Author: C.D. Nesaraja |  Citation: Nucl. Data Sheets 146, 387 (2017) |  Cutoff date: 31-Aug-2017 

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Q(β-)=-4.55×103 keV SYS(n)= 7.58×103 keV SYS(p)= 4500 keV 5Q(α)= 7329.0 keV 18
Reference: 2017WA10

  A  248Fm α decay  B  244Es ε decay

General Comments:


1956Ch43: 244Cf was produced from 244Cm(α,4n) with α beam from the 60-inch cyclotron of the Crocker Laboratory. The product nuclei after subsequent chemical separation were measured in a α pulse height analyzer. 244Cf was identified and found to decay by emission of 7.1 MeV α particles with a half-life of 25 minutes.

Systematic studies/Compilation/Evaluation:

2016Pr01: Compilation, evaluation for B(E2), T1/2 and deformation parameter

Theoretical studies:

2017Da09, 2017Zh03, 2017Ph01, 2016Su09, 2015Ba24, 2014De43, 2013Ra05, 2013Se17, 2013Is13, 2012Is08, 2011Qi06, 2011Zh36, 2009De32, 2009Ni06, 1985Po23, 1979Po23, 1997Mo25: Calculated α decay half-life

2015Ad15: Calculate α decay half-life and branching ratios

2015Me09: Calculate Qα and T1/2

2010Wa31: Calculated relative intensities of α decay to rotational states in the framework of the generalized liquid drop model (GLDM) and improved Royer’s formula.

2005Re16: Calculated spontaneous fission half-lives

1984Eg01: Analysis of yrast states, backbending and alignment

1983Bo15: Calculated equilibrium deformations and static electric moment

1980Du07: Calculated moment of inertia

1984Eg01, 1995Mo29: Calculated equilibrium deformations

2014De43, 2012Zh01, 1995Mo29: Calculated deformation parameters

1993Sa05: Calculated B(E2)(0+ to 2+)

1989St20: Partial half-life for SF decay was calculated

1993Gr15: Calculated relative fission/alpha-decay yields

2009Mo18, 1983Ga05, 1979Kl08, 1976Iw02: Calculated fission barriers heights

1980Ga07: Calculated fission barrier height ≈6 MeV from delayed-fission data following electron capture decay of 244Es

1979Kl08: Calculated delayed-fission probability

1974YaZI: Calculated lowest-state energies for the first and second saddle in fission

Q-value: ΔQ-=180, ΔSN=110 (syst, 2017Wa10)

XREFJπ(level) T1/2(level)
    0.0A  0+ 19.4 m 6 
% α ≤ 100
   37 22 A  2+  
  0+X   % SF ≤ 100

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Band Transitions:

Jπ(level) T1/2(level)
Band 1 - K=0 g.s. band
    0.0 0+ 19.4 m 6 
% α ≤ 100
   37 22  2+  

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Additional Level Data and Comments:

    0.00+ 19.4 m 6 
% α ≤ 100
Only α decay has been observed.
E(level): Only α decay has been observed. K=0 g.s. band.
   372+   E(level): K=0 g.s. band.
  0+X % SF ≤ 100
Only the SF decay has been identified.
E(level): Only the SF decay has been identified.

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