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2012RE13      Phys.Rev. C 85, 065801 (2012)

L.Reichhart, D.Yu.Akimov, H.M.Araujo, E.J.Barnes, V.A.Belov, A.A.Burenkov, V.Chepel, A.Currie, L.DeViveiros, B.Edwards, V.Francis, C.Ghag, A.Hollingsworth, M.Horn, G.E.Kalmus, A.S.Kobyakin, A.G.Kovalenko, V.N.Lebedenko, A.Lindote, M.I.Lopes, R.Luscher, P.Majewski, A.St~J.Murphy, F.Neves, S.M.Paling, J.P.da Cunha, R.Preece, J.J.Quenby, P.R.Scovell, C.Silva, V.N.Solovov, N.J.T.Smith, P.F.Smith, V.N.Stekhanov, T.J.Sumner, C.Thorne, R.J.Walker

Quenching factor for low-energy nuclear recoils in a plastic scintillator

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.85.065801
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1995QU02      Phys.Lett. 351B, 70 (1995)

J.J.Quenby, T.J.Sumner, J.P.Li, A.Bewick, S.M.Grant, D.Shaul, N.J.T.Smith, W.G.Jones, G.J.Davies, C.C.Zammit, A.D.Caplin, R.A.Stradling, T.Ali, C.H.Lally, P.F.Smith, G.J.Homer, G.T.J.Arnison, J.D.Lewin, G.J.Alner, A.M.Cruise, M.J.J.van den Putte, N.J.C.Spooner, J.C.Barton, P.R.Blake, M.J.Lea, P.Stefanyi, J.Saunders

Results from the First Stage of a UK Galactic Dark Matter Search using Low Background Sodium Iodide Detectors

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(95)00355-O
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