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1988GI04      Phys.Rev. C37, 2600 (1988)

M.Girod, Ph.Dessagne, M.Bernas, M.Langevin, F.Pougheon, P.Roussel

Spectroscopy of Neutron-Rich Nickel Isotopes: Experimental results and microscopic interpretation

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 70Zn(14C, 16O), (14C, 17O), E=72 MeV; measured σ(θ). 68,67Ni deduced levels, J, π, mass excess, 0+ level T1/2.

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 67,68Ni; calculated levels, potential energy surfaces. 67,70Ni; calculated levels. HFB, effective interaction.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.37.2600
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1986BO41      Nucl.Phys. A460, 373 (1986)

M.J.G.Borge, M.Epherre-Rey-Campagnolle, D.Guillemaud-Mueller, B.Jonson, M.Langevin, G.Nyman, C.Thibault, and the ISOLDE collaboration

Beta-Delayed Triton Emission in the Decay of 8He

RADIOACTIVITY 8He(β-) [from Th(p, X), E=600 MeV]; measured β-delayed triton branching ratios, spectra; deduced log ft. 8Li deduced level. ΔE-E telescope.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(86)90420-3
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1986LA17      Nucl.Phys. A455, 149 (1986)

M.Langevin, A.C.Mueller, D.Guillemaud-Mueller, M.G.Saint-Laurent, R.Anne, M.Bernas, J.Galin, D.Guerreau, J.C.Jacmart, S.D.Hoath, F.Naulin, F.Pougheon, E.Quiniou, C.Detraz

Mapping of the Proton Drip-Line up to Z = 20: Observation of the T(z)=-(5/2) series 23Si, 27S, 31Ar and 35Ca

NUCLEAR REACTIONS Ni(40Ca, X)23Si/27S/31Ar/35Ca, E=3097 MeV; measured fragment spectra; deduced fragment mass, charge distributions, T(z)=-5/2 residuals production.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(86)90348-9
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1985BE24      Z.Phys. A321, 435 (1985)

M.Bernas, M.Langevin, G.Parrot, F.Pougheon, E.Quiniou, P.Roussel, Ph.Dessagne, W.-D.Schmidt-Ott

Measurement of the 147Gd Mass Excess by the (12C, 9Be) Reaction

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 144Sm(12C, 9Be), (12C, 10Be), E=72 MeV; measured σ(E(9Be)), σ(E(10Be)). 147Gd deduced mass excess. Double-focusing magnetic spectrometer.

doi: 10.1007/BF01411976
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1985GU14      Z.Phys. A322, 415 (1985)

D.Guillemaud-Mueller, A.C.Mueller, D.Guerreau, F.Pougheon, R.Anne, M.Bernas, J.Galin, J.C.Jacmart, M.Langevin, F.Naulin, E.Quiniou, C.Detraz

Production and Identification of New Neutron-Rich Fragments from 33 MeV/u 86Kr Beam in the 18 ≤ Z ≤ 27 Region

NUCLEAR REACTIONS Ti, Ta(86Kr, X)47Ar/57Ti/59V/60V/61Cr/62Cr/64Mn/65Mn/66Fe/67Fe/68Fe/68Co/69Co/70Co, E=33 MeV/nucleon; measured fragment production vs mass for X=Ar, Ti, Fe, Sc, V, Mn, Cr; deduced evidence for residuals production. Tof, ΔE-E detectors.

1985LA03      Phys.Lett. 150B, 71 (1985)

M.Langevin, E.Quiniou, M.Bernas, J.Galin, J.C.Jacmart, F.Naulin, F.Pougheon, R.Anne, C.Detraz, D.Guerreau, D.Guillemaud-Mueller, A.C.Mueller

Production of Neutron-Rich Nuclei at the Limits of Particle Stability by Fragmentation of 44 MeV/u 40Ar Projectiles

NUCLEAR REACTIONS Ta(40Ar, X)23N/29Ne/30Ne/18B/21C/25O, E=44 MeV/nucleon; measured fragment spectra vs mass; deduced evidence for residual production. 18B, 21C, 25O deduced particle instability.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(85)90140-6
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1985RU05      Nucl.Phys. A441, 237 (1985)

