, P.Tidemand-Petersson, G.M.Gowdy, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, A.Plochocki, W.Reisdorf, E.Roeckl, J.L.Wood, J.Zylicz, R.Fass, D.Schardt

Alpha Decay of Neutron-Deficient Isotopes with 78 ≤ Z ≤ 83 Including the New Isotopes 183,184Pb and 188Bi

RADIOACTIVITY 183,184,185Pb, 182,183,184Hg, 178,179Pt, 183Tl; measured Eα, T1/2, α-branching ratios, reduced Γα. 188Bi; measured E(α), T1/2.

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 142,146Nd, 107Ag(48Ti, X), (84Kr, X), E=4.6-6.3 MeV/nucleon; measured Eα, Iα, T1/2; deduced evidence for 183,184Pb, 188Bi.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(80)90659-0
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1979EW02      Phys.Lett. 84B, 173 (1979)

G.T.Ewan, E.Hagberg, P.G.Hansen, B.Jonson, S.Mattsson, G.Nyman, E.Roeckl, D.Schardt, P.Tidemand-Petersson, The ISOLDE Collaboration

Ratios of Beta-Delayed Particle Branches and the Role of the Fluctuation Function

RADIOACTIVITY 113,115Xe; measured ratios of delayed proton, alpha branches; deduced influence of fluctuation effect.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(79)90276-4
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1979SC22      Nucl.Phys. A326, 65 (1979)

D.Schardt, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, W.Reisdorf, E.Roeckl, P.Tidemand-Petersson, G.T.Ewan, E.Hagberg, B.Jonson, S.Mattsson, G.Nyman

Alpha Decay Studies of Tellurium, Iodine, Xenon and Cesium Isotopes

RADIOACTIVITY 107,108,109,110Te, 110,111,112,113I, 111,112,113Xe, 114Cs [from 58Ni(58Ni, xpyn)]; measured T1/2, Eα; deduced α-branching ratios. Mass-separated samples, enriched target; surface-barrier Si detectors.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(79)90367-1
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1978FA16      Nucl.Instrum.Methods 154, 233 (1978)

R.Fass, E.Georg, H.Wollnik, D.Schardt, G.Weiss, K.Wien, D.Hirdes

A Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer for Recoil Particles from α-Active Sources Produced by a He-JET

NUCLEAR REACTIONS Ge(84Kr, X), E=5.8 MeV/nucleon; measured α(fragment)-coin. 103Rh(84Kr, X), E not given; measured Eα, Iα; deduced evidence for 180,178,177,176Pt, 179,178,177Au. Recoil particles tof mass spectrometer.

1978RO19      Phys.Lett. 78B, 393 (1978)

E.Roeckl, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, G.Nyman, W.Reisdorf, D.Schardt, K.Wien, R.Fass, S.Mattsson

A New Island of α-Emission: α-Decay Energies and Widths of Neutron Deficient Tellurium, Iodine and Xenon Isotopes

RADIOACTIVITY 108Te, 109Te, 110I, 111I, 112I, 112Xe, 113Xe, 114Cs [from 58Ni(58Ni, xα)]; measured T1/2, Eα; deduced Γα, branching ratio, Qα.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(78)90468-9
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1977KI11      Phys.Lett. 70B, 150 (1977)

R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, G.Nyman, W.Reisdorf, E.Roeckl, D.Schardt, N.Kaffrell, P.Peuser, K.Schneeweiss

New Neutron-Deficient Tellurium, Iodine, and Xenon Isotopes Produced by Reactions of 290 MeV 58Ni Ions on 58Ni and 63Cu Targets

RADIOACTIVITY 108,109,110Te, 110,111,112,113,114I, 114Xe [from 58Ni, 63Cu(58Ni, X), E=290 MeV]; measured β-, p-, α-, γ-spectroscopy, T1/2. 107Te, 109I, 112Xe, 113Cs; calculated T1/2.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(77)90508-1
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