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2012TH05      Nucl.Sci.Eng. 171, 85 (2012)

I.J.Thompson, Y.M.X.M.Dardenne, J.M.Kenneally, A.Robertson, L.E.Ahle, C.A.Hagmann, R.A.Henderson, D.Vogt, C.-Y.Wu, W.Younes

Evaluations of Fission Chain Yields for 239Pu from Fission-Spectrum Neutrons

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 239Pu(n, F)95Zr/97Zr/95Nb/97Nb/99Mo/144Ce/146Nd/147Nd/148Nd/150Nd/155Eu/156Eu/140Ba/90Sr/103Ru/131I/140La, E<10 MeV; analyzed available data; deduced fission chain yields.

doi: 10.13182/NSE10-101
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