E.Runte, K.-L.Gippert, W.-D.Schmidt-Ott, P.Tidemand-Petersson, L.Ziegeler, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, P.O.Larsson, E.Roeckl, D.Schardt, N.Kaffrell, P.Peuser, M.Bernas, P.Dessagne, M.Langevin, K.Rykaczewski

Decay Studies of Neutron-Rich Isotopes of Manganese, Iron, Cobalt, Nickel, Copper and Zinc

RADIOACTIVITY 60,61Mn, 63,64Fe, 63,65Co, 67,69Ni, 69Cu, 73mZn(β-) [from W(82Se, X), E=11.5 MeV/nucleon, mass separation]; measured Eγ, Iγ, βγ-, γγ-coin, T1/2; deduced log ft. 61Fe, 63,64Co, 63,65Ni, 67Cu, 69,73Zn deduced levels, J, π. Plastic scintillators, Ge detectors.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(85)90032-6
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1984BE10      Nucl.Phys. A413, 363 (1984)

M.Bernas, Ph.Dessagne, M.Langevin, J.Payet, F.Pougheon, P.Roussel, W.-D.Schmidt-Ott, P.Tidemand-Petersson, M.Girod

Mass and Excited Levels of the Neutron-Rich Nuclei 73Zn and 74Zn Studied with 76Ge(14C, 16O) and (14C, 17O) Reactions

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 76Ge(14C, 16O), (14C, 17O), E=72 MeV; measured σ(θ), σ(E(16O)), σ(E(17O)). 74,73Zn deduced mass excess, levels. HFB calculations.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(84)90380-4
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1984BE42      J.Phys.(Paris), Lett. 45, L-851 (1984)

M.Bernas, Ph.Dessagne, M.Langevin, G.Parrot, F.Pougheon, E.Quiniou, P.Roussel

Halflife of the First Excited State (0+) of 68Ni

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 70Zn(14C, 16O), E=72 MeV; measured σ(E(16O)), I(ce)(t). 68Ni level deduced T1/2, J, π.

doi: 10.1051/jphyslet:019840045017085100
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1984DE33      Nucl.Phys. A426, 399 (1984)

P.Dessagne, M.Bernas, M.Langevin, G.C.Morrison, J.Payet, F.Pougheon, P.Roussel

The Complex Transfer Reaction (14C, 15O) on Ni, Zn and Ge Targets: Existence and mass of 69Ni

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 58,60,62,64Ni, 68,70Zn, 74,76Ge(14C, 15O), E=72 MeV; measured σ(E(15O)), σ(θ), reaction σ. 61Fe, 67,69Ni, 73,75Zn deduced mass excess.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(84)90114-3
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1984GU19      Nucl.Phys. A426, 37 (1984)

D.Guillemaud-Mueller, C.Detraz, M.Langevin, F.Naulin, M.De Saint-Simon, C.Thibault, F.Touchard, M.Epherre

β-Decay Schemes of very Neutron-Rich Sodium Isotopes and Their Descendants

RADIOACTIVITY 27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34Na, 29,30,31,32,33Mg, 32Al(β-) [from In(p, X), E=10 GeV]; measured Eγ, Iγ, βγγ-coin; deduced Iβ, log ft. 27,28,29,30,31,32Mg, 29,30,31Al, 32S deduced levels, γ-branching. 29,30,31,32Mg, 31Al deduced neutron emission probabilities.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(84)90064-2
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1984LA03      Nucl.Phys. A414, 151 (1984)

M.Langevin, C.Detraz, D.Guillemaud-Mueller, A.C.Mueller, C.Thibault, F.Touchard, M.Epherre

β-Delayed Neutrons from very Neutron-Rich Sodium and Magnesium Isotopes

RADIOACTIVITY 29,30,31,32,34Na, 31,32,33,34Mg(β-n); measured β-delayed neutron emission, T1/2, βn-coin; deduced neutron emission probability. On-line mass spectrometer, 4π liquid scintillator β-coincident neutron detector.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(84)90502-5
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1984LA27      Phys.Lett. 146B, 176 (1984)

M.Langevin, C.Detraz, M.Epherre, D.Guillemaud-Mueller, B.Jonson, C.Thibault, and the ISOLDE Collaboration

Observation of β-Delayed Triton Emission

RADIOACTIVITY 11Li(β-) [from U(p, X)]; measured β-delayed charged particle spectra; deduced branching ratios for β-delayed triton emission and other channels. 10,11Be deduced levels, decay branches. 6He deduced levels.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(84)91011-6
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1983BA09      Phys.Rev. C27, 1335 (1983)

J.Barreto, G.Auger, M.Langevin, E.Plagnol

Fusion of the 40Ca + 40Ca System

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 40Ca(40Ca, X), E=100-140 MeV; measured Eγ, Iγ; deduced σ(fragment E), fusion σ(E).

