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2010RE07      Phys.Rev.Lett. 105, 172501 (2010)

M.W.Reed, I.J.Cullen, P.M.Walker, Yu.A.Litvinov, K.Blaum, F.Bosch, C.Brandau, J.J.Carroll, D.M.Cullen, A.Y.Deo, B.Detwiller, C.Dimopoulou, G.D.Dracoulis, F.Farinon, H.Geissel, E.Haettner, M.Heil, R.S.Kempley, R.Knobel, C.Kozhuharov, J.Kurcewicz, N.Kuzminchuk, S.Litvinov, Z.Liu, R.Mao, C.Nociforo, F.Nolden, W.R.Plass, A.Prochazka, C.Scheidenberger, M.Steck, Th.Stohlker, B.Sun, T.P.D.Swan, G.Trees, H.Weick, N.Winckler, M.Winkler, P.J.Woods, T.Yamaguchi

Discovery of Highly Excited Long-Lived Isomers in Neutron-Rich Hafnium and Tantalum Isotopes through Direct Mass Measurements

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 9Be(197Au, X)183Hf/184Hf/186Hf/186Ta/187Ta, E=478-492 MeV/nucleon; measured Schottky frequency spectra of ions stored in an ESR storage ring; deduced T1/2, J, π, isomer region near N=116.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.105.172501
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