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2021DO09      Nature(London) 590, 561 (2021), Pub.Correction Nature(London) 604, E26 (2022)

J.Dove, B.Kerns, R.E.McClellan, S.Miyasaka, D.H.Morton, K.Nagai, S.Prasad, F.Sanftl, M.B.C.Scott, A.S.Tadepalli, C.A.Aidala, J.Arrington, C.Ayuso, C.L.Barker, C.N.Brown, W.C.Chang, A.Chen, D.C.Christian, B.P.Dannowitz, M.Daugherity, M.Diefenthaler, L.El Fassi, D.F.Geesaman, R.Gilman, Y.Goto, L.Guo, R.Guo, T.J.Hague, R.J.Holt, D.Isenhower, E.R.Kinney, N.Kitts, A.Klein, D.W.Kleinjan, Y.Kudo, C.Leung, P.-J.Lin, K.Liu, M.X.Liu, W.Lorenzon, N.C.R.Makins, M.Mesquita de Medeiros, P.L.McGaughey, Y.Miyachi, I.Mooney, K.Nakahara, K.Nakano, S.Nara, J.-C.Peng, A.J.Puckett, B.J.Ramson, P.E.Reimer, J.G.Rubin, S.Sawada, T.Sawada, T.-A.Shibata, D.Su, M.Teo, B.G.Tice, R.S.Towell, S.Uemura, S.Watson, S.G.Wang, A.B.Wickes, J.Wu, Z.Xi, Z.Ye

The asymmetry of antimatter in the proton

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 1,2H(p, μ+), (p, μ-), E=120 GeV; measured reaction products. 1H; deduced antimatter asymmetry in the proton.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-021-03282-z
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2017CH57      Sci. Rep. 7, 14895 (2017)

M.H.Chan, C.H.Leung

Ruling out dark matter interpretation of the galactic GeV excess by gamma-ray data of galaxy clusters

doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-14950-4
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1969LE21      Phys.Rev. 187, 1239 (1969)

C.C.H.Leung, S.C.Park

Three-Alpha Model of C12 Nucleus

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 12C; calculated levels, rms radius. Three-α-cluster model.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRev.187.1239
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