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.27.1335
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1983DE04      Nucl.Phys. A394, 378 (1983)

C.Detraz, M.Langevin, M.C.Goffri-Kouassi, D.Guillemaud, M.Epherre, G.Audi, C.Thibault, F.Touchard

Mapping of the Onset of a New Region of Deformation: The masses of 31Mg and 32Mg

RADIOACTIVITY 31,32Na [from Ir(p, X), E=10 GeV]; measured Qβ. 31,32Mg deduced mass excess.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(83)90111-2
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1983DE23      Nucl.Phys. A402, 301 (1983)

C.Detraz, M.Langevin, D.Guillemaud-Mueller, A.C.Mueller, C.Thibault, F.Touchard, G.Klotz, C.Miehe, G.Walter, M.Epherre, C.Richard-Serre

β-Delayed α-Emission from Neutron-Rich Nuclei: The case of 30Na

RADIOACTIVITY 30Na(β-); measured β-delayed Eα, Iα; deduced α-emission probability. On-line spectrometer, Si detector.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(83)90500-6
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1983LA12      Phys.Lett. 125B, 116 (1983)

M.Langevin, C.Detraz, D.Guillemaud-Mueller, A.C.Mueller, C.Thibault, F.Touchard, M.Epherre

35Na: A new neutron-rich Sodium isotope

NUCLEAR REACTIONS Ir(p, X), E=10 GeV; measured βn-coin; deduced evidence for 35Na.

RADIOACTIVITY 35Na(β-) [from Ir(p, X), E=10 GeV, on-line separation]; measured βn-coin, T1/2.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(83)91248-0
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1983LA23      Phys.Lett. 130B, 251 (1983)

M.Langevin, C.Detraz, D.Guillemaud-Mueller, A.C.Mueller, C.Thibault, F.Touchard, G.Klotz, C.Miehe, G.Walter, M.Epherre, C.Richard-Serre

53K, 54K and 53Ca: Three new neutron rich isotopes

RADIOACTIVITY 50,51,52,53K(β-n) [from Ir(p, X), E=10 GeV]; measured β-delayed neutron yields, emission probabilities, T1/2. 53Ca [from 53K(β-)-decay]; measured T1/2. 54K(β-n) [from Ir(p, X), E=10 GeV]; measured β-delayed neutron yields, T1/2. 49K(β-n); measured β-delayed neutron emission probabilities.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(83)91135-8
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1983RU06      Nucl.Phys. A399, 163 (1983)

E.Runte, W.-D.Schmidt-Ott, P.Tidemand-Petersson, R.Kirchner, O.Klepper, W.Kurcewicz, E.Roeckl, N.Kaffrell, P.Peuser, K.Rykaczewski, M.Bernas, P.Dessagne, M.Langevin

Decay Studies of Neutron-Rich Products from 76Ge-Induced Multinucleon Transfer Reactions Including the New Isotopes 62Mn, 63Fe and 71,72,73Cu

NUCLEAR REACTIONS W(76Ge, X), E=9 MeV/nucleon; measured Eγ, Iγ, βγ-, γγ-coin; deduced evidence for 62Mn, 63Fe, 71,72,73Cu. Plastic scintillator, Ge(Li) detectors.

