Author: Balraj Singh |  Citation: ENSDF |  Cutoff date: 30-Nov-2021 

Author: Balraj Singh |  Citation: Nucl. Data Sheets 114, 1 (2013) |  Cutoff date: 20-Oct-2012 

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Q(β-)=9282 keV 5S(n)= 3180 keV 5S(p)= 15830 keV SYQ(α)= -8294 keV 6
Reference: 2021WA16

General Comments:

89Se identified by 1971To13 from delayed neutron emission in thermal fission of 235U. Others: 1980Al17, 1982Re08, 2008Ha23, 2008Su19. 89Se produced by 2008Ha23 through U(p,F) and U(d,F) reactions at 25 MeV. In 2008Su19, 89Se was produced in 9Be(238U,X) at E(238U)=411 MeV/nucleon.

2012Qu01: 136Xe primary beam, E=120 MeV/nucleon, impinged on a 235 mg/cm2 9Be target. Experiment performed at the NSCL Coupled Cyclotron Facility. Fragments were separated by the A1900 fragment separator using the Bρ-ΔE-Bρ technique. Beta decays measured in the NSCL Beta Counting System (BCS) consisting of four silicon PIN detectors, a double sided silicon strip detector (DSSD), and a single sided silicon strip detector (SSSD). Measured energy loss, total kinetic energy (TKE), time of flight, and half-life of 89Se g.s.

2019Pe09: 208Pb(238U,F),E=950 MeV/nucleon: measured production cross sections and yield

Mass measurements: 2008Ha23 (JYFLTRAP, Penning-trap method at IGISOL facility in Jyvaskyla), 2008Su19 (large-scale Isochronous Mass spectrometry at FRS-ESR facility in GSI, also 2009Su04, 2010Li02)

Theoretical calculations: consult NSR database at or additional document records in this dataset for four primary references, two each for structure and for half-life and β-n decay mode of 89Se.

Q-value: Estimated uncertainty=200 for S(p) (2021Wa16)

Q-value: Q(β-n)=3652 5, S(2n)=8709 4, S(2p)=29980 300 (syst) (2021Wa16)

Jπ(level) T1/2(level)
  0 (5/2+) 0.43 s 5 
% β- = 100
% β-n = 7.8 25

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