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1994LA29      Phys.Lett. 339B, 22 (1994)

J.Lauret, R.A.Lacey, A.Elmaani, A.Tsepetis, A.Moores, G.D.Westfall, D.Craig, E.Gualtieri, S.Hannuschke, T.Li, W.J.Llope, R.Pak, N.Stone, A.Vander Molen, J.Yee, A.Nadasen, R.S.Tickle, E.Norbeck

High-Order Azimuthal Correlation Functions: Powerful probes for collective motion in heavy ion reactions

NUCLEAR REACTIONS Sc(40Ar, X), E=35-115 MeV/nucleon; measured azimuthal correlation functions; deduced collective motion probing related features.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(94)91127-4
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