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1995DM04      Appl.Radiat.Isot. 46, 307 (1995)

S.N.Dmitriev, Yu.Ts.Oganessian, G.Ya.Starodub, S.V.Shishkin, G.V.Buklanov, Yu.P.Kharitonov, A.F.Novgorodov, Yu.V.Yushkevich, D.Newton, R.J.Talbot

Ultra-Pure 236Pu and 237Pu for Environmental and Biomedical Research

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 235U(α, 3n), E=36 MeV; 235U(α, 2n), E=27 MeV; measured residual yield, purity. Electromagnetic mass separation, α-spectrometric methods.

doi: 10.1016/0969-8043(94)00134-L
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1994LA25      Nucl.Phys. A580, 113 (1994)

Yu.A.Lazarev, Yu.Ts.Oganessian, Z.Szeglowski, V.K.Utyonkov, Yu.P.Kharitonov, O.Constantinescu, D.Lien, I.V.Shirokovsky, S.P.Tretyakova

Cross Sections of the (HI, αn) Channel in the Cold-Fusion-Type Reactions 209Bi + 40Ar and 208Pb + 37Cl

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 209Bi(40Ar, X), 208Pb(37Cl, X), E=230 MeV; measured production σ for 240Cm; deduced σ upper limits for (40Ar, αn), (37Cl, αn), other reactions. Enriched targets, radiochemistry technique.

RADIOACTIVITY 242Es, 238Bk(EC); measured T1/2, EC-delayed fission yields; deduced delayed fission branching in 238Bk.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(94)90818-4
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1994OG03      Yad.Fiz. 57, No 7, 1178 (1994); Phys.Atomic Nuclei 57, 1112 (1994)

Yu.Ts.Oganesyan, V.L.Mikheev, S.P.Tretyakova, Yu.P.Kharitonov, A.B.Yakushev, S.N.Timokhin, V.A.Ponomarenko, A.N.Golovchenko

Search for Cluster Radioactivity of 114Ba

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 58Ni(58Ni, 2n), E=280 MeV; measured 12C spectra following residual 114Ba decay. 114Ba deduced 12C-decay branching ratio.

RADIOACTIVITY 114Ba(12C) [from 58Ni(58Ni, 2n), E=280 MeV]; measured 12C spectra. 114Ba deduced 12C-decay branching ratio.

1993DM02      Appl.Radiat.Isot. 44, 1097 (1993)

S.N.Dmitriev, Yu.Ts.Oganessian, G.V.Buklanov, Yu.P.Kharitonov, A.F.Novgorodov, L.I.Salamatin, G.Ya.Starodub, S.V.Shishkin, Yu.V.Yushkevich, D.Newton

Production of 237Pu with High Radiochemical Purity

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 235U(α, 2n), E=22-26.5 MeV; measured Eα, Iα; deduced high radiochemical purity 237Pu production method. Mass separation techniques.

RADIOACTIVITY 237Pu(α) [from 235U(α, 2n), E=22-26.5 MeV]; measured Eα, Iα; deduced high radiochemical purity 237Pu production method. Mass separation techniques.

doi: 10.1016/0969-8043(93)90112-N
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1989LA07      Phys.Scr. 39, 422 (1989)

Yu.A.Lazarev, Yu.V.Lobanov, R.N.Sagaidak, V.K.Utyonkov, M.Hussonnois, Yu.P.Kharitonov, I.V.Shirokovsky, S.P.Tretyakova, Yu.Ts.Oganessian

Study of the Stability of the Ground States and K-Isomeric States of 250Fm and 254102 against Spontaneous Fission

RADIOACTIVITY 250,250mFm(α) [from 249Cf(α, 3n), E=34 MeV]; 254,254mNo(α) [from 208Pb(48Ca, 2n)]; measured Eα, Iα; deduced SF(T1/2), branching ratios.

