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1973AN26      Yad.Fiz. 18, 353 (1973); Sov.J.Nucl.Phys. 18, 182 (1974)

Y.M.Antipov, G.Ascoli, R.Busnello, A.Weitsch, G.Damgaard, F.A.Ech, M.N.Kienzle-Focacci, W.Kienzle, R.Klanner, L.G.Landsberg, A.A.Lebedev, C.Lechanoine, P.Leconte, M.Martin, V.Roinishvili, R.D.Sard

Elastic π-p, K-p, and pp Scattering at 25 and 40 GeV/c

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 4He(π-, π-), momentum transfer=0.0056-0.087, 0.0056-0.0462 (GeV/c)2; measured σ, deduced nuclear radius, σ(π-, π-) total.

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