Table of New Nuclear Moments (2001 Preprint)
Nicholas Stone
Oxford University Physics
Clarendon Laboratory
United Kingdom
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This Table is a compilation of experimental measurements of static magnetic dipole and electric quadrupole moments of ground states and excited states of atomic nuclei throughout the periodic table. To aid identification of the states, their excitation energy, half-life, spin and parity are given, along with a brief indication of the method and any reference standard used in the particular measurement. The literature search upon which the Table is based is complete to early 1998. Many of the entries prior to 1988 follow those in Raghavan, Atomic and Nuclear Data Tables 42, 189 (1989), with amendment as required.

The 2001 preprint is available as a PDF file (541 kB. 152 pages). The 1997 preprint cited in the Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File (ENSDF) and Nuclear Science References (NSR) as 1997StZR is retained here for archival purposes. Please note that this is a preprint and should not be quoted without the express permission of the author.

Other changes
11-Apr-2001     6Li: Jpi=3/2- to 1+ Additional NSR keynumbers added
    9Li: Jpi=3/2+ to 3/2- NSR keynumbers changed from 6 to 8 characters
148Nd: T½(302)=113 ps to 78.3 ps
214Fr: T½(640)=148 ns to 103 ns  
T½(1663)=16 ns to 11.1 ns 
T½(1734)=15 ns to 10.4 ns 
T½(4318)=11.5 ns to 8.0 ns
T½(6477)=156 ns to 108 ns

T.W. Burrows (February 13, 2001)
Last updated April 12, 2001