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2023AL24      Chin.Phys.C 47, 103001 (2023)

S.Al Kharusi, G.Anton, I.Badhrees, P.S.Barbeau, D.Beck, V.Belov, T.Bhatta, M.Breidenbach, T.Brunner, G.F.Cao, W.R.Cen, C.Chambers, B.Cleveland, M.Coon, A.Craycraft, T.Daniels, L.Darroch, S.J.Daugherty, J.Davis, S.Delaquis, A.Der Mesrobian-Kabakian, R.DeVoe, J.Dilling, A.Dolgolenko, M.J.Dolinski, J.Echevers, W.Fairbank Jr., D.Fairbank, J.Farine, S.Feyzbakhsh, P.Fierlinger, Y.S.Fu, D.Fudenberg, P.Gautam, R.Gornea, G.Gratta, C.Hall, E.V.Hansen, J.Hoessl, P.Hufschmidt, M.Hughes, A.Iverson, A.Jamil, C.Jessiman, M.J.Jewell, A.Johnson, A.Karelin, L.J.Kaufman, T.Koffas, R.Krucken, A.Kuchenkov, K.S.Kumar, Y.Lan, A.Larson, B.G.Lenardo, D.S.Leonard, G.S.Li, S.Li, Z.Li, C.Licciardi, Y.H.Lin, R.MacLellan, T.McElroy, T.Michel, B.Mong, D.C.Moore, K.Murray, O.Njoya, O.Nusair, A.Odian, I.Ostrovskiy, A.Perna, A.Piepke, A.Pocar, F.Retiere, A.L.Robinson, P.C.Rowson, J.Runge, S.Schmidt, D.Sinclair, K.Skarpaas, A.K.Soma, V.Stekhanov, M.Tarka, S.Thibado, J.Todd, T.Tolba, T.I.Totev, R.Tsang, B.Veenstra, V.Veeraraghavan, P.Vogel, J.-L.Vuilleumier, M.Wagenpfeil, J.Watkins, M.Weber, L.J.Wen, U.Wichoski, G.Wrede, S.X.Wu, Q.Xia, D.R.Yahne, L.Yang, Y.-R.Yen, O.Ya.Zeldovich, T.Ziegler, EXO-200 Collaboration

Search for two-neutrino double-beta decay of 136Xe to the 0+1 excited state of 136Ba with the complete EXO-200 dataset

RADIOACTIVITY 136Xe(2β-); analyzed available data using a deep learning-based convolutional neural network is used to discriminate signal from background events; deduced T1/2 lower limit at 90% confidence level.

doi: 10.1088/1674-1137/aceee3
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