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2021HA17      Nat.Phys. 17, 512 (2021)

D.C.Haynes, M.Wurzer, A.Schletter, A.Al-Haddad, C.Blaga, C.Bostedt, J.Bozek, H.Bromberger, M.Bucher, A.Camper, S.Carron, R.Coffee, J.T.Costello, L.F.DiMauro, Y.Ding, K.Ferguson, I.Grguras, W.Helml, M.C.Hoffmann, M.Ilchen, S.Jalas, N.M.Kabachnik, A.K.Kazansky, R.Kienberger, A.R.Maier, T.Maxwell, T.Mazza, M.Meyer, H.Park, J.Robinson, C.Roedig, H.Schlarb, R.Singla, F.Tellkamp, P.A.Walker, K.Zhang, G.Doumy, C.Behrens, A.L.Cavalieri

Clocking Auger electrons

ATOMIC PHYSICS Ne; measured atomic emission products, Eβ, Iβ; deduced Auger decay T1/2 for the KLL decay channel.

doi: 10.1038/s41567-020-01111-0
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1992RA03      Phys.Lett. 275B, 259 (1992)

A.Rahav, O.Hausser, C.A.Miller, P.P.J.Delheij, W.P.Alford, T.E.Chupp, K.Ferguson, R.S.Henderson, C.D.P.Levy, K.P.Jackson, J.Mildenberger, B.Morrissette, M.C.Vetterli, R.M.Woloshyn

Proton-Induced Nucleon Knockout from Polarized 3He at 290 MeV

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 3He(polarized p, 2p), (polarized p, np), E=290 MeV; measured spin correlation parameters, beam-, target-related asymmetries; deduced role of proton spin momentum distribution in 3He. Polarized target.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(92)91587-Y
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1992RA23      Phys.Rev. C46, 1167 (1992)

A.Rahav, O.Hausser, R.M.Woloshyn, T.E.Chupp, P.P.J.Delheij, K.Ferguson, R.Henderson, K.P.Jackson, C.D.P.Levy, J.Mildenberger, C.A.Miller, B.Morrissette, M.C.Vetterli

Nucleon Knockout from Polarized 3He by Polarized Protons at 290 MeV

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 3He(polarized p, 2p), (polarized p, np), E=290 MeV; measured spin observables, σ(θ1, θ2) vs energy transfer; deduced knockout mechanism evidence. Polarized target. Plane wave impulse approximation.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.46.1167
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1991AL17      Nucl.Phys. A531, 97 (1991)

W.P.Alford, A.Celler, B.A.Brown, R.Abegg, K.Ferguson, R.Helmer, K.P.Jackson, S.Long, K.Raywood, S.Yen

Measurement of Gamow-Teller and Spin Dipole Strength in the 45Sc(n, p)45Ca Reaction at 198 MeV

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 45Sc(n, p), E=198 MeV; measured σ(Ep, θ). 45Ca deduced Gamow-Teller transition strength. Shell model comparison.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(91)90571-M
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