Nuclear Data Sheets

Special Issues on Nuclear Reaction Data

A new trend was initiated by NDS in 2006. Publishing of Recent References was discontinued in view of convenient web access to NSR, and the freed space was made available to Special Issues on Nuclear Reaction Data. This was prompted by the need to establish a suitable vehicle for publishing important papers on nuclear reaction data that are often too extensive or too detailed for other journals. These articles were produced using the nuclear reaction data LATEX template.

2006 Evaluated Nuclear Data File ENDF/B-VII.0, containing "Big Paper" on the new US library and a paper on the library validation.
2007 Evaluations of Neutron Cross Sections, containing "Big Paper no. 2" on uranium evaluations, paper on the code EMPIRE, and two papers on radchem data.
2008 Covariance Workshop Proceedings, containing 35 papers presented in Port Jeff, NY on June 24-27, 2008.
2009 Nuclear Reaction Data, containing two papers, on RIPL library and on neutron standards.
2010 Nuclear Reaction Data, containing extensive paper on the code NJOY and 3 papers on fission product yields.
2011 Evaluated Nuclear Data File ENDF/B-VII.1, containing reference paper on the library, paper on the library testing as well as 4 papers on covariances and 2 papers on fission product yields.
2012 Nuclear Reaction Data, containing seven papers, including discussions about TALYS, benchmarking, experimental reaction data uncertainties, resonance parameters, covariances, and the Generalized Nuclear Data (GND) format for ENDF.
2014 ND2013 Conference Proceedings. Topics include the opening and plenary talks, ENDF-6 formatted libraries and evaluations, nuclear reaction models, covariances, benchmarks, testing, and validation, integral experiments and nuclear power applications, and nuclear data adjustment.
2014 ND2013 Conference Proceedings. Topics include neutron induced reactions, gamma and charged particle induced reactions, fission yields, and experimental facilities and techniques.
2014 ND2013 Conference Proceedings. Topics include mass evaluations, nuclear structure, antineutrino studies, medical physics, education, and others.
2015 International Workshop on Nuclear Data Covariances. Topics include nuclear data libraries and related UQ efforts, formatting and benchmarking, reactor applications, transport calculation applications, astrophysics applications, fission experiments and yields, and covariances.
2016 Nuclear Reaction Data. The main topic is fission and includes prompt fission neutron spectra, product yields, modeling and computational methods.
2017 Nuclear Reaction Data. Includes nuclear data uncertainties for LWR fuel assemblies, simulation system for activation, fission product yields, and other topics.
2018 Evaluated Nuclear Data File ENDF/B-VIII.0. Paper on the ENDF library and supporting articles.