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1980SA09      Phys.Rev. C21, 1321 (1980)

A.Sandoval, H.H.Gutbrod, W.G.Meyer, R.Stock, C.Lukner, A.M.Poskanzer, J.Gosset, J.-C.Jourdain, C.H.King, G.King, Nguyen Van Sen, G.D.Westfall, K.L.Wolf

Spectra of p, d, and t from Relativistic Nuclear Collisions

NUCLEAR REACTIONS U(20Ne, p), (20Ne, d), (20Ne, t), E=0.24, 0.39, 1.04, 2.1 GeV/nucleon; U, Ca(40Ar, p), (40Ar, d), (40Ar, t), Au, Ag, Al(20Ne, p), (20Ne, d), (20Ne, t), U, Al(α, p), (α, d), (α, t), E=390 MeV/nucleon; U, Ca(40Ar, p), (40Ar, d), (40Ar, t), U(α, p), (α, d), (α, t), U(p, p), (p, d), (p, t), E=1.04 GeV/nucleon; measured σ(E, θ).

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.21.1321
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