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2002EL07      Phys.Scr. 66, 32 (2002)

H.El Samman

On the Level Structure of 154Gd

RADIOACTIVITY 154Eu(β-); measured Eγ, Iγ, γγ-coin. 154Gd deduced levels, J, π. Comparison with IBA model predictions.

doi: 10.1238/Physica.Regular.066a00032
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1994AB34      Indian J.Phys. 68A, 197 (1994)

S.Abdel-Malak, W.Arafa, H.El Samman, A.Eid, A.Nada

The level structure of 188Os β-decay of 188Re

RADIOACTIVITY 188Re(β-); measured decay products, Eγ, Iγ; deduced γ-ray energies, level scheme, angular correlation coefficients, mixing ratios, multipolarities. Comparison with IBA calculations.

1990GI03      Z.Phys. A335, 115 (1990)

A.Gizon, V.Barci, H.El-Samman, J.Gizon, B.M.Nyako, B.Weiss, L.Zolnai

Rotational Bands in Doubly-Odd 124Cs and Residual Proton-Neutron Interaction

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 115In(12C, 3n), E=56 MeV; measured γγ-coin, γ(θ). 124Cs deduced levels, J, π, band structure.

1988JE01      Nucl.Phys. A481, 355 (1988)

D.Jerrestam, S.Elfstrom, W.Klamra, T.Lindblad, C.G.Linden, V.Barci, H.El-Samman, J.Gizon

The Effective Moment of Inertia in 124Xe, 126-128Ba, 129,131Ce and 162Er Isotopes

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 120,122Sn, 124Te(12C, X), E=118 MeV; 161Dy(α, X), E=39.5 MeV; measured E(γ), I(γ), γ-multiplicity. 124Xe, 126,127,128Ba, 129,131Ce, 162Er deduced effective moment of inertia.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(88)90502-7
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1988MA49      Nucl.Phys. A489, 169 (1988)

J.P.Martin, V.Barci, H.El-Samman, A.Gizon, J.Gizon, W.Klamra, B.M.Nyako, F.A.Beck, Th.Byrski, J.C.Merdinger

Collective Band Structures and Particle Alignments in 124Ba, 125Ba and 125Cs

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 110Cd(18O, X), E=80 MeV; 96Zr(34S, X), E=160 MeV; measured E(γ), I(γ), γγ-coin, linear polarization. 124,125Ba, 125Cs deduced levels, J, π, routhians, γ-multipolarity, alignment. Enriched targets, Ge detectors, anti-Compton shields.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(88)90059-0
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1987MA12      Z.Phys. A326, 337 (1987)

J.P.Martin, V.Barci, H.El-Samman, A.Gizon, J.Gizon, B.Nyako, W.Klamra, F.A.Beck, T.Byrski, J.C.Merdinger

The Band Structure in 124Ba

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 96Zr(34S, 6n), E=140, 150, 160, 175 MeV; measured Eγ, Iγ, γ(θ), γγ-coin. 124Ba deduced levels, J, π, yrast band, Routhians, rotational frequencies. Enriched target, Compton suppressed Ge detectors. Cranked shell model.

1986BA63      Z.Phys. A325, 399 (1986)

V.Barci, H.El-Samman, A.Gizon, J.Gizon, R.Kossakowski, B.M.Nyako, T.Vertse, S.Elfstrom, D.Jerrestam, W.Klamra, Th.Lindblad, T.Bengtsson

Effective Moment of Inertia in 132Ce, 134Nd and 136Nd

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 132Ce, 134,136Nd; calculated effective moments of inertia. Cranking Nilsson-Strutinsky model.

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 96Zr, 98,100Mo(40Ar, X), E=160-189 MeV; measured continuum Eγ, Iγ, σ(Eγ, E), γ(θ). 132Ce, 134,136Nd deduced moments of inertia. NaI(Tl) detectors. Cranking Nilsson-Strutinsky model.

1985BA22      Z.Phys. A321, 353 (1985)

V.Barci, H.El-Samman, A.Gizon, J.Gizon, T.Bengtsson, Y.Gono

Possible Shape-Change Observed at High Spin in 123Cs

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 115In(12C, 4nγ), E=80 MeV; measured γγ-coin; deduced energy-energy correlation spectra. 123Cs deduced collective moment of inertia, nuclear shape. Enriched target, NaI(Tl) and Ge detectors.

doi: 10.1007/BF01493457
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1985EL08      Phys.Lett. 158B, 459 (1985)

H.El-Samman, V.Barci, A.Gizon, J.Gizon, R.Kossakowski, Th.Lindblad, T.Bengtsson

Effective Dynamic Moment of Inertia of 118Xe and 130Ba

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 112Sn(12C, xnyp), E=112 MeV; 122Sn(12C, 4n), E=80 MeV; measured γ-multiplicity, sum spectra. 118Xe, 130Ba deduced effective moment of inertia.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(85)90794-4
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1985EL11      Nucl.Instrum.Methods 240, 91 (1985)

