Sigma Plotting Help

Sigma provides 3 plotting options, a) plotting of a single evaluation in the ENDF format, b) plotting of up to 15 evaluations in a single image (plot cart), and c) plotting of evaluations and experimental data retrieval from CSISRS database.

The 3 options share a number of features, such as the possibility of adding experimental data, viewing evaluated data and mouse zooming. There are however a some differences:

  • The plot cart, similar to a web shopping carts, is active throughout the whole web session. Plots can be added to it at different stages and the contents of the cart can be cleared. The plot cart can be accessed through the "Plot Cart" tab in the main browser window.
  • The other 2 plotting options are displayed in new browser windows, once these windows are closed, the plot information disappears.
  • The plot cart can display evaluations for different type of reactions and targets, for instance, 232Th(n,γ) and 235(n,2n). However, to display experimental information from CSISRS the, target and the reaction have to be the same.

Single evaluation plot

Plots for single evaluations can be obtained by clicking on the "plot" hyperlink in any of the browsing or results pages:

The image will be displayed in a new browser window. Close this window to get rid of this plot.

The drawing can be saved in the plot cart for future use, such as comparison with other evaluations. For that, click on the "Add to plot cart" button on the upper-right corner of the plot:



Plot cart

The plot cart can be accessed by clicking on the plot cart tab in Sigma's front page:

The plot cart is designed to draw up to 15 different evaluations. The controls on the right are used to choose which evaluation to display:

Plots can be added to the plot cart using the "plot" button in single evaluation plots, as described above, or using the "Plot selected file" or "Plot all" buttons in the results pages:



Plot of experimental data

Experimental data from the CSISRS database can be plotted together with evaluated data by clicking on the "Plot experimental data" link:

One should keep in mind that the plot cart will display this link only when plotting evaluations for the same target and reaction.

The plot will be displayed in a new window, the last name of the first author and the publication year are displayed next to a check box that allows to draw the corresponding experimental data:



Contents and Zooming

At the moment, it is possible to plot cross sections for neutron and photonuclear reactions, as well as nu-bar values. We expect to add plots of angular distributions and spectra in the near future.

One can zoom using the mouse by pressing and releasing the mouse left-button on the desired limits. This feature will require the use of the latest versions of Firefox or Internet Explorer, and even then, it may be challenging to some users. We expect to have a more robust zooming capabilities in the future.