RADIOACTIVITY 62Mn, 63Fe, 67Ni, 71,72,73Cu, 73,74Zn [from W(76Ge, X), E=9 MeV/nucleon, mass separation]; measured Eγ, Iγ, βγ-, γγ-coin, T1/2; deduced log ft. 62Fe, 63Co, 71,72Zn, 73,74Ga deduced levels, J, π. Plastic scintillator, Ge(Li) detectors.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(83)90600-0
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1982BA10      Phys.Rev. C25, 1641 (1982)

J.Barreto, L.Tassan-Got, C.Stephan, J.P.Garron, M.Langevin

Absence of Closed Shell Effect in the Fusion Reaction 40Ca + 48Ca at 330 MeV

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 48Ca(40Ca, X), 48Ti(40Ar, X), E=330 MeV; measured σ(fusion) vs θ; deduced no shell effects. Evaporation residue detection, ΔE-E telescope.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.25.1641
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1982BA33      Nucl.Phys. A384, 211 (1982)

J.Barreto, M.Langevin, C.Detraz

Formation and Deexcitation of the 79Rb Compound Nucleus

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 63Cu(16O, X), E=40-85 MeV; 45Sc(34S, X)77Kr/76Kr/75Kr/77Br/75Br/74Br/73Br/73Se/76Br/70As/71As/72As/69Ge, E=85-130 MeV; measured Eγ, Iγ; deduced production σ vs E for residuals. 79Rb deduced fusion barrier. Activation technique, enriched target. Statistical model.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(82)90314-1
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1982BE27      Phys.Lett. 113B, 279 (1982)

M.Bernas, Ph.Dessagne, M.Langevin, J.Payet, F.Pougheon, P.Roussel

Magic Features of 68Ni

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 70Zn(14C, 16O), E=72 MeV; measured σ(θ). 68Ni deduced levels, J, π, quasimagic configuration. DWBA analysis.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(82)90039-9
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1982DE47      Phys.Rev. C26, 2447 (1982)

M.de Saint Simon, S.Haan, G.Audi, A.Coc, M.Epherre, P.Guimbal, A.C.Mueller, C.Thibault, F.Touchard, M.Langevin

Independent Cross Sections of Na, K, Rb, Cs, and Fr Isotopes Produced in Ta and U Targets Bombarded by 12C Ions up to 77 MeV/Nucleon

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 181Ta, 238U(12C, X), E=13, 27, 77 MeV/nucleon; measured production σ for Na, K, Rb, Cs, Fr isotopes. On-line mass spectrometry.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.26.2447
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 datasetO1540.

1982NA04      Phys.Rev. C25, 1074 (1982)

F.Naulin, C.Detraz, M.Roy-Stephan, M.Bernas, J.de Boer, D.Guillemaud, M.Langevin, F.Pougheon, P.Roussel

Mass of 18C from the Double-Charge-Exchange Reaction 48Ca(18O, 18C)48Ti

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 48Ca(18O, 18C), E=100 MeV; measured σ(E(18C)), Q. 18C deduced mass. Enriched target.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.25.1074
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1982NA08      J.Phys.(Paris), Lett. 43, L-29 (1982)

F.Naulin, C.Detraz, M.Roy-Stephan, M.Bernas, J.de Boer, D.Guillemaud, M.Langevin, F.Pougheon, P.Roussel

Excited States of 19N and 21O

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 18O(18O, 19N), E=100 MeV; 18O(18O, 21O), E=92 MeV; measured σ(E(19N)), σ(E(21O)). 19N deduced levels, mass. 21O deduced levels.

doi: 10.1051/jphyslet:0198200430202900
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1981BE40      Phys.Rev. C24, 756 (1981)

M.Bernas, J.C.Peng, H.Doubre, M.Langevin, M.J.Le Vine, F.Pougheon, P.Roussel

Masses and Energy Levels of 62Fe and 68Ni: (14C, 16O) Reaction on even Ni and Zn isotopes

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 58,60,62,64Ni, 64,66,68,70Zn(14C, 16O), E=72 MeV; measured σ(E(16O), θ). 62Fe, 58Ni deduced mass excess. 56,58,60,62Fe, 62,64,66,68Ni levels deduced multi-nucleon transfer S. DWBA analysis.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.24.756
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1981LA11      Nucl.Phys. A366, 449 (1981)

M.Langevin, C.Detraz, D.Guillemaud, F.Naulin, M.Epherre, R.Klapisch, S.K.T.Mark, M.De Saint Simon, C.Thibault, F.Touchard

