Nuclear Data Sheets


Nuclear Data Sheets is a journal primarily devoted to the publication of evaluated nuclear structure and decay data, that is, recommended values following a careful compilation and analysis of all available experimental results dealing with nuclear properties such as:

Nuclear structure and decay data are presented in tables as well as plotted in level schemes, band plots and decay schemes. Special Issues on nuclear reaction data have been published since 2006.

Nuclear Data Sheets issues are published on a monthly basis. The ENSDF database is the source for the nuclear structure and decay articles, which deal with a single nucleus, or with a number of nuclides having the same atomic mass number.

Contributions to ENSDF are made by members of NSDD, the international network of Nuclear Structure and Decay Data evaluators.

The ENSDF and NSR databases, as well as their administration, reside at the NNDC, where the Nuclear Data Sheets editorial work is also carried out; the journal is published by Elsevier.


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