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2012RE13      Phys.Rev. C 85, 065801 (2012)

L.Reichhart, D.Yu.Akimov, H.M.Araujo, E.J.Barnes, V.A.Belov, A.A.Burenkov, V.Chepel, A.Currie, L.DeViveiros, B.Edwards, V.Francis, C.Ghag, A.Hollingsworth, M.Horn, G.E.Kalmus, A.S.Kobyakin, A.G.Kovalenko, V.N.Lebedenko, A.Lindote, M.I.Lopes, R.Luscher, P.Majewski, A.St~J.Murphy, F.Neves, S.M.Paling, J.P.da Cunha, R.Preece, J.J.Quenby, P.R.Scovell, C.Silva, V.N.Solovov, N.J.T.Smith, P.F.Smith, V.N.Stekhanov, T.J.Sumner, C.Thorne, R.J.Walker

Quenching factor for low-energy nuclear recoils in a plastic scintillator

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.85.065801
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