Table of New Nuclear Moments (1997 Preprint)
Nicholas Stone
Oxford University Physics
Clarendon Laboratory
United Kingdom
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This preprint has been superseded by a 2001 Preprint.

Nicholas Stone has completed a revision of the Table of Nuclear Moments by P. Raghavan (Atomic Data Nuclear Data Tables 42, 189 (1989)) and has asked the National Nuclear Data Center to make it available on the World Wide Web for comments. Additional items for inclusion, and comments on the table, are invited. Please send all communications direct to the author.

The organization of the preprint is similar to that of Raghavan's article and the same abbreviations are used (some additional new abbreviations are defined at the end of the preprint). The preprint is made available in three formats:

Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format
Microsoft Excel
Please note that this is a preprint and should not be quoted without the express permission of the author.


June 23, 1998:
Page 3: For 69Zn and 71Zn, the reference standard should be 65Zn not 75Zn.
Page 4: "30 Zn 75" should be "30 Zn 65".

T.W. Burrows (August 6, 1997). Last updated June 23, 1998.