β-Delayed Charged Particles from 9Li and 11Li

RADIOACTIVITY 9,11Li; measured β-delayed Eα, βα-coin. 11Li; measured β-delayed E(6He), β(6He)-coin; deduced log ft. 9Li deduced single neutron emission probability, β-delayed I(n). 11Li deduced three neutron emission probability, β-delayed I(n). 9,11Be levels deduced anti-analog character.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(81)90521-2
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1981PA17      Z.Phys. A302, 117 (1981)

A.D.Panagiotou, P.K.Kakanis, E.N.Gazis, M.Bernas, C.Detraz, M.Langevin, D.Guillemaud, E.Plagnol

A New Mass Measurement of 29Mg. Observation of Excited States via the 13C(18O, 2p)29Mg Reaction

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 13C(18O, 2p), E=32 MeV; measured pp-coin, σ(Ep1, Ep2, θ). 29Mg deduced mass excess, levels. Silicon surface barrier detectors.

doi: 10.1007/BF01413040
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1981PO03      Nucl.Phys. A355, 207 (1981)

F.Pougheon, M.Bernas, M.Roy-Stephan, C.Detraz, D.Guillemaud, E.Kashy, M.Langevin, F.Naulin, P.Roussel

First Study of the (14C, 12C) Reaction: Selectivity of the reaction and the energy levels of 28Mg and 30Si

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 26Mg, 28Si(14C, 12C), E=69 MeV; measured σ(θ). 28Mg, 30Si deduced levels, J, π. Enriched targets.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(81)90138-X
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1980DE26      Phys.Lett. B94, 307 (1980)

C.Detraz, M.Epherre, D.Guillemaud, P.G.Hansen, B.Jonson, R.Klapisch, M.Langevin, S.Mattsson, F.Naulin, G.Nyman, A.M.Poskanzer, H.L.Ravn, M. de Saint-Simon, K.Takahashi, C.Thibault, F.Touchard

Beta-Delayed Two-Neutron Emission from 30,31,32Na

RADIOACTIVITY 30,31,32Na [from U(p, X), E=660 MeV]; measured β-delayed nn(t), Eγ, Iγ; deduced two-neutron emission branching ratios.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(80)90884-9
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1980DE39      J.Phys.(Paris), Lett. 41, L-459 (1980)

C.Detraz, D.Guillemaud, M.Langevin, F.Naulin, M.Epherre, R.Klapisch, M.de Saint-Simon, C.Thibault, F.Touchard

The γ Activity from 11Li Beta Decay

RADIOACTIVITY 11Li [from Ir(p, X), E=24 GeV]; measured Eγ, Iγ, Iβ, β-delayed En, In; deduced log ft, total β-delayed neutron emission probability.

1980NA14      J.Phys.(Paris), Lett. 41, L-79 (1980)

F.Naulin, C.Detraz, M.Bernas, D.Guillemaud, E.Kashy, M.Langevin, F.Pougheon, P.Roussel, M.Roy-Stephan

Mass Excess and Excited States of 14B and 18N from the (14C, 14B) and (18O, 18N) Reactions

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 14C(14C, 14B), (14C, 13B), E=87.4 MeV; 14C(18O, 18N), E=92.2 MeV; measured σ(E(13B), θ), σ(E(14B), θ), σ(E(18N), θ). 18N deduced level, mass excess. 14B deduced mass excess.

doi: 10.1051/jphyslet:0198000410407900
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1979BE20      Phys.Rev. C19, 2246 (1979)

M.Bernas, M.Roy-Stephan, F.Pougheon, M.Langevin, G.Rotbard, P.Roussel, J.P.LeFevre, M.C.Lemaire, K.S.Low, B.H.Wildenthal

Mechanism of the 26Mg(18O, 16O)28Mg Reaction at E = 50 MeV and the Energy Levels of 28Mg

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 26Mg(18O, 16O), E=50 MeV; measured σ(θ). 28Mg deduced levels, reaction mechanism. DWBA, CCBA analysis, shell-model wave functions. Enriched target.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.19.2246
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1979DE02      Phys.Rev. C19, 164 (1979)

C.Detraz, D.Guillemaud, G.Huber, R.Klapisch, M.Langevin, F.Naulin, C.Thibault, L.C.Carraz, F.Touchard