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 206,208Pb(48Ca, xn), E(cm)=169-180 MeV; measured Eα, Iα; deduced 254102 total yield.

doi: 10.1088/0031-8949/39/4/002
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1984OG02      Z.Phys. A319, 215 (1984)

Yu.Ts.Oganessian, A.G.Demin, M.Hussonnois, S.P.Tretyakova, Yu.P.Kharitonov, V.K.Utyonkov, I.V.Shirokovsky, O.Constantinescu, H.Bruchertseifer, Yu.S.Korotkin

On the Stability of the Nuclei of Element 108 with A = 263-265

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 208Pb(50Ti, xn)257Rf/256Rf/255Rf, E=5.45 MeV/nucleon; 208Pb(54Cr, xn)261Sg/260Sg/259Sg, E=5.5 MeV/nucleon; 208Pb(58Fe, xn)265Hs/264Hs, E=5.5 MeV/nucleon; 207Pb(58Fe, xn)264Hs, E=5.5 MeV/nucleon; 209Bi(55Mn, xn), E=5.5 MeV/nucleon; measured evaporation residue production σ. 263Hs, 265Hs, 264Hs deduced considerable α-decay probability, high stability against SF decay. Activation technique.

doi: 10.1007/BF01415635
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1984OG03      Radiochim.Acta 37, 113 (1984)

Yu.Ts.Oganessian, M.Hussonnois, A.G.Demin, Yu.P.Kharitonov, H.Bruchertseifer, O.Constantinescu, Yu.S.Korotkin, S.P.Tretyakova, V.K.Utyonkov, I.V.Shirokovsky, J.Estevez

Experimental Studies of the Formation and Radioactive Decay of Isotopes with Z = 104-109

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 208Pb(50Ti, γ), (50Ti, n), (50Ti, 2n), (50Ti, 3n), E=5.45 MeV/nucleon; 208Pb(49Ti, n), (49Ti, 2n), (49Ti, nα), (49Ti, 2np), E=5.53 MeV/nucleon; 208Pb(48Ti, n), (48Ti, np), (48Ti, α), E=5.4 MeV/nucleon; measured α-, fission fragment numbers; deduced residuals production σ. 209Bi(50Ti, n), E=5.3 MeV/nucleon; 209Bi(54Cr, n), E=5.4 MeV/nucleon; 208Pb(55Mn, n), (59Co, n), 209Bi(58Fe, n), 208Pb(54Cr, n), (54Cr, 2n), (54Cr, 3n), 208Pb(58Fe, n), (58Fe, 2n), 207Pb(58Fe, n), 209Bi(55Mn, n), E=5.5 MeV/nucleon; 209Bi(55Mn, np), E=5.55 MeV/nucleon; 208Pb(50Ti, n), (50Ti, 2n), (50Ti, 3n), E=5.45 MeV/nucleon; measured Eα, α-, fission fragment numbers, decay T1/2; deduced residuals production σ, yields.

RADIOACTIVITY 257Rf, 256Rf, 255Rf, 258Db, 262Bh, 266Mt, 261,260,259Sg, 263,264,265Hs, 254,256Lr, 252No [from Pb, 209Bi(49,50Ti, xn), (58Fe, xn), (55Mn, xn), E ≈ 5-5.5 MeV/nucleon]; measured decay characteristics. 265Hs, 264Hs, 263Hs, 266Mt, 261Sg, 260Sg, 259Sg deduced α-decay preponderance.

1982OG02      Pisma Zh.Eksp.Teor.Fiz. 36, 104 (1982); JETP Lett.(USSR) 36, 129 (1982)

Yu.Ts.Oganesyan, Yu.E.Penionzhkevich, E.Gierlik, R.Kalpakchieva, T.Pawlat, C.Borcea, A.V.Belozerov, Yu.P.Kharitonov, S.P.Tretyakova, V.G.Subbotin, S.M.Lukyanov, N.V.Pronin, A.A.Bykov

Experimental Search for 10He Nuclei in Heavy-Ion-Induced Reactions

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 232Th(11B, α), (11B, 3He), (11B, 6He), (11B, 8He), (11B, X)10He, E=89 MeV; measured σ(θ) vs particle energy; deduced 10He production σ upper limit.

Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 datasetF1334.