H.El-Samman, J.Gizon, V.Barci

On the Use of Hexagonal NaI(Tl) Detectors

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 100Mo(40Ar, X), E=171 MeV; measured Eγ, Iγ, γγ-energy correlation, sum spectra. Hexagonal NaI(Tl) detectors.

doi: 10.1016/0168-9002(85)90391-2
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1985JE03      Phys.Scr. 31, 317 (1985)

D.Jerrestam, V.Barci, S.Elfstrom, H.El-Samman, J.Gizon, W.Klamra, Th.Lindblad, C.G.Linden

The Effective Moment of Inertia in 130Ce and 129La

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 124Te(12C, 6n), (12C, 6np), E=118 MeV; measured γ-spectra, sum energy spectra. 130Ce, 129La deduced effective moment of inertia.

doi: 10.1088/0031-8949/31/5/004
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1984BA36      ATOMKI Kozlem. 26, 32 (1984)

V.Barci, H.El-Samman, A.Gizon, J.Gizon, R.Kossakowski, Th.Lindblad

The Effective Moment of Inertia of 118Xe and 130Ba

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 112,122Sn(12C, xnyp), E=80, 112 MeV; measured Eγ, Iγ, sum spectra. 118Xe, 130Ba deduced effective moment of inertia.

1984EL07      ATOMKI Kozlem. 26, 30 (1984)

H.El-Samman, V.Barci, T.Bengtsson, A.Gizon, J.Gizon, L.Hildingsson, D.Jerrestam, W.Klamra, R.Kossakowski, G.A.Leander, Th.Lindblad

Collective Moment of Inertia of 118,122Xe and 128,130Ba

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 112,117,122Sn, 123Sb(12C, xnyp), E not given; measured γγ-coin, energy correlations. 122,118Xe, 128,130Ba deduced dynamic moment of inertia.

1984EL08      Nucl.Phys. A427, 397 (1984)

H.El-Samman, V.Barci, A.Gizon, J.Gizon, L.Hildingsson, D.Jerrestam, W.Klamra, R.Kossakowski, Th.Lindblad, T.Bengtsson, G.A.Leander

On the Difference of the Dynamic Moment of Inertia I(2) Band for Xe and Ba Nuclei

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 112,117,112Sn(12C, X), E=80-118 MeV; 123Sb(12C, X), E=118 MeV; measured γγ-coin, γ-ray multiplicity; deduced γγ-energy correlation matrices. 118,122Xe, 128,130Ba deduced dynamic I(2) band moment of inertia.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(84)90091-5
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1984GI08      ATOMKI Kozlem. 26, 31 (1984)

J.Gizon, V.Barci, H.El-Samman, A.Gizon, Y.Gono, T.Bengtsson

Measurement of I(2)(band) in 123Cs

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 115In(12C, 4n), E=80 MeV; measured γγ-coin, energy correlation. 123Cs deduced collective moment of inertia.

1982AN13      Z.Phys. A308, 181 (1982)

S.Andre, V.Barci, D.Barneoud, R.Beraud, A.Charvet, H.El Samman, J.Genevey, A.Gizon, J.Gizon, R.Kossakowski, J.Treherne, B.Weiss

On Line γ-Ray Emission following 30 MeV/A 12C Induced Reactions on some Medium-Heavy Targets

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 92Mo, 122Te, 150Sm, 174Yb(12C, X)84Y/86Y/88Zr/88Nb/90Mo/91Mo/112Sn/112Sb/113Sb/114Te/115Te/116Te/117Te/119I/118Xe/120Xe/140Nd/140Pm/140Sm/148Sm/142Eu/145Eu/146Eu/147Eu/148Eu/145Gd/147Gd/148Gd/148Tb/161Yb/162Yb/164Yb, E=30 MeV/nucleon; measured γ(t); deduced residuals production σ. 148,147Gd, 140Nd, 112Sn deduced isomer T1/2, J, π. 116Te, 118Xe, 162Yb deduced levels, rotational bands. Enriched targets, in-beam spectroscopy.

doi: 10.1007/BF01413009
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1981IS08      Rev.Roum.Phys. 26, 455 (1981)

H.A.Ismail, M.Morsy, H.Hanafi, S.Abdle-Malalk, H.El-Samman

The Decay of 182Ta to 182W

RADIOACTIVITY 182Ta; measured Eγ, Iγ, γγ-coin. 182W deduced levels, K, π, J, vibrational band. Hyperpure Ge, Ge(Li) detectors.

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