Beta Decay of 27-32Na and their Descendants

RADIOACTIVITY 27,28,29,30,31,32Na, 29,30,31Mg, 31Al [from U(p, X), E=24 GeV]; measured T1/2, Eγ, βγ-coin; deduced Iγ, Iβ, delayed-neutron branching ratios. Mass-spectroscopy techniques.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.19.164
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1978DE17      Nucl.Phys. A302, 41 (1978)

C.Detraz, D.Guillemaud, G.Huber, R.Klapisch, M.Langevin, F.Naulin, C.Thibault, L.C.Carraz, F.Touchard

Decay of 48K, 49K and 50K

RADIOACTIVITY 48,49,50K [from p+U at 24 GeV]; measured T1/2, Eγ, Iγ; deduced Iβ, log ft.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(78)90285-3
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1978NA02      Phys.Rev. C17, 830 (1978)

F.Naulin, C.Detraz, M.Bernas, E.Kashy, M.Langevin, F.Pougheon, P.Roussel

Mass of 21O from the 18O(18O, 15O)21O Reaction

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 18O(18O, 15O), E=91 MeV; measured σ; deduced Q. 21O deduced mass excess. Enriched target.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.17.830
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1977DE14      Phys.Rev. C15, 1738 (1977)

C.Detraz, F.Naulin, M.Langevin, P.Roussel, M.Bernas, F.Pougheon, J.Vernotte

Mass of 19N

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 18O(18O, 19N), E=91 MeV; measured σ(E(19N)); deduced Q. 19N deduced mass excess.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.15.1738
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1976HU01      Phys.Rev. C13, 1786 (1976)

A.Huck, G.J.Costa, G.Walter, M.M.Aleonard, J.Dalmas, P.Hubert, F.Leccia, P.Mennrath, J.Vernotte, M.Langevin, J.M.Maison

Lowest T = 2 State of 36Ar via the 35Cl(p, γ)36Ar Reaction

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 35Cl(p, γ), E=2.36-2.42 MeV; measured σ(E, Eγ). 36Ar deduced resonances, J, π, T, δ, B(M1).

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.13.1786
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1976LA11      Phys.Rev. C14, 152 (1976)

M.Langevin, J.Barreto, C.Detraz

Complete Fusion Mechanism in the 16O + 63Cu Reaction

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 63Cu(16O, 2n), (16O, np), (16O, 2np), (16O, 3np), 63Cu(16O, 2p), (16O, n2p), (16O, 2n2p), (16O, nα), (16O, 2nα), (16O, npα), (16O, n2pα), (16O, 2α), (16O, n2α), (16O, np2α), E=40-85 MeV; measured σ(E); deduced critical angular momentum. Enriched target.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.14.152
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1976VE01      Phys.Rev. C13, 461 (1976)

J.Vernotte, S.Fortier, M.Langevin, J.M.Maison, M.Vergnes, B.H.Wildenthal

37Cl(3He, αγ)36Cl Reaction: γ Decay of the Two Lowest Lying T = 2 States

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 40Ca, 37Cl(3He, αγ), E=18 MeV; measured σ(Eγ), αγ-coin. 36Cl deduced levels, J, π, B(λ), γ-branching. 39Ca deduced levels.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.13.461
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1975AU01      Nucl.Phys. A237, 300 (1975)

G.Audi, C.Detraz, M.Langevin, F.Pougheon

Variation of the α-Particle Pick-up Spectroscopic Factor from 12C to 40Ca

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 12C, 16O, 20Ne, 28Si, 32S, 36Ar, 40Ca(3He, 7Be), E=26 MeV; measured σ(E(7Be), θ); deduced relative α-particle S.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(75)90427-3
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1974DE25      Nucl.Phys. A228, 39 (1974)

C.Detraz, F.Pougheon, M.Bernas, M.Langevin, P.Roussel, J.Vernotte

Selectivity in the 11B(3He, 6Li)8Be Reaction

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 11B(3He, 6Li), E=25.20-26.25 MeV; measured σ(E(3He), E(6Li), θ); deduced reaction mechanism. Enriched target.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(74)90444-8
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1973VE06      Phys.Rev. C8, 178 (1973)