1980GI06      Z.Phys. A295, 295 (1980)

E.Gierlik, A.M.Kalinin, R.Kalpakchieva, Y.T.Oganessian, Y.E.Penionzhkevich, Y.P.Kharitonov

Measurements of the Maximum α-Particle Energy at Forward Angles in the Reaction 22Ne + 197Au

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 197Au(22Ne, α), E=178 MeV; measured σ(Eα, θα); deduced reaction mechanism. Magnetic spectrometer, ΔE-E telescope.

doi: 10.1007/BF01412209
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1979DR07      Yad.Fiz. 29, 1149 (1979); Sov.J.Nucl.Phys. 29, 591 (1979)

V.A.Druin, B.Bochev, Y.V.Lobanov, R.N.Sagaidak, Y.P.Kharitonov, S.P.Tretyakova, G.G.Gulbekyan, G.V.Buklanov, E.A.Erin, V.N.Kosyakov, A.G.Rykov

Spontaneous Fission of the Heavy Isotopes of Nielsbohrium (Z = 105) and Element 106

RADIOACTIVITY 262Db (SF), 263Sg (SF) [from 249Bk(18O, 5n), 249Cf(18O, 4n)]; measured T1/2; deduced dependence T1/2 (SF) on neutron number.

Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 datasetA0051.

1977DR10      At.Energ. 43, 155 (1977); Sov.At.Energy 43, 785 (1977)

V.A.Druin, B.Bochev, Y.S.Korotkin, V.N.Kosyakov, Y.V.Lobanov, E.A.Minin, Y.V.Poluboyarinov, A.G.Rykov, R.N.Sagaidak, S.P.Tretyakova, Y.P.Kharitonov

Synthesis of 260Ku in the Irradiation of 249Bk by 15N Ions

RADIOACTIVITY, Fission 260Rf (SF); measured T1/2.

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 249Bk(15N, 4n), E=78, 82, 84, 90, 93 MeV; measured σ for production of 260Rf.

Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 datasetA0010.

1976DR06      Yad.Fiz. 24, 254 (1976); Sov.J.Nucl.Phys. 24, 131 (1977)

V.A.Druin, Y.S.Korotkin, Y.V.Lobanov, Y.V.Poluboyarinov, R.N.Sagaidak, G.M.Soloveva, S.P.Tretyakova, Y.P.Kharitonov

Synthesis of Heavy Isotopes of Ku in Bombardment of Cm by O Ions

RADIOACTIVITY 260Rf; measured T1/2.

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 246Cm(18O, 4n), E=85-110 MeV; measured σ(E) for production of 260Rf.

Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 datasetA0005.

1973DR10      At.Energ. 35, 279 (1973); Sov.At.Energy 35, 946 (1974)

V.B.Druin, Y.V.Lobanov, D.M.Nadkarni, Y.P.Kharitonov, Y.S.Korotkin, S.P.Tretyakova, V.I.Krashonkin

Nonobservance of Spontaneous Fission in Kurchatovium at Berkeley

RADIOACTIVITY 259Rf; measured T1/2, SF/α.

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 246Cm(18O, F), E=100 MeV; measured 259Rf yield.

1971DR01      Yad.Fiz. 13, 251 (1971); Sov.J.Nucl.Phys. 13, 139 (1971)

V.A.Druin, A.G.Demin, Y.P.Kharitonov, G.N.Akapev, V.I.Rud, G.Y.Sung-Ching-Yang, L.P.Chelnokov, K.A.Gavrilov

Study of α Decay of 105 Element Isotopes

RADIOACTIVITY 260Db, 261Db; measured Eα, T1/2.

1968FL09      JINR-P7-3808(1968)

G.N.Flerov, V.A.Druin, A.G.Demin, Y.V.Lobanov, N.K.Skobelev, G.N.Akapev, B.V.Fefilov, I.V.Kolesov, K.A.Gavrilov, Y.P.Kharitonov, L.P.Chelnokov

Experiments in Search of Alpha-Radioactive Isotopes of Element 105

RADIOACTIVITY 260Db, 261Db[from 243Am(22Ne, xn)]; measured T1/2, Eα.

1967MI03      At.Energ.USSR 22, 90 (1967); Soviet J.At.Energy 22, 93 (1967)

V.L.Mikheev, V.I.Ilyushchenko, M.B.Miller, S.M.Polikanov, G.N.Flerov, Y.P.Kharitonov

Synthesis of Isotopes of Element 102 with Mass Numbers 254, 253, and 252

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 252No, 253No, 254No; measured not abstracted; deduced nuclear properties.

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