For NMMSS (Nuclear Materials Management & Safeguards System) and DOE Nuclear Material Inventory Radioactive Decay Constants

This is the PDF version of the January, 2000 edition Nuclear Wallet Cards.
In March 2002, the Department of Energy headquarters standardized all
DOE inventory reporting to one source - the sixth edition of Nuclear Wallet Cards (2000)*.

The NNDC has agreed to maintain the integrity of the PDF version.
This version will be "frozen" in time and will be the official DOE
reference source for nuclear decay information until replaced by a new DOE standard.

An interactive sixth edition of Nuclear Wallet Cards by atomic number (Z) is presented below.

*"The Effect of Standardizing Material Property Definitions on Nuclear Material Inventories in the U.S. Department of Energy",
Shultz, John R., Journal of Nuclear Materials Management, Volume XXXIII, Number 2, Winter 2005