J.Vernotte, S.Gales, M.Langevin, J.M.Maison

Investigation of the Lowest T = 2 State of 32S in the 31P + p Reactions

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 31P(p, γ), (p, p'γ), (p, αγ), E=3.27-3.3 MeV; measured σ(Eγ), σ(E). 32S deduced resonances, T, J, π, γ-branching.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.8.178
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1973VE08      Nucl.Phys. A212, 493 (1973)

J.Vernotte, S.Gales, M.Langevin, J.M.Maison

Recherche de Resonances Isobariques Analogues dans 32S au Moyen des Reactions 31P(p, γ)32S, 31P(p, p)31P et 31P(p, α0)28Si

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 31P(p, γ), E=1.24-1.60 MeV; measured Q, σ(Ep;Eγ, θ(γ)); 31P(p, α0), E=1.24-1.60 MeV; measured σ(E); 31P(p, p), E=1.24-1.60 MeV; measured σ(E). 32S deduced resonances, resonance strengths, γ-ray branching ratios, mixing ratios, transition strengths, L, J, π, T, p-width, α-width, level-width, quadrupole moment. Ge(Li) detector.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(73)90820-8
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1971CH52      Nucl.Phys. A176, 401 (1971)

A.Chevallier, E.Bozek, A.Pape, J.C.Sens, R.Armbruster, M.Langevin, J.Vernotte

Etude des Niveaux du 32S Formes au Moyen de la Reaction 28Si(α, γ)32S

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 28Si(α, γ), E=4.2-6.0 MeV; measured σ(E, θ), Doppler shift attenuation. 32S deduced levels, J, π, γ-width, T1/2. Enriched target.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(71)90278-8
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 datasetF0627.

1970GA26      C.R.Acad.Sci., Ser.B, 271, 970 (1970)

S.Gales, M.Langevin, J.-M.Maison, J.Vernotte

Recherche du Premier Etat T = 2 du Noyau Soufre-32 au Moyen de la Reaction 31P(p, γ)32S

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 31P(p, γ), E=3.10-3.35 MeV; measured σ(E;Eγ, θ(γ)). 32S deduced resonances, levels, J, π, T, γ-branching.

1969VE01      Nucl.Phys. A124, 350(1969)

J.Vernotte, M.Langevin, S.Fortier, E.Bozek, A.Chevallier, A.J.Pape, J.C.Sens

Desexcitation Similaire de Deux Niveaux Voisins Formes dans la Reaction 28Si(α, γ)32S

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 28Si(α, γ), E=3.753, 3.820 MeV; measured σ(Eγ, θ), γγ(θ). 32S levels deduced J, γ-mixing, γ-branching. Natural targets.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(69)90359-5
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 datasetF0623.

1968VE10      Compt.Rend. 266B, 972 (1968)

J.Vernotte, M.Langevin, S.Fortier

Premiers Niveaux Excites du Titane 44 Observes dans la Reaction (α, γ) sur le Calcium 40

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 44Ti; measured not abstracted; deduced nuclear properties.

1967VE05      Nucl.Phys. A102, 449(1967)

J.Vernotte, M.Langevin, F.Takeutchi

Niveaux de 32S Observes dans les Reactions 31P(p, α)28Si et 28Si(α, γ)32S

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 31P(p, α), E=1.4-1.9 MeV; 28Si(α, γ), E=3.7-4.3 MeV; measured σ(E;θ), σ(E;Eγ, θ), γγ(θ). 32S deduced resonances, J, π, level-width, strengths. Enriched 28Si target.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(67)90035-8
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Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 datasetF0622.

1967VE07      Compt.Rend. 265B, 859 (1967)

J.Vernotte, M.Langevin, F.Takeutchi

Niveaux du Titane 44 Observes dans la Reaction 40Ca(α, γ)44Ti

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 44Ti; measured not abstracted; deduced nuclear properties.

1966VE10      J.Phys.(Paris) 27, 773 (1966)

J.Vernotte, M.Langevin, H.Laurent

Etude de la Reaction 31P(p, α0)28Si Induite par des Protons de 1, 4 MeV a 1, 9 MeV

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 32S; measured not abstracted; deduced nuclear properties.

doi: 10.1051/jphys:019660027011-12077300
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1965LA13      Compt.Rend. 261, 4055 (1965)

M.Langevin, H.Laurent, J.Vernotte

Niveaux Nucleaires du Soufre Formes par Reaction (α, γ) sur le Silicium

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 32S, 34S; measured not abstracted; deduced nuclear properties.

