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1999AN35      Nucl.Phys. A656, 3 (1999)

C.Angulo, M.Arnould, M.Rayet, P.Descouvemont, D.Baye, C.Leclercq-Willain, A.Coc, S.Barhoumi, P.Aguer, C.Rolfs, R.Kunz, J.W.Hammer, A.Mayer, T.Paradellis, S.Kossionides, C.Chronidou, K.Spyrou, S.Degl'Innocenti, G.Fiorentini, B.Ricci, S.Zavatarelli, C.Providencia, H.Wolters, J.Soares, C.Grama, J.Rahighi, A.Shotter, M.Lamehi-Rachti

A Compilation of Charged-Particle Induced Thermonuclear Reaction Rates

COMPILATION 1H(p, e+ν), 2H, 6,7Li, 7,9Be, 10,11B, 12,13C, 13,14,15N, 16,17,18O, 19F, 20,21,22Ne, 22,23Na, 24,25,26Mg, 26,27Al, 28Si(p, γ), 2H(d, γ), (d, p), 2,3H(d, n), 2,3H, 3He, 7Li, 7Be, 12C, 14,15N, 16,18O, 20,22Ne(α, γ), 3He(3He, 2p), 6,7Li, 9Be, 10,11B, 14,15N, 17,18O, 19F, 20Ne, 23Na, 24Mg, 27Al(p, α), 7Li, 9Be, 13C, 14N, 17,18O, 21,22Ne, 23Na, 25,26Mg, 27Al(α, n), 9Be, 11B, 13C, 14,15N, 19F, 23Na(p, n), 9Be(p, d), E < 10 MeV; compiled, analyzed σ, S-factors; calculated astrophysical reaction rates vs T9. Analytical approximations.

doi: 10.1016/S0375-9474(99)00030-5
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1994OT02      Z.Phys. A348, 57 (1994)

E.Ott, M.Schimmer, R.Wirowski, H.Wolters, I.Jansen, A.von der Werth, A.Dewald, P.von Brentano

High Spin States in 144Sm

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 126Te(24Mg, X), E=98 MeV; measured γγ-coin, Iγ(θ), γ linear polarization. 144Sm deduced high-spin levels, J, π, γ-branching. Compton suppressed Ge detector array OSIRIS-CUBE.

doi: 10.1007/BF01291653
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1994WE01      Nucl.Phys. A567, 431 (1994)

D.Weil, R.Wirowski, E.Ott, A.Dewald, P.von Brentano, H.Wolters, R.M.Lieder

Spins and Parities of High-Spin States in 146Gd and a New γγ-Coincidence Technique for γ-Linear-Polarization Measurements

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 126Te(24Mg, 4n), E=109.5 MeV; measured Eγ, Iγ(E), Iγ(θ), γγ-coin, γ linear polarization. 146Gd deduced levels, J, π.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(94)90157-0
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1991RZ01      Z.Phys. A339, 421 (1991)

T.Rzaca-Urban, K.Strahle, G.Hebbinghaus, D.Balabanski, W.Gast, R.M.Lieder, H.Schnare, W.Urban, P.von Brentano, A.Dewald, J.Eberth, E.Ott, J.Theuerkauf, H.Wolters, K.O.Zell, D.Alber, K.H.Maier, E.M.Beck, H.Hubel, W.Schmitz

Excited Superdeformed Band in 146Gd

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 110Pd(40Ar, 4n), E=175 MeV; measured γγ-coin, summed spectra. 146Gd deduced superdeformed band.

1990HE14      Phys.Lett. 240B, 311 (1990)

G.Hebbinghaus, K.Strahle, T.Rzaca-Urban, D.Balabanski, W.Gast, R.M.Lieder, H.Schnare, W.Urban, H.Wolters, E.Ott, J.Theuerkauf, K.O.Zell, J.Eberth, P.von Brentano, D.Alber, K.H.Maier, W.Schmitz, E.M.Beck, H.Hubel, T.Bengtsson, I.Ragnarsson, S.Aberg

Superdeformed Band in 146Gd. First Observation of Band Crossing

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 110Pd(40Ar, 4n), E=180 MeV; measured γ-multiplicity, sum spectra, DSA. 146Gd deduced levels, J, π, T1/2, superdeformed band structure.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(90)91104-J
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1990NE03      Z.Phys. A336, 245 (1990)

U.Neuneyer, H.Wolters, A.Dewald, W.Lieberz, A.Gelberg, E.Ott, J.Theuerkauf, R.Wirowski, P.von Brentano, K.Schiffer, D.Alber, K.H.Maier

High Spin States in 128Ba

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 96Zr(36S, 4n), E=150 MeV; measured γγ-coin. 128Ba deduced levels, J, π.

1990SE05      Z.Phys. A336, 237 (1990)

F.Seiffert, A.Granderath, A.Dewald, W.Lieberz, U.Neuneyer, E.Ott, J.Theuerkauf, R.Wirowski, H.Wolters, K.O.Zell, P.von Brentano, K.Schiffer, D.Alber, K.H.Maier

High Spin States in 127Ba

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 96Zr(36S, 5n), E=150 MeV; measured γγ-coin, γ-multiplicity, sum energies. 127Ba deduced levels, J, π, band structure.

1989WO06      Z.Phys. A333, 413 (1989)

H.Wolters, W.Ott, R.Wirowski, A.Dewald, J.Theuerkauf, J.Eberth, K.O.Zell, P.von Brentano, W.Gast, G.Hebbinghaus, P.Kleinheinz, A.Kramer-Flecken, R.M.Lieder, T.Morek, T.Rzaca-Urban, H.Schnare, C.Senff, W.Urban, H.Grawe, H.Kluge, K.H.Maier, S.Heppner, H.Hubel, A.P.Byrne, W.Schmitz

High Spin States in Doubly-Closed Shell Nucleus 146Gd

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 110Pd(40Ar, 4n), 102Ru(48Ca, 4n), E not given; measured γγ-coin. 146Gd deduced levels, J, π.

1987HE16      Phys.Rev.Lett. 59, 2024 (1987)

G.Hebbinghaus, T.Rzaca-Urban, C.Senff, R.M.Lieder, W.Gast, A.Kramer-Flecken, H.Schnare, W.Urban, G.de Angelis, P.Kleinheinz, W.Starzecki, J.Styczen, P.von Brentano, A.Dewald, J.Eberth, W.Lieberz, T.Mylaeus, A.v.d.Werth, H.Wolters, K.O.Zell, S.Heppner, H.Hubel, M.Murzel, H.Grawe, H.Kluge

Observation of Superdeformation in the Doubly Closed-Shell Nucleus 146Gd

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 110Pd(40Ar, X), E=180 MeV; measured γγ-energy correlation, DSA. 146Gd deduced levels, moment of inertia, deformation, superdeformation characteristics, quadrupole moment, stretched E2 transitions.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.59.2024
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1987WO09      Z.Phys. A328, 15 (1987)

H.Wolters, K.Schiffer, A.Gelberg, A.Dewald, J.Eberth, R.Reinhardt, K.O.Zell, P.v.Brentano, D.Alber, H.Grawe

High Spin States in 128Ba

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 110Pd(22Ne, 4n), E=96 MeV; measured γγ-coin. 128Ba deduced levels, J, π, γ-branching, band structure, configuration.

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