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2023BR10      Phys.Lett. B 847, 138310 (2023)

A.D.Briscoe, R.D.Page, J.Uusitalo, D.T.Joss, M.A.M.AlAqeel, B.Alayed, B.Andel, S.Antalic, K.Auranen, H.Ayatollahzadeh, H.Badran, L.Barber, G.Beeton, M.Birova, V.Bogdanoff, R.M.Clark, J.G.Cubiss, D.M.Cullen, J.Deary, U.Forsberg, T.Grahn, P.T.Greenlees, J.B.Hilton, A.Illana, H.Joukainen, D.S.Judson, R.Julin, H.Jutila, J.M.Keatings, M.Labiche, M.Leino, M.C.Lewis, J.Louko, M.Luoma, I.Martel, A.McCarter, P.P.McKee, P.Mosat, S.N.Nathaniel, O.Neuvonen, D.O'Donnell, J.Ojala, C.A.A.Page, A.M.Plaza, J.Pakarinen, P.Papadakis, E.Parr, J.Partanen, P.Rahkila, P.Ruotsalainen, M.Sandzelius, J.Saren, B.Saygi, J.Smallcombe, J.F.Smith, J.Sorri, C.M.Sullivan, S.Szwec, H.Tann, A.Tolosa-Delgado, E.Uusikyla, M.Venhart, L.J.Waring, G.Zimba

Decay spectroscopy at the two-proton drip line: Radioactivity of the new nuclides 160Os and 156W

RADIOACTIVITY 160Os(α), 156W(β+), (EC), 156Ta(p) [from 106Cd(58Ni, X)160Os, 102Pd(58Ni, X)156Ta, E=310, 294 MeV]; measured decay products, Eα, Iα, Ep, Ip, Eβ, Iβ; deduced α-particles energies, T1/2, an improved value for the half-life of the proton-decaying high-spin isomeric state. Comparison with available data. The recoil separator MARA, the Accelerator Laboratory of the University of Jyvaskyla.

doi: 10.1016/j.physletb.2023.138310
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2023DE27      Eur.Phys.J. A 59, 198 (2023)

J.Deary, M.Scheck, R.Schwengner, D.O'Donnell, D.Bemmerer, R.Beyer, Th.Hensel, A.R.Junghans, T.Kogler, S.E.Muller, K.Romer, K.Schmidt, S.Turkat, S.Urlass, A.Wagner, M.Bowry, P.Adsley, O.Agar, R.Chapman, F.C.L.Crespi, D.T.Doherty, U.Friman-Gayer, R.-D.Herzberg, J.Isaak, R.V.F.Janssens, T.Kroll, B.Loher, B.S.Nara Singh, P.von Neumann-Cosel, L.Pellegri, E.E.Peters, G.Rainovski, D.Savran, J.F.Smith, M.Spieker, P.G.Thirolf, S.Triambak, W.Tornow, M.Venhart, M.Wiedeking, O.Wieland, S.W.Yates, A.Zilges

Photo-response of the N = Z nucleus 24Mg

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 24Mg(γ, γ'), E<13 MeV; measured reaction products, Eγ, Iγ; deduced energy-integrated scattering σ, B(M1), B(E1). Comparison with available data. The ELBE accelerator of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf.

doi: 10.1140/epja/s10050-023-01111-7
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