1965MA45      Phys.Letters 19, 308 (1965)

J.M.Maison, M.Langevin, J.M.Loiseaux

Observation de la Decroissance des Etats de la Resonance Geante Dipolaire de 16O Vers les Niveaux Excites de Parite Negative et Positive de 15O et 16N

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 15O, 16O, 15N; measured not abstracted; deduced nuclear properties.

doi: 10.1016/0031-9163(65)91000-0
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1962LA21      Phys.Nucl.Annuaira p.31 (1962)

M.Langevin, J.M.Loiseaux

Diffusion Resonnante des Photons sur des Noyaux Deformes

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 25Mg, 181Ta, 165Ho; measured not abstracted; deduced nuclear properties.

1960BU09      Compt.Rend.Acad.Sci. 250, 1031 (1960)

A.Bussiere de Nercy, M.Langevin, M.Spighel

Absorption Resonnante du Rayonnement γ de l'Holmium 166 et de l'Osmium 193 Sans Recul du Noyau

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 153Eu, 166Er, 182W, 191Ir, 193Ir; measured not abstracted; deduced nuclear properties.

1960BU13      J.Phys.Radium 21, 288 (1960)

A.Bussiere de Nercy, M.Langevin, M.Spighel

Absorption Resonnante du Rayonnement γ Sans Recul du Noyau de 166Ho et 193Os

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 193Ir, 191Ir, 182W, 166Er; measured not abstracted; deduced nuclear properties.

1960BU14      J.Phys.Radium 21, 293 (1960)

A.Bussiere de Nercy, M.Langevin

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 12C, 24Mg; measured not abstracted; deduced nuclear properties.

1959LA07      J.Phys.Radium 20, 831 (1959)

M.Langevin, A.B.de Nercy

Study of Photon Resonant Scattering by Magnesium

doi: 10.1051/jphysrad:019590020010083101
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1959LA09      Univ.Paris Radium Inst.Annual Rept., p.11 (1959)

M.Langevin, R.Bussiere

Diffusion γ par Resonance Nucleaire

1959LA10      Univ.Paris Radium Inst.Annual Rept., p.17 (1959)

H.Langevin, M.Langevin

Etude de la Diffusion par Fluorescence Nucleaire du Rayonnement γ de 75Se

1958LA02      J.Phys.Radium 19, 34 (1958)


Study of the Excitation and Auto-Ionization of the Electron Cortege Accompanying the K Capture of Ge71

doi: 10.1051/jphysrad:0195800190103400
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1958LA10      J.Phys.Radium 19, 765 (1958)

H.Langevin-Joliot, M.Langevin

Diffusion par Fluorescence Nucleaire du Rayonnement γ de 75Se Periodes des Niveaux de 265 et 402 keV de 75As

doi: 10.1051/jphysrad:019580019010076500
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1956LA23      Ann.Phys. 1, 57 (1956)


Contribution a l'Etude de la Desintegration Nucleaire par Capture Electonique. Cas de 133Ba et de 71Ge

1954LA38      Compt.Rend. 238, 2518 (1954)


Sur le Rayonnement Continu γ Associe a la Capture K de 71Ge

1954LA44      J.Phys.Radium 15, 778 (1954)

M.Langevin, T.Yuasa, J.Merinis

Etude du Rayonnement γ Emis Par Diverses Sources de 32P

RADIOACTIVITY 32,33P, 76As(β-) [from 32,33S(n, p), 31P, 75As(n, γ), E not given]; measured decay energies, Eγ, IG; deduced γ-ray energies and uncertainties.

1953LA13      Compt.Rend. 236, 689 (1953)


Limite Superieure de la Vie Moyenne de l'Etat Excite 11.7 keV du Ba133

1935KU04      Compt.Rend.Acad.Sci. 200, 1199 (1935)

B.Kurtchatov, J.Kurtchatov, G.Latychev, M.P.Langevin

La desintegration du bore par des neutrons lents

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