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Tables of nuclear and atomic radiations from nuclear decay and decay scheme drawings will be produced in the Medical Internal Radiation Dose (MIRD) format from the Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File (ENSDF) for the specified nuclide.

The input nuclide is specified by its mass and element name in a variety of formats, for instance for 44Ti one could write 44ti, or 44-ti, or ti-44, or ti44. The input is case insensitive.

For nuclides with available decay information, the output will consists of a table and decay schemes. For instance, for 137Cs the output will be:

Please note that in the MIRD format, radiations are ordered by type and energy, intensities (Y(i)) are given per one decay of the parent nucleus and energies (E(i)) are given in MeV. In NuDat, similar information can be obtained, but with intensities per 100 decays of the parent nucleus and energies in keV.

Documentation on the calculational methods and auxiliary data used in producing these tables may be found in The Program RADLST (T.W. Burrows, Brookhaven National Laboratory report, BNL-NCS-52142, February 29, 1988).

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